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12.1.4 - Aug 31, 2023

  1. Enhancement: General: Settings - Manage Holidays - Once the holidays are set, added a feature to change the country
  2. Enhancement: Notes: Redesigned the notes look and feel
  3. Enhancement: Notes: In new note created Add Notebook button to add notebook instantly
  4. Enhancement: Tasks: Reworded Track Time to Work Notes
  5. Bug Fix: Contact Manager: Was not able to set the company name in the detail screen
  6. Bug Fix: Contact Manager: Admin - Rules - Onscreen rules - Add new rule - Action - Set a field value - change dropdown to birthdate - empty value - it was throwing yellow screen error
  7. Bug Fix: Contact Manager: Contacts - Edit Contact - User does'nt have permission to edit contact but was able to edit
  8. Bug Fix: CRM: Search results were incorrect when we searched on All fields
  9. Bug Fix: Customer Portal: Web Form: Field type is made more obvious (Specified what type of field it is like email, number etc)
  10. Bug Fix: Emails: Options - Mailing list - Manage list Members - was giving yellow screen error
  11. Bug Fix: General: Share report - Secured - When clicked on dropdown the help text is now removed
  12. Bug Fix: General: Black skin > Tasks > Sub-tasks - when we click on details, it was showing the details in black color
  13. Bug Fix: Invoices: Invoice > View Invoice > Accept Payments - in PayPal if we did not fill details and click on pay link, it was giving error
  14. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Users were not getting time based tracker emails if they had only one issue
  15. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Issue Escalation rules >> Time trigger frequency was not setting back correctly on edit
  16. Bug Fix: Project: Admin > Edit Alias > save and next was going to Expenses > Profile screen
  17. Bug Fix: Tasks: Tasks - New Task - Alignment messed up. Made the error message display below textbox
  18. Bug Fix: Tasks: Was unable to attach multiple documents in tasks
  19. Bug Fix: Tasks: Task: Assigned To was coming as number in history
  20. Bug Fix: Tasks: Task List screen is now sorted by Due Date Descending
  21. Bug Fix: Time Off: Time off > when availability date was not set for a category, it gives a warning, but later if we added the date it was giving error
  22. Bug Fix: Time Off: Time off > Accruals - new accruals was saving even if we did not enter the expires after x months. And when we edit the same it was giving yellow error
  23. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Alignment of the Proxy button is fixed

12.1.0 - May 16, 2023

  1. Enhancement: Accounts: csv import of Accounts with duplicate detection is now implemented
  2. Enhancement: Monitor: Added a new application called Monitor that is capable of monitoring all your computers
  3. Enhancement: Time-Off: Redesigned the application. It can now show the history of all accruals starting from the time it was setup
  4. Enhancement: Time-Off: Category & Accruals >> set availability >> Added Search and Clear buttons
  5. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Issue >> estimate now shows an error message if no value is entered
  6. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Fixed the view issue >> notes >> see more link button is now functioning
  7. Bug Fix: General: Added a button to add new Role to the privileges screen
  8. Bug Fix: Time-Off: Admin >> Category & Accruals >> Availability >> Set Availability >> Reset button no longer shows yellow screen error
  9. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Approval emails now does not spoof the actual email address of the user

12.0.4 - Mar 14, 2023

  1. Enhancement: General: Search added to the user dropbown box in many places
  2. Enhancement: Home Page: Redesigned the home page dashboard
  3. Enhancement: Settings: Complete redesign of the Role Privileges screen more...
  4. Enhancement: Settings: Complete redesign of the Organization Application selection screen more...
  5. Enhancement: Time Off: Redesign of the Time Off application more...
  6. Enhancement: Timesheet: QuickBooks IIF import changed for the new QuickBooks version
  7. Bug Fix: Contact Manager: Contact - Edit Contacts - Non Admin can now edit others contact when there is permission to edit contact in role privilege.
  8. Bug Fix: Customer Portal: Add a cancel button to the admin screen.
  9. Bug Fix: Invoices: Fixed invoice alignment issues
  10. Bug Fix: Opportunities: List - When there is empty list in opportunity create new opportunity button was missing from the list screen
  11. Bug Fix: Time Off: Admin - Cancel button was throwing yellow screen in all tabs
  12. Bug Fix: Tasks: Fixed Estimate and Spent time so that the current estimate is shown on the edit screen

11.2.3 - Oct 08, 2022

  1. Enhancement: Documents: Added ability to upload different types of files (previously only pdf, xlst, docx and zip files were possible)
  2. Enhancement: Emails: Attachments can now be viewed inside the email application without need to download
  3. Enhancement: Emails: Changed the position of the folder rename and delete buttons, now it is inside the folder frame
  4. Enhancement: Timesheet: When exporting to IIF files for QuickBooks exports, provided a default payroll if not specified by OfficeClip
  5. Bug Fix: Customer Portal: Fixed the help files of the customer portal
  6. Bug Fix: Emails: Long IMap folder name can be saved now
  7. Bug Fix: Emails: Fixed issues in Google and Microsoft 365 OAUTH2
  8. Bug Fix: Emails: Images can now be added from the photo album for composing emails
  9. Bug Fix: Tasks: Resolved issues for creation of Recurring tasks
  10. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Removed the scrollbars from the details popups in the new timesheet screen

11.2.0 - Jul 22, 2022

  1. Enhancement: Integration: QuickBooks IIF file is now made compatible to QB2022
  2. Enhancement: Expenses: Implemented filter options in Expenses
  3. Enhancement: Documents: Added paging in Documents module
  4. Enhancement: Call Log (New app): Added New application (called Call Log) to log client's phone calls
  5. Enhancement: Tasks: Tasks >> View task >> Added option to set starred task inside task detail screen
  6. Bug Fix: Contacts: Contacts with related info report was not tasks, events or notes
  7. Bug Fix: Timesheet profile change email notification >> The field names were not showing properly
  8. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet list screen was slow
  9. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet detail report >> check in and checkout times were showing as "MMM dd, yyyy hh:mm tt" instead of actual date time
  10. Bug Fix: Time Off: Time off >> New time off request >> Time now showing with correct time zone
  11. Bug Fix: Customer Portal: Documents >> Drop Site >> Customer portal can now upload any documents
  12. Bug Fix: Tasks: Task list render screen speed has been increased
  13. Bug Fix: Calendar: Calendar >> Request appointment >> The email template for the Request appointment is now sending any link to approve Appointment requested by portal user
  14. Bug Fix: Tasks: Tasks >> View Task >> New/Edit Estimate >> now allows upto 999 (previously it was 99)
  15. Bug Fix: Calendar: Emails >> Request Appointment >> Enable Request Appointment >> A Blank Web request appointment box was showing >> Now fixed.
  16. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Issue Tracker >> Issue List >> Filter >> Dropdown items were showing as All Cases, Starred Cases & Archived Cases changed them to All Issues, Starred Issues & Archived Issues respectively
  17. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Issue Tracker >> View Issue >> Notes >> Notes Privacy settings is now fixed
  18. Bug Fix: Tasks: Tasks >> View task >> Track Time - Show More button is now working properly
  19. Bug Fix: Users: Users >> Edit user >> Add Department popup >> New department the Save & Cancel buttons were coming in two lines
  20. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet >> Import Export >> Quickboks Fixed QuickBooks (with .iif file) >> import issue with the QuickBooks Enterprise 2022 is now fixed
  21. Bug Fix: Tasks: Bug Fix: when we upload document inside tasks, it is now showing in history
  22. Bug Fix: History: History >> Notes history >> Go To Note fixed issue with yellow screen error

11.1.10 - Apr 12, 2022

  1. Enhancement: Campaigns: New feature to add events from View Projects >> Activities tab
  2. Enhancement: Documents: Made loading time of email addresses fast in Email >> Compose Email >> To, Cc, BCc
  3. Bug Fix: Contacts: Fixed issuees in Google Sync with contacts
  4. Bug Fix: Documents: If we attached some documents In New or Edit screen of Timesheet or Expense or Event, the attached documents were lost on page refresh
  5. Bug Fix: Projects: Projects >> View Project >> Activities tab >> assigned was showing numbers instead of assigned user name

11.1.2 - Jan 24, 2022

  1. Enhancement: Campaigns: Campaign application now showing statistics (bounce, complaint, delivery, opened, clicked etc.) and detailed history of all emails.
  2. Enhancement: Campaigns: Ability to deal with blocked and supression lists.
  3. Enhancement: Customer Portal: Scheduling appointments via customer portal is enhanced
  4. Enhancement: Customer Portal: Added new the look and feel of the customer portal new share screen
  5. Enhancement: Documents: Document sharing now provides a way to refresh in the background. This will allow installed version users to sync documents with dropbox, onedrive etc.
  6. Enhancement: General: Implemented 2-step verification for added security
  7. Enhancement: General: Changed all stored datetime to UTC
  8. Enhancement: Integration: Added New Integration application with about 15 integration that includes: Amazon SES, Google Forms, Paypal, Stripe, Google, Custom SMTP, Mailjet, Outlook, Quickbooks, SendGrid, SendInBlue, SocketLabs, Twilio, Wufoo, Zapier.
  9. Enhancement: Invoices: Allow invoice items to accept negative numbers so that they can be used for adjustments
  10. Enhancement: Tasks: Added regarding field in the new task screen.
  11. Enhancement: Tasks: Merged the spent time and estimate time windows
  12. Enhancement: Timesheets: Updated the administrator screens and modified integration with tasks
  13. Bug Fix: Calendar: icalendar import from various sources is fixed
  14. Bug Fix: Email: Issue tracker is now sending all emails via rules
  15. Bug Fix: Calendar: Calendar is now putting correct event colors based on the classification
  16. Bug Fix: Opportunities: Opportunities >> admin >> rules >> access rules >> run rules was throwing yellow screen error
  17. Bug Fix: Invoices: invoice >> history >> total was not showing discounted amount
  18. Bug Fix: Invoices: Invoice time was showing differently in Invoice list and edit invoice
  19. Bug Fix: Reports: Fixed contact and account track time report
  20. Bug Fix: General: Repositioned the toast messages for timesheet profile
  21. Bug Fix: Time Off: Time off created events (all day) were showing wrong time in calendar
  22. Bug Fix: Customer Portal: Fixed issue with the customer portal document share name showing as + 0 (if only one document is selected for share)
  23. Bug Fix: Expenses: Even though selected few expenses and deleted.. the error message was showing asking user to delete again.
  24. Bug Fix: Notes: History >> note history >> go to Note >> yellow screen is showing
  25. Bug Fix: Emails: In some cases was unable to delete email account showing yellow screen error
  26. Bug Fix: Customer Portal: Fixed the change password screen of the customer portal
  27. Bug Fix: Projects: Allocate projects emails were not going for hosted customers
  28. Bug Fix: Calendar: Google sync >> duplicate events are creating
  29. Bug Fix: Invoice: Invoice >> payment screen >> by changing the payment type the address panel was not hiding
  30. Bug Fix: Timesheet: The html part of comments column inside dcaa report (Timesheet) is removed...

10.10.14 - May 05, 2021

  1. Bug Fix: General: Fixed Google Autosync Issues
  2. Bug Fix: Tasks: Implemented Attachments

10.10.9 - Mar 10, 2021

  1. Enhancement: General: Implemented login Audit in Settings
  2. Bug Fix: CRM: Alternate email address is now connected to match emails in the contact
  3. Bug Fix: Documents: A limited controlled document sync is introduced
  4. Bug Fix: Emails: Html emails were not going properly
  5. Bug Fix: Emails: Imap connection error intermittently not showing emails
  6. Bug Fix: Emails: Google Authorize button in new account settings was not showing properly
  7. Bug Fix: General: Reports filters now work inside the viewer
  8. Bug Fix: General: Document Attachment will now not need extra button click to upload
  9. Bug Fix: General: Google Login was giving error
  10. Bug Fix: General: Quick Create was not working correctly for emails
  11. Bug Fix: General: OfficeClip Clock font is changed
  12. Bug Fix: Invoices: Fixed the customer portal invoice issues
  13. Bug Fix: Mobile: Mobile UI library is upgraded to new version
  14. Bug Fix: Tasks: Changes in the newly created Spent and Estimate screen
  15. Bug Fix: Tasks: Fixed issue in task export
  16. Bug Fix: Timesheet: The preview screen was not sorted properly
  17. Bug Fix: Timesheet: 3-level and 4-level workflow now goes back to the creator on rejection
  18. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Fixed issue in timesheet export

10.10.5 - Jan 26, 2021

  1. Enhancement: Customer Portal: Re-implemented the Customer Portal application
  2. Enhancement: Email: Implemented the Oauth2 Authentication for the OfficeClip email application for Gmail provider
  3. Enhancement: General: Upgraded all the OfficeClip screens with better UI along with quick help
  4. Enhancement: General: Implemented the Slack notifications for history and user actions
  5. Enhancement: Installation: setup.exe is changed so that user do not need to go to the Programs and Features to set IIS features
  6. Enhancement: Rules: Implemented the new interface for the Rules screen in entire officeclip
  7. Enhancement: Tasks: Implemented the new Task application interface with the new functionality like TrackTime and Subtasks
  8. Enhancement: TrackTime: Implemented the new interface for the tracktime application with estimated time and integrated with other applications.
  9. Bug Fix: Emails: Accounts Email was not showing emails from all the contacts related to that account   EN1736 (Support Tickets)
  10. Bug Fix: General: Dark theme some screen content was not visible   SK2543 (10.x Release)
  11. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Click on the back button inside the issue details was taking to the same screen   SK2540 (10.x Release)
  12. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet list screen and timesheet search screen showed a bit of difference between the working hours   DE2539 (10.x Release)
  13. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet >> Check in out >> pop up window close button was not working   SU2551 (10.x Release)

10.9.2 - Feb 5, 2020

  1. Enhancement: Issue Tracker: public share -> Issue Tracker > View Issue -> Share, was not showing the share
  2. Bug Fix: Calendar: Calendar > was not saving attachments   DE2475 (10.x Release)
  3. Bug Fix: Calendar: Calendar -- Recurring events was not showing in the list screen   DE2474 (10.x Release)
  4. Bug Fix: Contacts: Contacts > Currency field > Validation issue (passed when 0.00 and failed when it is 0)   SP1694 (Support Tickets)
  5. Bug Fix: Email: Email: Draft emails should open in edit mode with To address populated
  6. Bug Fix: Invoices: Invoices > Billing - While importing timesheet it was giving yellow error   DE2491 (10.x Release)
  7. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Issue tracker Share link was not working without session
  8. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Issue tracker > share > copy to clipboard - while replying it was giving yellow error   DE2477 (10.x Release)
  9. Bug Fix: General: History/Notification radwindow was showing half and unable to close it as the close button was not visible
  10. Bug Fix: Time Off : Time off request created was showing as event created in notifications   DE2481 (10.x Release)
  11. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Check-In/Out was coming on different lines for mobile
  12. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet check in check out issue   DE2478, DE2482 (10.x Release)
  13. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet - if check out time is 12.15pm or 12.30pm it was not calculating the correct time   DE2484 (10.x Release)
  14. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet summary report was not showing the check-in check-out time, showing only dates   DE2485 (10.x Release)
  15. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheets >> Check in / out >> not enabling check in for rejected timesheet of the week   SU2483 (10.x Release)
  16. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheets >. Reports should show only time for check in / out   SU2488 (10.x Release)
  17. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet - While showing a warning or error the total column was empty   DE2490 (10.x Release)
  18. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Cannot back out from the check in process in timesheet   SK2487 (10.x Release)
  19. Bug Fix: Users: Cannot remove user from the site   SK2486 (10.x Release)

10.8.6 - Oct 10, 2019

  1. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Showing incorrect user when the issue was created by extranet user
  2. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Cancel Filter button now goes to the correct screen
  3. Bug Fix: General: Fixed issues with Paypal live payment mode
  4. Bug Fix: Calendar: Fixed alignment of import/export screen
  5. Bug Fix: Calendar: Fixed issue with deleting future recurring events from the calendar search screen
  6. Bug Fix: Calendar: Fixed alignment of recurrence fields in new event screen
  7. Bug Fix: Invoice: Stopped users from creating invoice of 0.00
  8. Bug Fix: General: Multiple reports of same name was not throwing any errors
  9. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Special characters in custom fields was triggering error in reports
  10. Bug Fix: General: Trying to remove an organization was throwing an error because of database conflicts
  11. Bug Fix: Documents: In document permission unprintable characters were showing as object description
  12. Bug Fix: Contacts: Contact details screen was taking a long time to load when there are lots of emails

10.8.5 - Sep 16, 2019

  1. Enhancement: Email: Added Imap to the Email application. Also the email accounts selection module is improved
  2. Enhancement: General: History and Activity Stream notification to the user is improved. On screen notification is also implemented
  3. Enhancement: General: Payment processing is improved and made more secured. Stripe, Paypal and Bluepay is now supported
  4. Enhancement: General: Enhanced the Help documentation. It is now available at
  5. Enhancement: General: Removed the reset buttons from all the report screen. This was creating confusion and some users inadvertently deleted their custom reports
  6. Enhancement: Timesheet: Implemented Kiosk mode in In/Out Clock
  7. Bug Fix: Calendar: Some calendar labels were throwing error when selected in a new event
  8. Bug Fix: Calendar: Search >> Delete >> Cancel button was deleting the events
  9. Bug Fix: Contacts: View Contact >> Relations >> New Relationship >> Add relationship and Click on Save or Cancel it is not redirecting back to View Contact screen
  10. Bug Fix: Contacts: Notes Tab >> Edit Note it is not populating the regarding control
  11. Bug Fix: Contacts: Call List wizard was showing up in the Standard edition
  12. Bug Fix: Documents: Incorrect warning when exactly 10 documents were uploaded at a time
  13. Bug Fix: General: Login Header >> Feedback was showing error
  14. Bug Fix: General: Reports >> Sharing Reports >> Copy text is not working and alignment is messed up   SG2446 (10.x Release)
  15. Bug Fix: Home Page: Note Edit button was showing error
  16. Bug Fix: Invoices: Partial payments were not showing the correct values
  17. Bug Fix: Invoices: Search was not working properly in invoices
  18. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Importing issues from other binder was showing error
  19. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Boolean types were displayed as 1 and 0 (for custom fields) instead of Yes and No in the issue details screen
  20. Bug Fix: Notes: Radio button alignments were improved
  21. Bug Fix: Notes: Showing error when trying to delete notes with multiple attachments
  22. Bug Fix: Reports: System was allowing the creation of duplicate reports
  23. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Biweekly timesheet were changing back to weekly timesheet for new users of professional edition
  24. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Import Track Time >> When the duplicate time option was set to use, it was not enabling add to existing timesheet   DK2436 (10.x Release)

10.7.1 - Jan 20, 2019

  1. Enhancement: Documents: Implemented the feature called DropSite that allows customers to upload documents to OfficeClip. These documents show up in the document manager
  2. Enhancement: Settings: Enhanced the look and function of the settings screen.
  3. Enhancement: Time Off: Made the Time Off list screen more comprehensive
  4. Bug Fix: Calendar: Calendar - Import/Export - Import Calendar(CSV) - Import - List - Paging was not working as expected   NK1898 (10.x Release)
  5. Bug Fix: Contacts: Contacts > Custom Fields > trying to remove or edit was giving yellow screen error   SG2419 (10.x Release)
  6. Bug Fix: Contacts: Contacts > reports - when an Extranet user clicks on edit in filters the radio buttons alignment was getting messed up   DK2338 (10.x Release)
  7. Bug Fix: Documents: Documents >> Search>> was not performing correctly   SG2369 (10.x Release)
  8. Bug Fix: Email: Account set email account, the error message was not properly aligned   SD2366 (10.x Release)
  9. Bug Fix: Expenses: Expense >> Modify >> If we edit four or more digits in values expense it sometimes saves only up to comma values only   SG2359 (10.x Release)
  10. Bug Fix: Forums: Forums >> List >> show forums >> options screen is not formatted properly   SG2367 (10.x Release)
  11. Bug Fix: Invoices: Invoice - recurring invoice - List screen - Delete Button - Was not asking permission to delete   NK2288 (10.x Release)
  12. Bug Fix: Issue tracker: Issue Tracker >> reports were not working properly   SG2394 (10.x Release)
  13. Bug Fix: Notes: Position of Add New and History image buttons got changed and the paging did not behave as expected   NK2099 (10.x Release )
  14. Bug Fix: Projects: Projects - Accounts - List screen - when the description is too lengthy - Action button icons were getting messed up   NK2340 (10.x Release)
  15. Bug Fix: Projects: Projects - Schedules Reports cancel button was redirecting to TimeSheet reports   BK2426 (10.x Release )
  16. Bug Fix: Settings: In Settings - Entire Site - Site labels - Creating a new label was reflecting in the TimeOff labels.   NK2413 (10.x Release )
  17. Bug Fix: Tasks : Non-Admin - Desktop - Tasks - Individual task - Change permission - was given only read/write permission but was able to delete from UI   SG2352 (10.x Release )
  18. Bug Fix: Time Off: Time off > category & accruals - set users for accrual policy screen was not formatted properly   DK2364 (10.x Release )
  19. Bug Fix: Time Off: In Time-off - My requests screen - Unable to archive Approved or Cancelled status time-offs   NK2405 (10.x Release)
  20. Bug Fix: TimeSheet: TimeSheet >> Import track time >> the step numbers were not put correctly   SG2352 (10.x Release)
  21. Bug Fix: TimeSheet: TimeSheet-- import track time screen was giving yellow screen error   BK2417 (10.x Release)

10.6.4 Patch 9 - Dec 03, 2018

  1. Patch: Emails: Was not able to send emails in text mode
  2. Patch: Issue Tracker: Assigned To filter was not working

10.6.4 Patch 6 - Oct 18, 2018

  1. Patch: Timesheet: Some users were not able to use proxy
  2. Patch: Timesheet: In/Out time sheet >> Print screen and reports were not showing correct values   SG2354 (10.x Release)
  3. Patch: Documents: Download document was not working using document share   SG2346 (10.x Release)
  4. Patch: Timesheet: Project Budget & Actuals report was missing Actual Hours & Billable Hours   CC1470 (Support Tickets)
  5. Patch: Mobile: Mobile Timesheet task was not updating correctly   BK1469 (Support Tickets)

10.6.4 - Sep 20, 2018

  1. Patch: General: Minor Bug fixes

10.6.2 Sep 3, 2018

  1. Enhancement: General: Changed to user interface to make it mobile friendly
  2. Enhancement: Mobile: Converted OfficeClip Mobile to Material Design UI
  3. Enhancement: Timesheet: Added In/Out Timesheet in the OfficeClip application. Timesheet can now be used to track In/Out times for the employees working on various projects
  4. Enhancement: Timesheet: Changed the Timesheet Profile screen look and feel, separated the profile categories
  5. Enhancement: Users: Changed the Users detail screen, added the Tab view with categorized the Users Information
  6. Bug Fix: Calendar: Share Calendar - if clients requested appointment, mandatory items, if not entered still could submit the appointment   DK2258 (10.x Release)
  7. Bug Fix: Contacts: Numbers were not showing on the list screen of the contact manager incorrect format   ST1337 (Support Tickets)
  8. Bug Fix: Contacts: Contacts > Reports > web link - when the link was pasted in the browser address bar, it showed yellow screen error   DK2064 (10.x Release)
  9. Bug Fix: Contacts: New Filter - if we enter the name in the filter and save it, it was saving without giving any warning to enter the condition   DK2065 (10.x Release)
  10. Bug Fix: Email: Options - Mailing List - Copy from another List - Add To List: Showed yellow screen error   NK2001 (10.x Release)
  11. Bug Fix: Email: Options > Block Sender - if we unblocked a sender and clicked save it was showing the wrong message   DK2237 (10.x Release)
  12. Bug Fix: Emails: Options > Block Sender - if we unblocked a sender and clicked Save it was showing the wrong message   DK2237 (10.x Release)
  13. Bug Fix: Expense: Had issues while deleting attachments   DK2222 (10.x Release)
  14. Bug Fix: Expenses: Delete an attachment in expenses - the delete box which asks for permission to delete was not showing the correct message   DK2090 (10.x Release)
  15. Bug Fix: Expenses: Profiles - When External File Upload was set to No - still could attach files and submit   DK2224 (10.x Release)
  16. Bug Fix: Expenses: Admin > Manage - it was not showing attachments   BK2238 (10.x Release)
  17. Bug Fix: Expenses: Profiles - If external file upload is set to No - still could attach files and submit   DK2224 (10.x Release)
  18. Bug Fix: Forums: Unable to access earlier comments on forums   PA1321 ( Support Tickets)
  19. Bug Fix: General: History - When clicked on history button, now showing 24 hours as default   SG2158 (10.x Release)
  20. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: New issue - When creating a new issue with multiple send emails - unable to save issue with multiple emails   NK2256 (10.x Release)
  21. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Starred Issues and Contacts were showing for all other members in the organization   BK2259 (10.x Release)
  22. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Web Form - Web Link - Permissions - When unchecked the submitter to add notes option - still able to add the notes   NK2031 (10.x Release)
  23. Bug Fix: Notes: In IE when we entered the title for a new note it was showing the x icon   DK2231 (10.x Release)
  24. Bug Fix: Settings: Email Queue >> Password >> Update a password for officeclip user >> Email description was not correct   SG2095 (10.x Release)
  25. Bug Fix: Settings: Settings > My Profile > History Notification: once in a week notifications were not getting saved   DK2113 (10.x Release)
  26. Bug Fix: Settings: When creating a new organization users and administrator were not getting any email   BK2208 (10.x)
  27. Bug Fix: Tasks: New Task - Task Owner - Check Notify - did not notify to the owner who is the task creator   NK2144 (10.x Release)
  28. Bug Fix: Time Off: Reports - Was unable to see the reports that got shared in the Shared Reports Grid but able to see them in All shared Items   NK2253 (10.x Release)
  29. Bug Fix: Time Off: My Requests - Now displaying the latest entry first   NK2252 (10.x Release)
  30. Bug Fix: Time Off: Reports - it was displaying reports only with approved status, no other reports were seen   DK2150 (10.x Release)
  31. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Not showing the Approved Time Offs section when the time offs are not there for that week   SG2157 (10.x Release)
  32. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Import track time: In place of notes it was printing the contact name and company   DK2097 (10.x Release)
  33. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet Summary Report was not showing any details   DK2218 (10.x Release)
  34. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Print Preview - not showing attachments and custom fields   DK2219 (10.x Release)
  35. Bug Fix: Timesheet:   DK2210 (10.x Release)
  36. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Admin > custom fields for timesheet - the width given was too small   DK2215 ()
  37. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Profile Modified - Mail was showing with unwanted symbols   SG2255 (10.x Release)
  38. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Import Track Time - Unable to select option required - when clicked on Import to Timesheet button - Yellow screen error showed   NK2242 (10.x Release)
  39. Bug Fix: Users: Name of only 8 countries were there in the dropdown   DK2235 (10.x Release)

10.5.12 Patch 1 - Feb 8, 2018

  1. Patch: Timesheet: Timesheet Rejection was showing a yellow screen error

10.5.12 Feb 3, 2018

  1. Enhancement: Expenses: Implemented Liquid template in expense print preview
  2. Enhancement: General: Implemented the SMS feature using Twilio API
  3. Enhancement: General: Protected the Track time url in all the places like contacts and tasks, issue tracker and accounts
  4. Enhancement: Projects: Implemented sorting to the drop down list of Account tab in Project application
  5. Enhancement: Settings: Email Queue >> Organization >> Added user to the organization >> changed look and feel of the email sent   SG1946 (10.x)
  6. Enhancement: Settings: Email Queue >> Generic >> Notify the change of ownership >> Changed alignment of the email content   SG1942 (10.x)
  7. Enhancement: Time Off: Interchanged the Approve and Cancel Request buttons in the Time-off approve tab.
  8. Enhancement: Timesheet: Disabled autocomplete on password box and put details tick on the same line
  9. Enhancement: Timesheet: If DCAA is set, then while submitting the timesheet, it now requests the confirmation by password
  10. Enhancement: Timesheet and Expenses: Sorted the details part of the timesheet and expense preview based on the dates
  11. Enhancement: Timesheet: Empty Payroll now shows up as an option on timesheet input screen
  12. Bug Fix: Campaign: Only one campaign emails were going every 5 minutes   SD1851 (10.x)
  13. Bug Fix: Documents: Could not open pdf documents   LE1282 (support tickets)
  14. Bug Fix: Documents: If there were 100+ sub folders under root folder, and inside the 100+'s subfolder if we tried to create a inner sub folder then it was giving an error
  15. Bug Fix: Extranet: Added reply button in public tracker   SG1858 (10.x)
  16. Bug Fix: General: Feature Alert >> Reports >> New Report >> Feature Alert message alignment was not looking good   SG1867 (10.x)
  17. Bug Fix: General: Email Queue >> Issue Tracker >> Forward Tracker Email >> mails were not going to the assigned person   SG1943 (10.x)
  18. Bug Fix: General: Enterprise edition >> Manage Duplicates functionality was not working   SG1881 (10.x)
  19. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Extranet > new ticket >could not go back to list screen (Secure Link)   SY1952 (10.x)
  20. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Issue Tracker >> New Issues >> Save button multiple clicks >> multiple issues were inserting   SY2007 (10.x)
  21. Bug Fix: Opportunities: Opportunities - Admin - Related Info - History option misbehaved when transferred from available entities to display entities   NK1935 (10.x)
  22. Bug Fix: Projects: Project Allocation emails were not going   DE1286 (support tickets)
  23. Bug Fix: Rest-Api: Feature Alert >> Enterprise Edition >> Rest Api >> button click was not working as per requirement   SY2002 (10.x )
  24. Bug Fix: Rest-Api: Rest API - Non Admin - individual contact - have permission - Read, Delete - Unable to delete   NK1805 (10.x)
  25. Bug Fix: Time Off: If no accrual policy was set and admin tried to view the history of that category, then yellow screen was coming   (10.x)
  26. Bug Fix: Time Off : Time Off >>Admin >> Category & Accruals >> adjustments >> bulk adjustments >>Adjustment Date Icon was not working   SY2017 (10.x)
  27. Bug Fix: Time Off: Now showing Employee Id on Time Off list   NR1923 (10.x )
  28. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet Preview was not calculating the totals properly   AI1260 (support tickets)
  29. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Fixed the history button placement at the top of the time sheet
  30. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Expense - Workflow - Setup Workflow - was getting yellow screen error.   NK1893 (10.x)
  31. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Projects were not showing in the timesheet preview
  32. Bug Fix: Expenses: Expense>reports>remibursement reports was giving some error   DK1927 (10.x)
  33. Bug Fix: Users: Users were not getting deleted   KP1288 (support tickets)

10.5.2 Patch 5 (Cumulative) - Nov 10, 2017

  1. Patch: Documents: When downloading documents, the correct revision was not getting downloaded
  2. Patch: Campaigns: In Design Mode, sometimes the images from the external sites were triggering exception
  3. Patch: Timesheet: With custom fields, the column totals were not lining up
  4. Patch: Timesheet: Unable to delete user, always shows that the user has a pending workflow
  5. Patch: Timesheet: Project allocation mails are not going
  6. Patch: Time Off: Time Offs showing for people who were not in the Approval Route

10.5.2 - Sep 27, 2017

  1. Enhancement: Timesheet: Added Custom fields in the Timesheet
  2. Enhancement: Timesheet: Added customization to the print preview screen of the timesheet
  3. Bug Fix: Calendar: Calendar > List > Agenda - Unable to view the screen of Agenda   NK1822 (10.x)
  4. Bug Fix: Calendar: Desktop > Calendar > Import/Export > Google Sync > Tab changes to shared calendar   NK1783 (10.x)
  5. Bug Fix: Calendar: Calendar > Import/Export > Export calendar events - Open csv, then try to export. The Tab changes to Shared Calendar   NK1824 (10.x)
  6. Bug Fix: Contacts: After creating a user, it is not creating the password automatically   DK1813 (10.x)
  7. Bug Fix: Expenses: Expense Detail Missing in Reports   MI1246 (Support tickets)
  8. Bug Fix: Extranet: Extranet Admin > Insert image is not working   BK1842 (10.x)
  9. Bug Fix: Invoices: Invoices > Filter - While searching for invoices with Due balance it is showing the quotes and estimates also   DK1820 (10.x)
  10. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Binder name was not showing in the email triggered by rule   RS1250 (10.x)
  11. Bug Fix: Notes: Desktop > Notebook > Note > Private note is accessible to other users through history   SY1789 (10.x)
  12. Bug Fix: Notes: Some information is showing up via history that is not supposed to be shown   SD1793 (10.x)
  13. Bug Fix: Rest-Api: Rest API > Non Admin Tasks - Don't have permission 'Read' at Access Default in Org Settings - Sill able to see all the tasks   NK1806 (10.x)
  14. Bug Fix: Time Off: Unable to see Time Off approve screen in some situations   SD1846 (10.x)
  15. Bug Fix: Time Off: HRM > TImeOff > unknown timeoffs added to all Employees   SY1819 (10.x)
  16. Bug Fix: Timesheet: HRM > Timesheet > When an Admin approved the timesheet with Bulk Approve option, it was not showing in the timesheet history   SG1839 (10.x)

10.5.1 - Sep 2, 2017

  1. Enhancement: * Major *: Implemented Rest API to exchange data with OfficeClip
  2. Enhancement: * Major *: Implemented Email Queues that can track each emails that goes out of OfficeClip
  3. Enhancement: Accounts: New Account >> the bottom Save & Cancel buttons were touching to top controls
  4. Enhancement: Calendar: Modified the code of bulk delete in calendar.
  5. Enhancement: Campaign: Added a Email History link inside the screen after sending the campaign emails
  6. Enhancement: Campaign: Removed "Email History" Button from "Tools" Button Dropdown
  7. Enhancement: Contacts: Made changes to the look and feel of the contact details screen
  8. Enhancement: Contacts: Changed the Calendar in the Contact >> Rules
  9. Enhancement: Crm: Added dotted lines at the bottom of the CRM detail screen to allow better reading
  10. Enhancement: Document: Implemented Document sharing directly from the View Document screen
  11. Enhancement: Expense: Modified the UI of list screen in the Expense like in the Timesheet list screen
  12. Enhancement: General: Added Add, Import, History image buttons in all the applications
  13. Enhancement: Invoice: Admin >> Payment Gateways screen: Improved look and feel
  14. Enhancement: Projects: Added an ability to have attachments in the Projects >> View screen
  15. Enhancement: Timeoff: Now showing small history icon inside time off list grid and big history icon at the top
  16. Enhancement: Timesheet: User are now able to create Approval history report for each time entry
  17. Enhancement: Timesheet: Removed the bottom scroll bar for the Timesheet list page.
  18. Enhancement: users: Implemented Filter in Users List screen
  19. Bug Fix: Accounts: View Account >> Invoices >> going to 2nd page was showing empty list   NR1464 (10.X)
  20. Bug Fix: Accounts: Filter was not showing the correct result for some data types   PH1221 (Support tickets)
  21. Bug Fix: Accounts : New Opportunity: Not entered any estimated close date still it was showing the date and time   DK1745 (10.x)
  22. Bug Fix: Announcements: Modified the code so as to align the image buttons properly in the Announcement application
  23. Bug Fix: Calendar: Search was giving error in some cases   SG1628 (10.x)
  24. Bug Fix: Calendar: New event: for some users no confirmation email was going   SG1629 (10.x)
  25. Bug Fix: Calendar: Show Events tab and New Import History Image Buttons got messed up   NK1662 (10.x)
  26. Bug Fix: Calendar: Text alignment was not good for Event Type   SG1660 (10.x)
  27. Bug Fix: Calendar: Import/Export: When we click on any of the links inside the Import/Export in the menu bar it shows shared calendar instead of Import/Export   SG1681 (10.x)
  28. Bug Fix: Calendar: New Event > Recurrence Event was showing yellow screen in some cases   NK1707 (10.x)
  29. Bug Fix: Calendar: Import/Export - iCalendar - Tooltip had wrong description   NK1717 (10.x)
  30. Bug Fix: Calendar: New Event - Recurring Event - Monthly - Creating wrong day events   NK1712 (10.x)
  31. Bug Fix: Calendar: New Event - Recurrence event - Yearly - Wrong description in the recurrence   NK1715 (10.x)
  32. Bug Fix: Calendar: Import/Export > iCalendar Publish was giving error   SD1766 (10.x)
  33. Bug Fix: Calendar : New Event - Recurrence event - Weekly - Wrong recurring events and wrong description in the recurrence   NK1738 (10.x)
  34. Bug Fix: Campaign: List - View: Added Next and Previous buttons   IK0941 (10.x)
  35. Bug Fix: Campaigns: Tools > Print: when we click close button it was not taking back to the summary screen   DK1565 (10.x)
  36. Bug Fix: Chat: Chat Screen - Text was not accurate   IK1581 (10.x)
  37. Bug Fix: Chat: Fixed the double appearing of the chat icon
  38. Bug Fix: Competitors: Grid was not sorting and giving the yellow screen error   BK1580 (10.x)
  39. Bug Fix: Contacts: Admin >> Custom Fields >> if there are no custom fields the text "no custom fields to show" is now showing at the top   IK1137 (10.x)
  40. Bug Fix: Contacts: Sync > Google sync - If we allow sync in Google then a blank screen was staying in the Internet Explorer   SG1637 (10.x)
  41. Bug Fix: Contacts: Documents >> Weblink - choosing from dropbox was giving error   DK1602 (10.x)
  42. Bug Fix: Contacts: At some places some icons were missing (e.g. add event)   DK1556 (10.x)
  43. Bug Fix: Contacts: The add new filter screen was not aligned properly   DK1558 (10.x)
  44. Bug Fix: Contacts: Summary > All: If we click on all in summary menu the screen showing all details was messed up   DK1742 (10.x)
  45. Bug Fix: Contacts: Tools > Print Screen with all related info was not properly aligned   DK1743 (10.x)
  46. Bug Fix: Expense: Changed alignment of New and history buttons   SD1657 (10.x)
  47. Bug Fix: Expenses: After modifying expense it was showing as saved in history on expense list screen   DK1592 (10.x)
  48. Bug Fix: Expenses: Reimbursements screen was not showing correct values   DK1643 (10.x)
  49. Bug Fix: Expenses: Admin > Manage - Delete was not asking for permission   DK1528 (10.x)
  50. Bug Fix: Extranet: While trying to login as an extranet user it was showing invalid login or password   DK1578 (10.x)
  51. Bug Fix: Extranet: Public Share: If an extranet user opens a shared document, first time it was asking for login
  52. Bug Fix: Forum: Update and cancel buttons were not aligned properly
  53. Bug Fix: Forum: Search screen was not aligned properly   SG1651 (10.x)
  54. Bug Fix: Forum: Mandatory fields were not colored properly   SG1650 (10.x)
  55. Bug Fix: General: Added browser report information in the error screen    SD0181 (10.x)
  56. Bug Fix: Google Sync: Clicking on the sync was giving error   SG1680 ()
  57. Bug Fix: Homepage: Admin,screen buttons were very close to each other   SG1652 (10.x)
  58. Bug Fix: Invoice: Sending the invoice notes >> Email template was not accurate   BK1642 (10.x)
  59. Bug Fix: Invoices: Billing - Not creating an invoice in some cases   DK1562 (10.x)
  60. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Redesigned Issue tracker color coding and style coding options   SD0839 (10.x)
  61. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Reports look and feel issue   RS0707 (10.x)
  62. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Angular bracket (>) in the description of the issue tracker was converting to ] (square bracket)   SD1630 (10.x)
  63. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Reports - Share a Report: nothing could be seen   IK1546 (10.x)
  64. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker Mobile: Issue Tracker was not showing Note in some cases   SD1539 (10.x)
  65. Bug Fix: Mobile: Calendar > Event Details was showing yellow screen error in some cases   SY1699 (10.x)
  66. Bug Fix: Mobile : New Task > Start and End date validation was not implemented   SY1756 (10..x)
  67. Bug Fix: Notes: Adding new Notebook: multiple notebooks were getting added in some cases   SY1613 (10.x)
  68. Bug Fix: Notes: Deleting Notebook: Not showing confirmation screen   SY1713 (10.x )
  69. Bug Fix: Opportunities: Contacts were saving without required fields getting filled   AN1137 (support Tickets)
  70. Bug Fix: Opportunities: Tools > Print - it was opening two print screens and also export screen   DK1561 (10.x)
  71. Bug Fix: Organization: Deleting an organization with some demo data was throwing an exception   NR1538 (10.x)
  72. Bug Fix: Project: New project >> email link was giving yellow screen error   BK1597 (10.x)
  73. Bug Fix: Projects: OfficeClip was not sending project allocation emails   SE1108 (Support Tickets)
  74. Bug Fix: Settings: Settings >> Entire site >> Holidays: In edit when we change the icon it was not showing in the calendar   DK1575 (10.x)
  75. Bug Fix: Settings : Organizationn Settings: Role privileges was not working as expected   BK1718 (10.x)
  76. Bug Fix: Tasks: Tasks were not getting sorted by priority   PE1013 (Support Tickets)
  77. Bug Fix: Tasks: Reports: The older report button was giving error   BK1623 (10.x)
  78. Bug Fix: Tiimeoff: Approved Timeoff>> History Button was not properly aligned -   BK1633 (10.x)
  79. Bug Fix: Tiimesheet: Admin >>Profile - Update Email link was not working   IK1543 (10.x)
  80. Bug Fix: Time Off: Reports >> Shared Reports: Was not opening in chrome browser   SG1704 ( 10.x)
  81. Bug Fix: Timehsheet: Search: When clicked on Individual and submission status links then the menu bar highlighted of Auto Approve instead of Search   SG1666 (10.x)
  82. Bug Fix: Timeoff: My Requests - History dates were not matching correctly   NK1624 (10.x)
  83. Bug Fix: Timeoff: Time off start date & end date were showing one day back in the "Time Off by Approver" field
  84. Bug Fix: Timeoff: Dates were incorrectly showing in the timesheet preview screen   IK1591 (10.x)
  85. Bug Fix: Timeoff: Hourly request in the email was showing the end date less than the start date   DK1590 (10.x)
  86. Bug Fix: Timeoff: Taking Full Day Timeoff was not reducing from the totals   IK1582 (10.x)
  87. Bug Fix: Timeoff: My Request: if the To Date was less than the From Date it was not giving an error, it was saving the request   DK1441 (10.x)
  88. Bug Fix: Timeoff: Admin → Select a time off category → History → showing the wrong history   KP1094 (Support Tickets)
  89. Bug Fix: Timeoff: Approve: When an admin was trying to approve the pending time off request it was giving an error.   SG1674 (10.x)
  90. Bug Fix: Timesheet: New Timesheet >> Save >> Was showing yellow screen error under some circumstances   BK1550 (10.x)
  91. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Select proxy user >> Select one timesheet >> Select route and submit the timesheet: It was sending wrong emails   BK1661 (10.x)
  92. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Was unable to create timesheet from mobile OfficeClip(iphone)   SK1185, BH1175, BH1164 (10.x)
  93. Bug Fix: Timesheet: In the timesheet list sreen the new and history buttons were overlapping with the list grid   BK1596 (10.x)
  94. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Preview - the total of time in timesheet was not matching with the preview screen   DK1428 (10.x)
  95. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Reports -> Labor Distribution Report wa giving error
  96. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Search - Cancel button alignment fixed   DK1569 (10.x)
  97. Bug Fix: users: Remove User: If the user is in the timesheet work flow, it was not giving any warnings   BK1664 (10.x)
  98. Bug Fix: Users: Remove User: Not getting removed   BK1730 (10.x)
  99. Bug Fix: Users: List: When we remove an user from an organization error message shows in some cases   SG1740 (10.x)

10.4.27 Patch 3 - Feb 20, 2017

  1. Patch: General: Google Sync was failing in some cases   PE1141 (Support Tickets)
  2. Patch: Timesheet: Could see attachments inside Submitted/Approved Timesheet   AC1138 (Support Tickets)
  3. Patch: Contacts: Mandatory List Fields were not checked for validation   AC1137 (Support Tickets)
  4. Patch: Projects: Unable to scroll the Accounts List screen   AC1136 (Support Tickets)

10.4.27 - Jan 25, 2017

  1. Enhancement: Timesheet: Integration of Timesheet and TimeOff Application. Prevent duplicate entries in time off and timesheet applications
  2. Enhancement: Support: Added Chat capability within OfficeClip to get easy support for evaluation users
  3. Bug Fix: Accounts: Account >> View Account >> Invoices >> going to 2nd page was showing empty list   NR1464 (10.x )
  4. Bug Fix: Accounts: CRM >> Accounts >> New Account, The bottom save button was touching the top control   IK1145 (10.x)
  5. Bug Fix: Competitor: Competitor >> List, Owner column was not getting sorted properly   BK1580 (10.x)
  6. Bug Fix: Expenses: New Expense history was not showing the status correctly   DK1592 (10.x)
  7. Bug Fix: Extranet: Secured login was giving error in some situation   DK1578 (10.x)
  8. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker : The bottom Reset button in Reports was not visible until user scrolls down   RS0707 (10.x)
  9. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker : Issue Tracker >> Reports >> Edit Report >> Share. The link in the email was not working   IK1546 (10.x )
  10. Bug Fix: Mobile: Mobile >> Issue Tracker Notes were not getting correctly added to the Issue   SD1539 (10.x)
  11. Bug Fix: Opportunities: Opportunities >> List, click on any of the details button>> in the details screen >> click on the Tools dropdown >> select Export. The Print screen was also showing   DK1561 (10.x)
  12. Bug Fix: Projects: Projects >>New Project, the project name in the list screen was showing the screen name   BK1599 (10.x)
  13. Bug Fix: Projects: Admin >> Allocate Project, was not sending emails consistently even when the send email was selected   SE1108 (Support Tickets)
  14. Bug Fix: Projects: Project >> New, after getting the emai, clicking on the email link was giving an yellow screen error   BK1597 (10.x)
  15. Bug Fix: Task: Go to task >>Task List >> Click on the Regarding and Assigned To. The list was not sorted   PE1013 (Support Tickets)
  16. Bug Fix: Task: Inside the task list screen some of the graphics was overlapping for some themes   IK1144 (10.x)
  17. Bug Fix: Time Off: After Time Off creation, it sends an email to the approver. the link in the email was not taking the user to the Time Off application   SD1498 (10.x)
  18. Bug Fix: Time Off: Time Off >> My Request, If the To Date was less than the From Date, it was not showing any error   DK1441 (10.x)
  19. Bug Fix: Time Off: timeoff start date and end date were showing one day back in Timeoff approver report
  20. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Incorrect status was showing in the history after timesheet edits   DK1568 (10.x)
  21. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet >> Search, in the search timesheets screen click on the "Timesheet submission status". Previously the dropdown and cancel button was overlaping each other   DK1569 (10.x)
  22. Bug Fix: Timesheet: In the approved timesheet screen, the attachement widget was visible event though it was disabled
  23. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet >> List, previously proxy, new and history controls were overlapping   BK1552 (10.x)
  24. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet >> List, the history button and new button was not working   IK1598 (10.x)

10.4.22 - Nov 4, 2016

  1. Enhancement: Notes: In the issue tracker text areas hyperlink buttons added
  2. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Note was not formatted correctly for extranet users
  3. Bug Fix: Settings: Deleting an organization with some demo data was throwing an exception NR1538(10x)
  4. Bug Fix: Time Off: Time Off → Admin → Select a time off category → History → was showing the wrong history KP1094(Support Tickets)
  5. Bug Fix: Time Off: Time Off rejection mails are not coming to the user BK1544(10x)
  6. Bug Fix: Time Off: Timeoff > my requests & archived lists > delete was not asking for permisssion DK1531(10x)
  7. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet Profile change email was not sending emails correctly (the link was showing up as empty) IK1543(10x)
  8. Bug Fix: Timesheet: User was not able to navigate to the timesheet page from the email link that is sent when the timesheet is approved NK1525(10x)

10.4.20 - Oct 4, 2016

  1. Enhancement: Documents: Document Viewer is now implemented and it gives a chance to preview documents before downloading from OfficeClip
  2. Enhancement: General: Implemented Login with Windows Live
  3. Enhancement: General: Extranet: Captcha is now showing in numeric only. This will reduce the chance of people typing wrong captcha while comparing between 0 and O
  4. Bug Fix: Campaigns: List of new uploads in Campaign view are now showing
  5. Bug Fix: Documents: Document list screen >> click on permissions button >> a pop up was opening and it was showing you are not authenticated to view this page.error
  6. Bug Fix: General: Google Sync: After clicking on Sync Now, the display was not getting updated unless the page is refreshed
  7. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Description in Timesheet application now interprets line-feed correctly

10.4.17 - Jun 21 2016

  1. Bug Fix: Emails: Not downloading in the background SD1476(10.x Release)
  2. Bug Fix: Emails: Account was not showing 1474(10.x Release)

10.4.16 - Jun 01 2016

  1. Bug Fix: CRM: Contacts disappeared after selecting 'Starred Contacts' filter ME1007 (Support Tickets)
  2. Bug Fix: CRM: Opportunites > export - CSV filtered opportunities box was a bit messed up DK1400(10.x Release)
  3. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Service >> New Binder >> Email Capture >> After setup successfully >> again opening email capture yellow screen error was coming NR1454(10.x Release)
  4. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: New Binder >> Patient Tracking Type selected >> and then created the issue, the issue Patient Id and Disease was not showing in the list screen] NR1463(10.x Release)
  5. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Opening an Email Captured binder >> giving yellow screen error NR1460(10.x Release)
  6. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Improved the Issue Tracker filter screen look and feel SD1466(10.x Release)
  7. Bug Fix: General: First History Notification was sending to user from the period when they joined officeclip (instead send notifications from the date when the 10.4.14 upgraded)
  8. Bug Fix: General: Desktop >> Users >> in some cases trying to delete an user >> was giving an yellow screen error and the user was not deleting
  9. Bug Fix: General: After doing sync, Google Login (from login page gave error) SD1457(10.x Release)
  10. Bug Fix: General: Shared Report was showing filters regardless of user permission] SP0976(Support Tickets)
  11. Bug Fix: General: New note was not saving as a private note NR1459(10.x Release)
  12. Bug Fix: General: Changing secured link to web link in extranet does not really changes it SD1470(10.x Release)
  13. Bug Fix: General: Shared report not showing proper icons SD1471(10.x Release)
  14. Bug Fix: Invoice: Send email - when we send an invoice to user and if any body or description is added below view invoice, it was not showing that description to the user. DK1448(10.x Release)
  15. Bug Fix: Settings: New user registration failed in some cases SD1475(10.x Release)
  16. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Setup Wizard - Project screen was giving yellow error IK1423(10.x Release)
  17. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Incorrect Report showing for Timesheet FH1469(10.x Release)
  18. Bug Fix: Timesheet: In some cases duplicate timesheets are created for same time period BR1029(Support Tickets)

10.4.15 - May 18 2016

  1. Minor Release: This release includes all changes since 10.4.2 (see below)

10.4.14 - May 16, 2016

  1. Enhancement: Expenses: Expense Detail Report >> description was not showing the information of that particular expense (ex. air travel, mileage etc.)
  2. Enhancement: General: Implemented a feature to use star icon to mark important objects
  3. Enhancement: General: Using to implement all background processes within OfficeClip
  4. Enhancement: General: It is now possible to login to OfficeClip using OAuth2 using Google Apps and Google Login
  5. Bug Fix: Calendar: Calendar > shared calendar - Activate, Deactivate, remove and edit calendar, all were giving yellow error DK1397(10.x Release)
  6. Bug Fix: Campaigns: Campaigns > modify screen - in the buttons the icons were very close to the labels DK1440(10.x Release)
  7. Bug Fix: Contacts: Contacts: Yellow screen error when we clicked on first two contacts BS1425(10.x Release)
  8. Bug Fix: Contacts: Contacts > change picture, it was not adding any picture DK1427(10.x Release)
  9. Bug Fix: Contacts: Contact > admin > rules - on screen rules were not working DK1438(10.x Release)
  10. Bug Fix: CRM: Error while putting in list values in User defined field MA0959(Support Tickets)
  11. Bug Fix: CRM: Contacts>admin>webform>generate html code - after submitting when we click on Next button it was giving a 404 error DK1419(10.X Binder)
  12. Bug Fix: Documents: After searching a document when we clicked on the link it did not open the document DK1369(10.x Release)
  13. Bug Fix: Email: Compose Email: Reply to All - Email addresses were getting garbled... EN0992(Support Tickets)
  14. Bug Fix: Expense: Expense Detail Report - Error message was showing when filter edit was changed IK1409(10.x Release)
  15. Bug Fix: Expenses: Reimbursements - sometimes while saving it was giving error DK1443(10.x Release)
  16. Bug Fix: Expenses: Scheduled reports - when we viewed scheduled reports list and when we clicked on cancel button it was giving some error DK1444(10.x Release)
  17. Bug Fix: General: History Notification (Activity Stream notification) background process was not running
  18. Bug Fix: General: Shared Report was showing filters regardless of user permission SP0976(Support Tickets)
  19. Bug Fix: General: Time Trigger Rules was throwing a null reference error
  20. Bug Fix: Invoice: List Screen >> paging was not working (it was always showing the first page)
  21. Bug Fix: Invoice: User unable to bring up the account popup in mac SD1412()
  22. Bug Fix: Invoice: Could not add a product to new invoice SD1424(10.x Release)
  23. Bug Fix: Invoice: Extranet user invoice list screen did not show the discount applied amout DK1435(10.x Release)
  24. Bug Fix: Invoice: Quote - when it was sent to the user, if any discount was applied it was not showing total directly after applying the discount DK1436(10.x Release)
  25. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: View issue > share > email - more than 2 email addresses, if entered was giving an error DK1346(10.x Release)
  26. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Escalation rules issue were not working correctly
  27. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Issue Tracker > view issue > share > email when we click on send button it was giving a yellow error DK1429(10.x Release)
  28. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Rules > issue notification - When new issue was created it was not sending any notification to the desired email address DK1432(10.x Release)
  29. Bug Fix: Issue tracker: Escalation Rules - New/Edit Rule - an error was coming DK1442(10.x Release)
  30. Bug Fix: Opportunity: Opportunites > export - CSV filtered opportunities box was a bit messed up DK1400(10.x Release)
  31. Bug Fix: Projects: Projects > new note - after opening an attachment the cursor kept on rolling DK1370(10.x Release)
  32. Bug Fix: Projects: Projects > export account - after exporting cursor keeps on rolling in the background DK1371(10.x Release)
  33. Bug Fix: Reports: Schedule reports was giving a yellow error DK1439(10.x Release)
  34. Bug Fix: Settings: Settings > entire site > presentation > login screen - the transfer text to parent window button was messed up DK1404(10.x Release)
  35. Bug Fix: Settings: Settings>org settings>extranet admin - Login url, The url was not seen properly DK1382(10.x Release)
  36. Bug Fix: Settings: Entire site > email templates - when we clicked on preview and then on links it was giving some error DK1407(10.x Release)
  37. Bug Fix: Settings: Settings>org settings>org>manage divisions - sub divisions were not seen when created DK1324(10.x Release)
  38. Bug Fix: Tasks: Fixed Filter error in tasks MA0975(Support Tickets)
  39. Bug Fix: Timeoff: Changed the approver and still the TimeOff was seen in the Approve list IK1408 (10.x Release)
  40. Bug Fix: Timeoff: Set accruals for users - if we deleted the accrual policy it was not asking for the permission and directly deleting it DK1367(10.x Release)
  41. Bug Fix: Timeoff: Bulk Accruals was not getting saved DK1368(10.x Release)
  42. Bug Fix: Timeoff: Time Off - Report - Time Off End Date was not correctly shown (showing one more day) MI0986 (Support Tickets)
  43. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet - A new project created in the setup wizard was not seen in the customer : project list while creating a new timesheet K1353(10.X Binder)
  44. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet - Setup Wizard - Project screen was giving yellow error IK1423(10.x Release)
  45. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet > admin > workflow - if route was set and if it was supposed to notify the user for approved or rejected timesheet it was not sending any notifications DK1433(10.x Release)
  46. Bug Fix: Tracker: Issue tracker - Bulk Option - Alignment was not proper DK1162(10.x Release)

10.4.2 - Feb 23, 2016

  1. Bug Fix: CRM: In contact >> view contact >> after adding a document goto history and download a file , busybox appears on the screen. BS1350(10.x Release)
  2. Bug Fix: CRM: In contacts >> call List : When choose add note it was asking for note book which should not be hapening BS1349(10.x Release)
  3. Bug Fix: CRM: Accounts - View - New Drop Down tool - Document now shows all the docs in pop up IK1345(10.x Release)
  4. Bug Fix: CRM: Contact - Email Child - There is now back button when clicked to New Account IK1337(10.x Release)
  5. Bug Fix: CRM: Contact Manager: Clicking on Alternate email address brings incorrectly populated screen PR0953(Support Tickets)
  6. Bug Fix: CRM: User was unable to save contacts under certain circumstances SD1381(10.x Release)
  7. Bug Fix: Invoice: List Screen >> paging was not working (always showing the first page)
  8. Bug Fix: Invoice: Send Note: When user clicks on the link it is giving a server error DK1378(10.x Release)
  9. Bug Fix: Settings: Entire site > login screen - when we click on official website the cursor keeps on rolling DK1383(10.x Release)
  10. Bug Fix: Timeoff: Hourly Timeoff request is now working IK1364 (10.x Release)
  11. Bug Fix: Timesheet: History - Total no. of hrs if in minutes it is miscalculated in history than the actual time IK1355(10.x Release)
  12. Bug Fix: Timesheet: List Screen history is now working SD1351(10.x Release)
  13. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Cannot restrict billable to a particular value... OM0955(Support Tickets)

10.4.1 - 12th Feb 2016

  1. Major Release: This release includes all changes since 10.3.67 (see below)

10.3.88 - 4th Feb 2016 (Internal Release)

  1. Bug Fix: CRM: Contacts > tools > print , close button is not taking back to the home page DK1303(10.x Release)
  2. Bug Fix: CRM: Accounts - Contacts - View - Tools - Print - Click Close and observe account View Page gets blank] IK1344(10.x Release)
  3. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Issues of issue tracker and worked on no 4 and fixed it. The issue is from Testing of 10.4.1 test document
  4. Bug Fix: General: Folder tooltip showing empty SD1343(10.x Release)
  5. Bug Fix: Invoice: For recurring invoice and occurences we have a tooltip, the close button is covering the description and frequency if it is in days the days can be upto 30 or 31 but in the dropdown it is showing only upto number 12
  6. Bug Fix: Invoice: In a quote the customer name box is misplaced and same is also for an estimate (is it meant to be in that way because in templates preview it is showing the same way)

10.3.87 - 2nd Feb 2016 (Internal Release)

  1. Bug Fix: CRM: Contacts > summary > notes, it is not showing a notebook DK1302(10.x Release)
  2. Bug Fix: CRM: When note is added in accounts, history is not shown for today filter
  3. Bug Fix: CRM: Export CSV(all accounts) is giving a yellow error
  4. Bug Fix: CRM: Contacts webform - Tested in internal with officeclip account
  5. Bug Fix: CRM: Create a new account in project and click history nothing is see
  6. Bug Fix: CRM: When clicked on loop up list to get company name it was showing yellow error
  7. Bug Fix: Expense: Search >> Individual Search : after searching , in the grid comments column data is overlapping
  8. Bug Fix: Expense: Details page alignment not proper
  9. Bug Fix: General: Settings>entire site>presentation>login screen - not able to edit messages entered DK1323(10.x Release)
  10. Bug Fix: General: Back to list button is overlapping (image and text) Setting >> My Profile >> References
  11. Bug Fix: General: Replaced old tooltips with new tooltip
  12. Bug Fix: General: Error message is matching with the screen in Glow Skin
  13. Bug Fix: General: When we open the html file and fill in the details and click on submit it logs off
  14. Bug Fix: General: Added some padding to the medium and large buttons
  15. Bug Fix: Invoice: Admin > payment gateways bluepay set up new account is giving an error. Paypal is working fine
  16. Bug Fix: Tasks: Task Filter possible error New
  17. Bug Fix: Time Off: Time Off History has no information IK1332(10.x Release)
  18. Bug Fix: Time Off: Yellow error in timeoff application(click on timeoff yellow error appears)
  19. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timeout Error
  20. Bug Fix: Users: Screen is not aligned properly

10.3.85 - 28th Jan, 2016 (Internal Release)

  1. Enhancement: Invoices: The view of invoices format in Microsoft Edge and Google chrome are different
  2. Bug Fix: Calendar: Edit Event >> End date is not set correctly
  3. Bug Fix: CRM: Accounts- CF - In Pop Up Save & Cancel button are not working IK1297(10.x Release)
  4. Bug Fix: CRM: Accounts - Document - PDF, JPEG files does not open when clicked IK1334(10.x Release)
  5. Bug Fix: CRM: Opportunities - Backspace button takes to previous screen in contact role field IK1178(10.x Release)
  6. Bug Fix: Expenses: Submit a Saved expenses to another user an yellow error is coming IK1339(10.x Release)
  7. Bug Fix: General: Homepage > new announcement - not able to type any description DK1333(10.x Release)
  8. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Rules not working DK1338(10.x Release)
  9. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Fixed the issue tracker title edit to show decoded html correctly
  10. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Fixed the discrepancy between the created date and modified date in issue tracker when the timezone of the user is not same as the server tiemzone
  11. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Fixed Filter in issue tracker is giving a yellow error
  12. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Removed the Cc mail history tracking that was created by Bharath as it is giving error if anyone tries to save a Cc from the modify screen
  13. Bug Fix: Mobile: CRM >> Contacts >> view contact >> Address fields and Other Address fields are messing up
  14. Bug Fix: Mobile: Refactored and fixed how assigned to is displayed in mobile issue tracker
  15. Bug Fix: Mobile: Fixed date discrepancy in mobile notes in the list and the detail screen
  16. Bug Fix: Mobile: Fixed the date format of the mobile notes
  17. Bug Fix: Mobile: Made the tracker view case on the mobile less crowded by removing most empty fields

10.3.84 - 23rd Jan, 2016 (Internal Release)

  1. Enhancement: CRM: Added a new account button to the contact > Email screen
  2. Enhancement: Expenses: Implemented "Proxy" in Expenses.
  3. Enhancement: Extranet: Request appointment screen changes
  4. Enhancement: Extranet: Issue Id: NR1228 of 10.x Release Binder [Title: Calendar >> External appointment >> Issues, * Enhancements and screen optimizations]
  5. Enhancement: Invoices: Issue Id: DK1284 of 10.x Release Binder [Title: Need to improve look of our invoice]
  6. Enhancement: Issue Tracker: Converted the dropdown list to two column combo box for assigned To
  7. Bug Fix: CRM: [DK1196: Accounts - Relations - Relation is taking limited no. of fonts]
  8. Bug Fix: CRM: [10.X Binder(DK1192: Account - Dropdown box shows unwanted contact)]
  9. Bug Fix: CRM: [10.X Binder (DK1190: Accounts - Cursor keeps on rolling in background)]
  10. Bug Fix: CRM: [10.X Binder (DK1165: Document - Bulk Option - Spelling Mistake)]
  11. Bug Fix: CRM: [10.X Binder (IK1178: Opportunities - Backspace button takes to previous screen in contact role field)]
  12. Bug Fix: CRM: [10.X Binder (DK1075: Opportunities > notes > attachments)]
  13. Bug Fix: CRM: [10.X Binder (DK1069: Competitors > summary > documents The uploaded document is not showing in the list)]
  14. Bug Fix: CRM: Issue Id: AR0915 of Support Tickets Binder [Title: Contact search not working for d'or and is giving error]
  15. Bug Fix: CRM: Issue Id: JE0839 of Support Tickets Binder [Title: Removal of the field from the list screen when the field is hidden]
  16. Bug Fix: CRM: Binder : 10x : Issue Id : IK1237 [Title : History-Time is not showing correct]
  17. Bug Fix: CRM: 10x Binder : Issue Id : IK1251 [Title : Account - Admin - Fixed Fields - Pop up buttons are not working]
  18. Bug Fix: CRM: 10x binder : IssueId : SD1242 [Title : Deleting a contact gives error regarding fnSplit]
  19. Bug Fix: CRM: Binder: 10.x Release :Issue ID: IK1247 [Title : Account-History - Why two history and old history does not show any]
  20. Bug Fix: CRM: PR0943: State not printing when making labels... - Fixed
  21. Bug Fix: CRM: Issue ID: AN0826 of Support Tickets Binder [Title: Tags should be exported with Contact Sync]
  22. Bug Fix: CRM: Allowing / in the name of zip/postal code when someone edits the field type
  23. Bug Fix: CRM: Binder: 10.x, Iddue Id : SD1290 [ Title : History Issues with Contact Manager ]
  24. Bug Fix: CRM: Fixed the auto complete box of the contact emails
  25. Bug Fix: CRM: [10.X Binder (IK1297: Accounts- CF - In Pop Up Save & Cancel button are not working)]
  26. Bug Fix: CRM: Binder: 10.x Release Issue Id : DK1309 [Title : Contacts > admin > custom field , date pattern is not saving]
  27. Bug Fix: CRM: Binder: 10.x Release Issue Id : IK1251[Title : Account - Admin - Fixed FIelds - Pop up buttons are not working]
  28. Bug Fix: CRM: Binder: 10.x Release Issue Id : DK1302 [ Contacts > summary > notes, it is not showing a notebook]
  29. Bug Fix: CRM: Issue Id: DK1304 of 10.x Release Binder [Title: Contacts > summary > email, check new email is giving an error]
  30. Bug Fix: CRM: [10.X binder (Contacts > summary > new task, attachment when opened cursor keeps on rolling in the background)]
  31. Bug Fix: CRM: [10.X Binder (DK1311: Contacts > admin > rules, all fields in conditions are not displayed)]
  32. Bug Fix: CRM: [10.X Binder(DK1313: Contacts > summary > documents > Shortcut - not able to open the document)]
  33. Bug Fix: CRM: Binder: 10.x Release, Issue Id : DK1314 [Title : Contacts > admin > rules - Run Access rules is giving an error]
  34. Bug Fix: CRM: Binder: 10.x Release Issue Id : DK1291 [ Google Sync in contacts and calendar is giving an error]
  35. Bug Fix: CRM: Binder: 10.x : Issue Id : SD1235 [Title : Cannot delete a contact in OfficeClip]
  36. Bug Fix: Documents: [10.X Binder (DK1163: Document - View - Close icon is showing cancel icon in the properties)]
  37. Bug Fix: Documents: IK1209: Documents - Admin - There is no Bulk Upload
  38. Bug Fix: Documents: Fixed document sharing title and the done button
  39. Bug Fix: Emails: Binder : 10x : DK0822 : Email > folder > rename the boxes are not visible
  40. Bug Fix: Extranet: [10.X Binder (IK1064: Extranet-Contact-Enabled Extranet - Login credentials are not working)]
  41. Bug Fix: Extranet: Issue Id: IK1077 of 10.x Release Binder [Title: Services-Web Form - Share - Link is not working]
  42. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: BR0931 of Support Tickets Binder [Title: TimeOff Balance is incorrect in approve screen]
  43. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: [10.X Binder(DK1037: Issue tracker > binder >admin> edit fixed fields)]
  44. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: [10.x Binder (DK1158: Issue Tracker - Edit Case - 2 issues)]
  45. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: [10.X Binder (SD1054: Issue Tracker Details description field is cut off
  46. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: [10.X Binder (IK1219: Services - Binder - History - All binder history is not seen)]
  47. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Binder: 10.x Release Issue Id : IK1278 [Title : Services-Shared Report - For individuaL binder there is no Shared Report ]
  48. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Binder: 10.x Release : Issue : id : IK1279 [ Issue Tracker - Export - Description field is not proper]
  49. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: new binder screen now shows the fields for eacch binder types
  50. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Fixed the image truncation issue in email capture
  51. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: [10.X Binder (SD1283: Cannot delete a binder)]
  52. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Binder : 10.x, Id : SD1289 [ Title : Issue Tracker History Problem... ]
  53. Bug Fix: General: Background notification mails are not sending because of it is using some session variable inside DateTimeConst.cs
  54. Bug Fix: General: Binder: 10.x Release DK1323: [Settings>entire site>presentation>login screen - not able to edit messages entered[
  55. Bug Fix: General: Security is not working in History
  56. Bug Fix: General: [10.X Binder(SD0835: Cannot remove site users)]
  57. Bug Fix: General: Issue Id: NR1081 of 10.x Release Binder [Title: in >> Renew license screen >> dont show the number users which is less the users licensed number of users]
  58. Bug Fix: General: Issue Id: IK1077 of 10.x Release Binder [Title: Services-Web Form - Share - Link is not working]
  59. Bug Fix: General: 10x binder : SD1034 : [Title : cannot set the html description]
  60. Bug Fix: General: Binder: 10.x Release : Issue ID: DK1255 [Title : History is showing some error]
  61. Bug Fix: General: Issue Id: NR1281 of 10.x Release Binder [Title: Any Application >> Reports >> New/Edit report >> popup is opening still it showing "popups are blocked..." message in Edge browser]
  62. Bug Fix: General: Binder: 10.x Release : Issue Id : DK1256 [ Homepage > My dashboard > new task created not seen on the homepage and 2 more issues]
  63. Bug Fix: General: Issue Id: SD1241 of 10.x Release Binder [Title: Clicking on a link is not taking me to the particular place in OfficeClip page]
  64. Bug Fix: General: If edition is not supplied in the license it now redirect to the Standard edition instead of professional plus
  65. Bug Fix: General: [10.X Binder (BS1280: Homepage > My dashboard > view all tasks yellow screen appears)]
  66. Bug Fix: General: [10.X Binder (DK1256: Homepage > My dashboard > new task created not seen on the homepage and 2 more issues)]
  67. Bug Fix: General: Binder : 10x Issue Id : SD1215 [Title : OCleanup is showing error]
  68. Bug Fix: General: while sending template mails giving an error because of hashtable which we are supplying null and accessing inside function
  69. Bug Fix: General: Desktop >> Users >> try to delete user who has email >> yellow screen error is coming
  70. Bug Fix: General: free guard warning in activity stream
  71. Bug Fix: General: SD1293: Black Metro Touch screen is not showing the menu in correct color
  72. Bug Fix: General: Issue Id: SD1298 of 10.x Release Binder [Title: Security Risk: Document property allows downloading of any document]
  73. Bug Fix: General: Issue Id: SD1298 of 10.x Release Binder [Title: Security Risk: Document property allows downloading of any document]
  74. Bug Fix: General: Desktop >> Users >> Try to delete users >> yellow screen is coming
  75. Bug Fix: General: Ui change to show the Google play store icon and app store icon without any underscore in between
  76. Bug Fix: General: [10.X Binder (Settings>quick links > entire site>manage license - request new license compare is taking to old website)]
  77. Bug Fix: General: Issue Id: IK1142 of 10.x Release Binder [Title: Email - Search is not working]
  78. Bug Fix: Invoices: [10.X Binder(DK1180: Invoice - Terms - Apply discount to invoice, it can not be seen in the list)]
  79. Bug Fix: Invoices: Invoice >> View Invoice >> "Discount" and "Total" fields are not properly aligned in (Professional, Standard, Quote & Estimate templates)
  80. Bug Fix: Invoices: Issue Id: IK1179 of 10.X Release Binder [Title: Invoice - 3 issues]
  81. Bug Fix: Invoices: Issue Id: DK1182 of 10.X Release Binder [Title: Invoice - 2 issues]
  82. Bug Fix: Invoices: 10x Binder : RS1221 : Invoice >> List >> Check all and try to delete all the invoice gives yellow screen error
  83. Bug Fix: Invoices: [10.X Binder(IK1273: Invoice-Adding up the term is not giving the discount)]
  84. Bug Fix: Invoices: Issue Id: DK1317 of 10.x Release Binder [Title: Settings>quick links>entire site>email templates - new invoice is showing a template of issue tracker]
  85. Bug Fix: Mobile: [10.X Binder (IK1044: Mobile-Contacts-Notes-Big Description is not properly displayed in Notes Screen)]
  86. Bug Fix: Mobile: IK1047: T&E new screen text is overlaping)]
  87. Bug Fix: Mobile: fixed the search and filter control in the mobile crm
  88. Bug Fix: Mobile: Issue ID: SD1233 of 10.x Release Binder [Title: Mobile button is not working in OfficeClip]
  89. Bug Fix: Mobile: NR1212: Officeclip >> Mobile >> we need to mention iOS & Android icons - Fixed
  90. Bug Fix: Mobile: Part 2.a Binder: 10.x Release , Issue ID : BS1051 [In mobile timesheets , time is not saving in a correct manner.]
  91. Bug Fix: Tasks: [10.X Binder (DK1067: Task > attachment)]
  92. Bug Fix: Timesheet: New Timesheet >> Clicking on Save button multiple times creating multiple timesheets (If once clicked on Save button, now we are disabling the button till the functionality finishes)
  93. Bug Fix: Timesheet: [10.X Binder (IK1170: Timesheet - Allow Users - Approve their own timesheet' is set to 'Yes' is not functioning for normal user)]
  94. Bug Fix: Timesheet: [10.X Binder (SD1211: Cannot edit a timesheet if there is a quote(') character in the project, account or SI name)]
  95. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Binder 10.x: KE0852: ADP export of timesheet is giving error
  96. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Issue Id: PB0780 of Support Tickets Binder [Title: Timesheet Issues with 10.3.27]
  97. Bug Fix: Emails: Issue Id: SD1218 of 10.x Release Binder [Title: Add a do-not-reply email address for outgoing emails]
  98. Bug Fix: Time Off: [10.X Binder (IK1222: TimeOff-Admin-Accruals-Accrual Policy- Error message is coming unnecessary)]
  99. Bug Fix: Timesheet: [Support Tickets (RO0854: Expense Card or Time Card should show the person whose time card is submitted)]
  100. Bug Fix: [10.X Binder (BS1226: Issue tracker >> New Issue : created date and modified date are different)]
  101. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Task code in Service items screen will now take 20 characters instead of 10
  102. Bug Fix: Timesheet: 10x binder : BS1050 : In a new timesheet, the “total” column does not total (just blank) and quickooks issue
  103. Bug Fix: Timesheet: 10x binder : BS1050: In a new timesheet, the “total” column does not total (just blank) and quickooks issue
  104. Bug Fix: Calendar: Due date showing as 01/01/0001 in Calendar > Task
  105. Bug Fix: Timesheet: [10.X Binder:(IK1270: Timesheet - Admin - Manage - No message shown if deleted)]
  106. Bug Fix: Settings: Binder: 10.x Release : Issue Id : DK1268 [Title : Settings > entire site > info > options , it always shows the skin color as default even after changing the color]
  107. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Issue Id: IK1269 of 10.x Release Binder [Title: Timesheet-Import Track Time-Customer/Project fields are improper]
  108. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Binder: 10.x Release : Issue Id : SD0732 [ Individual Timesheet Export - Html not parsed correctly ]
  109. Bug Fix: Time Off: Accrual is set as [Yearly Accrual] - [80 hrs] - [At the beginning] , then if the year is leap year it is showing in available balances as 80.22 which is incorrect
  110. Bug Fix: Projects: [10.X Binder(IK1277: Projects-Shared Reports-Screen shows Allocate Projects)]
  111. Bug Fix: Timesheet: [Attachments added in timesheets are not seen in history]
  112. Bug Fix: Time Off: Binder : 10x Release, Issue Id DK0795 [Title : Timeoff calendar, some part of the calendar not able to see properly]
  113. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Binder: 10.x Release : Issue Id : SD1287 [Title : Cannot create a timesheet.. ]
  114. Bug Fix: Timesheet: [10.X Binder (IK1295: Timesheet-Import Track Time - It gives an yellow error)]
  115. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Issue Id: IK1294 of 10.x Release Binder [Title: Timesheet - Save button is not working]
  116. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Binder : 10x Release IssueId : SD1292[History -> Issue with the Timesheet]
  117. Bug Fix: Timesheet: [10.X Binder(IK1264: Timesheet- Timesheet Submission Status - Approved status check box can be disabled.)]
  118. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Issue Id: SD1292 of 10.x Release Binder [Title: History -> Issue with the Timesheet] - Except the No. 4 Everything else is fixed
  119. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Issue Id: SD1292 of 10.x Release Binder [Title: History -> Issue with the Timesheet]
  120. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Issue Id: SD1292 of 10.x Release Binder [Title: History -> Issue with the Timesheet]

Release 10.3.67 - Sep 23, 2015

  1. Bug Fix: Mobile Timesheet: Service Items are now populating correctly

Release 10.3.66 - Sep 08, 2015

  1. Enhancement: CRM: Added more fields in the Contact Related Data for tasks, start date, end date and due date. Also showing percentage completion of the task
  2. Enhancement: Timesheet and Expenses: Shows Customer Number, Project Number in all timesheet and expense reports
  3. Bug Fix: CRM: Admin-Fixed Fields-Edit-If any field available then Update button is now working
  4. Bug Fix: CRM: If in any contact we add an attachment to a note, and when we open it, the attachment opens but the cursor kept on rolling in the background in the summary screen. This is now fixed
  5. Bug Fix: General: Document space now shows correctly for hosted users of OfficeClip
  6. Bug Fix: Mobile: Automated routing submission of timesheet is now working
  7. Bug Fix: Mobile: Bottom Delete buttons now works in view timesheet and view expense pages
  8. Bug Fix: Mobile: Contact Notes titles are now shown
  9. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Admin > Rules, Escalation rules are fixed.
  10. Bug Fix: Mobile: Login >> Timesheet >> Saved Timesheet >> Open Saved timesheet (Manual submission one) >> User are now able to submit timesheet
  11. Bug Fix: Mobile: Time is saving in a correct format

Release 10.3.57 - Jun 17, 2015

  1. Bug Fix: Calendar - All day events were not syncing correctly between officeclip and google sync

Release 10.3.56 - June 1, 2015

  1. Enhancement SD1005: User could not control New Project creation for non admin
  2. Enhancement IK1003: Contacts: Redesigned webform
  3. Enhancement: Calendar: Redesigned extranet screens, now accepting appointments from emails
  4. Bug Fix IK0984: CRM - Contacts: Manage Duplicates-Search was giving error
  5. Bug Fix RS0961: Timesheet: Import/Export> csv individual timesheet not working
  6. Bug Fix DK0931: Settings: Manage license > request new license > pay used to log out
  7. Bug Fix NR0992: Project: Accounts > New Account - System was allowing empty mandatory fields...
  8. Bug Fix VI0875: Quickbooks: Addin was not importing time for some employees
  9. Bug Fix IK0987: Issue Tracker: View Issue - Share link was not working
  10. Bug Fix DK0999: Issue Tracker: Reports > In change permission the user role box was not seen
  11. Bug Fix DK0956: Calendar: Mobile > New screen was not looking good
  12. Bug Fix DK0970: Email: While deleting a folder in email, it was not asking for a confirmation
  13. Bug Fix DK0863: Users: Giving error while removing user photos
  14. Bug Fix IK0964: Notes: Search was not working
  15. Bug Fix IK0962: Notes: Notebook-OK button was not working inside Delete
  16. Bug Fix IK1007: Extranet: Emails were going only if Cc emails were present

Release 10.3.49 - Feb 18, 2015

  1. Enhancement: CRM - Redesigned Google Sync
  2. Enhancement: General - Terms of Use must show at the bottom of the registration form in online version
  3. Bug Fix: Campaigns - Child-Note-Save is giving an yellow error
  4. Bug Fix: Invoice - Standard Invoice - Values are not aligned properly

Release 10.3.44 - Feb 15, 2015 (Internal Release)

  1. Enhancement: CRM - Tags are now exported in the csv file
  2. Bug Fix: Mobile - Edit contacts is giving error
  3. Bug Fix: Mobile - Campaigns > new notes can't save giving error
  4. Bug Fix: CRM -View Contact - New Drop Down - Documents-There is no message of Confirmation
  5. Bug Fix: Invoices - Admin > Profile not showing error message for entering wrong information
  6. Bug Fix: General - Manage license > Download OfficeClip is giving an error
  7. Bug Fix: Campaigns - History - Not showing all details

Release 10.3.43 - Feb 10, 2015 (Internal Release)

  1. Bug Fix: CRM - Reports-Filters-Tag-Condition Contains is giving error
  2. Bug Fix: Time Off - Timeoff -- New Request -- Availability is not updating
  3. Bug Fix: Invoice - Under some conditions, Invoice-New Invoice-Logging out after creating new Invoice
  4. Bug Fix: CRM - opportunity >> reports >> edit an report and try to select parent child field in the filter, yellow screen appears
  5. Bug Fix: General - Images with capitalized extension is not showing preview in attachments
  6. Bug Fix: Email - folder > rename the boxes are not visible
  7. Bug Fix: Time Off - Time Off history calculation incorrect
  8. Bug Fix : Time Off - Category-Adjustment-Empty Field is displayed

Release 10.3.42 - Feb 5, 2015 (Internal Release)

  1. Bug Fix: Time Off - New Request -- All fields marked * are required error is showing everytime
  2. Bug Fix: Time Off - Filters-Float-Search is doing search in reverse
  3. Bug Fix: Time Off - Admin -- Category & Accruals -- Set User Accruals for Regular -- Bulk Accruals sorting showing empty screen

Release 10.3.40 - Feb 1, 2015 (Internal Release)

  1. Enhancement: CRM - Skype integration with Contacts
  2. Enhancement: Projects - Added Notes
  3. Enhancement: Issue Tracker - Added Captcha to the webform
  4. Bug Fix: CRM: Section Names cannot contain ampersand (&) characters
  5. Bug Fix: CRM: Import: Showing errors in some conditions
  6. Bug Fix: General: Settings > Holiday Changing the year is giving error
  7. Bug Fix: General - Bug Fix : While renewing subscription if user already purchased some disk space, that space it is not including in next billing invoice.
  8. Bug Fix: TimeOff - BugFix : Issue : Timeoff >> Approve >> when a timeoff is approved email is not sent
  9. Bug Fix: Invoices - UI Fix : Professional Invoice template the discount, total and terms are showing in wrong place
  10. Bug Fix: CRM: Some Filter fields are changing back to Yes, even if we select No
  11. Bug Fix: CRM - Title:opportunity >>reports >> edit report >> add a filter using float field, yellow screen appears
  12. Bug Fix: CRM - opportunity >> reports >> edit an report and try to select parent child field in the filter, yellow screen appears
  13. Bug Fix: CRM -contacts >> search >> when all is selected and search is performed, the result is showing with alternate email address
  14. Bug Fix: CRM - Search: OR and exact search is not working
  15. Bug Fix: CRM - contact >> search >> list is changed when search is performed on tag and sort is done by first name
  16. Bug Fix: CRM - Cannot select contact tag properly
  17. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker - Attached Images for notes is not showing to extranet users
  18. Bug Fix: Mobile - Contact Manager description getting cut off in mobile and also tags are missing
  19. Bug Fix: Settings - Org Settings-Extranet Admin-Style Sheet Preview-No Links are workings
  20. Bug Fix: CRM - All field search is not searching for Tags
  21. Bug Fix: CRM - Setting Default template is not effecting in new invoice screen
  22. Bug Fix: General - Cannot remove site users]

Release 10.3.39 - Dec 18, 2014

  1. Bug Fix: Error in Timesheet while saving (including attachments in timesheet) : The process cannot access the file 'S:\upload\temp\RadUploadTestFile' because it is being used by another process.
  2. Error in Homepage : Column 'groupid' does not belong to table Table.

Release 10.3.37 - Dec 11, 2014

  1. CRM Import: Some fields were not importing
  2. CRM >> Contacts >> Filter the filter was not working on the "contains" on a text field
  3. HRM >> TimeOff >> Admin >> Category and accruals >> set accruals : showing yellow screen error if trying to set accrual to a newly added user
  4. HRM >> Timesheet >> Reports >> "Employee Utilization By Account" and "Employees Utilization By Task" were showing error message (Error: Not a valid Report: Column 'accountmeta.account_number' is invalid in the select list because it is not contained in either an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause.) and report is not opening
  5. Issue Id : BE0806 of 10.x Release binder [Issue : Some reports were not working in the CRM]
  6. HRM >> TimeOff >> Admin >> Category and accruals >> set accruals : Delete was not working in set accruals page
  7. Issue Id :SD0855: Mobile contact manager paging does not work
  8. Issue No. SD0856 of Binder: 10.x Release (Title :Tags with quotes not working on search)

Release 10.3.34 - Dec 01, 2014

  1. SD0838-Release 10.x binder - Bug fixed in the import contact screen
  2. KP0808-Customer Support binder - Fixed additional issues with vacations
  3. CRM: Meta Search fix (was giving error when searching any spaces in between double quotes)
  4. Extranet - A dummy session was creating in the extranet if user is logged on to OfficeClip in another browser tab

Release 10.3.32 - Nov 18, 2014 (Internal Release)

  1. Enhancement: CRM: Search Dropdown: Now [Tag] will search both [Tag name] and [Tag Group Name], the same is implemented in the Filters and Reports.
  2. Enhancement: General: Two lines were appearing after hitting the Enter Key on the editor. This feature is changed to one line now.
  3. Bug Fix: Invoice - Invoice link was not going via email
  4. Bug Fix: Time Off - Paging is fixed in all multi page list
  5. Bug Fix: TimeOff - Admin >> New / Edit Category >> Set "Count weekend as time off" to No, then also the time off taken on weekend was calculating as time off
  6. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker - NR0828 of 10.x Release binder [Invoice Payments of OfficeClip Users were not updating in the account]
  7. Bug Fix: Accounts - Scheduled Reports- Cancel button was not working
  8. Bug Fix: CRM - Removing a custom field with data was giving error
  9. Bug Fix: Email - SD0788 [Issue : User getting errors and cannot login after clicking on the email link]
  10. Bug Fix: CRM - JU0799 [Issue : Cannot make a custom field mandatory in opportunity]
  11. Bug Fix: CRM - Syncing contacts with google was giving error

Release 10.3.28 - Oct 28, 2014 (Internal Release)

  1. Enhancement: General - Added an ability to hide "Support" and "OfficeClip Version" from the top bar
  2. Enhancement: Setup - UI changes in the Site Settings >> Holidays >> Add Holiday screen
  3. Enhancement: Time Off - Enhanced Time Off Reports
  4. Bug Fix: General - Problem in reports > select filters of project
  5. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker - Notes >> When note added as officeclip user it is not showing as private note.
  6. Bug Fix - General - delete the thumbnail does not work in attachment
  7. Bug Fix - CRM - adding notes is not recording in the history in CRM
  8. Bug Fix - Issue Tracker - JW0779: Fixed bug in email capture
  9. Bug Fix - Invoice - Invoice email showed template variable rather than invoice number

Release 10.3.25 - Oct 10, 2014

  1. Enhancement: CRM: Redesigned the CRM filter
  2. Enhancement: CRM: Created filter permission for CRM fields
  3. Enhancement: CRM: Emails are now linked with CRM records
  4. Enhancement: CRM: More Templates For Campaign Application
  5. Enhancement: General: Desktop >> Email >> Compose Email >> Modified the Compose email look and feel
  6. Enhancement: General: Added many new skins
  7. Enhancement: General: Added more email templates
  8. Enhancement: General: Recreated all the help files
  9. Enhancement: General: Added drag-and-drop feature for files
  10. Enhancement: General: Added notebooks in notes application
  11. Enhancement: Issue Tracker: Help desk functionality added in the issue tracker
  12. Enhancement: TimeOff - Time off application rewritten
  13. Enhancement: Invoice - Create a new invoice template
  14. Bug Fix: Calendar: IK0433 of 10.x Release binder [Calendar-Admin-Manage Label - Main window was getting closed]
  15. Bug Fix: CRM: IK0425 of 10.x Release binder [Reports-Custom Reports - Import a .rdlc extended report an yellow error was coming]
  16. Bug Fix: CRM: IK0410 of 10.x Release binder [CRM-Sync-Cancel button function was not working in Export Screen.]
  17. Bug Fix: CRM: BA0587 and RK0630 of Support Tickets binder [Contacts >> New Contact >> if we don't fill Custom Date Field then in View Screen it was showing as 01/01/01 ]
  18. Bug Fix: CRM: Admin >> Rules >> Access Rules >> Run All Rules was running and giving the access to specified role but it was not removing the previously given accesses
  19. Bug Fix: CRM: CRM >> Opportunity >> List screen >> numeric (float) fields were not showing properly with commas (like 10,000.00)
  20. Bug Fix: Expense: IK0473 of 10.x Release binder [Expense-Admin-Currency showing Yellow error ]
  21. Bug Fix: CRM: IK0524 of 10.x Release binder [Daily Call List-Remove button was not working in Edit screen]
  22. Bug Fix: Desktop: IK0489 of 10.x Release binder [Emails-Folder- Rename - Cancel button was not working]
  23. Bug Fix: Desktop: IK0487 of 10.x Release binder [Email- Users-Search-Link "Go" was going to Extranet Users]
  24. Bug Fix: Desktop: IK0559 of 10.x Release binder [Email- Saved email did not show any attachment]
  25. Bug Fix: Desktop : Issue No. IK0544 of Binder: 10.x Release (Title : Notes-Attachment-Look and Feel was not good. )
  26. Bug Fix : Desktop : BS0702: HomePage >> Announcements >> view an announcement and click back it did not come back to homepage)
  27. Bug Fix : Desktop :BS0705: Homepage >> View event / new event >> cancel did not return to homepage
  28. Bug Fix : Extranet: IK0576 of Binder: 10.x Release (Services- View-Share - Drop Down - Email - Email was going without subject.)
  29. Bug Fix : Mobile : PB0733 of Support Tickets binder [Issue : OfficeClip >> Mobile >> Accounts were not sorted correctly]
  30. Bug Fix : Mobile: SD0682 of Binder: 10.x Release (Title : In tablet, unable to scroll the contact list)
  31. Bug Fix: HRM: Projects >> List screen >> Archived projects were not showing even with grid filter
  32. Bug Fix: HRM: IK0516 of 10.x Release binder [Billing-Finish button was not working]
  33. Bug Fix: HRM: IK0470 of 10.x Release binder [Timesheet-Import Track Time-Drop Down selection was not working properly]
  34. Bug Fix: HRM: IK0476 of 10.x Release binder [Invoice-Checkmark checked after seeing Invoice]
  35. BugFix: HRM: (SD0735: Timesheet > Admin > Payroll: Clicking on History was taking user to Timeoff application )
  36. Bug Fix : Settings: IK0613 of Binder: 10.x Release (Organization-Grant/Revoke email notification were not going.)

Release 10.2.17 - May 23, 2014

  1. Bug Fix : Mobile Interface: Timesheet details does not wrap up and hides on the next line.

Release 10.2.16 - May 9, 2014

  1. Bug Fix : Issue Id : IK0432 of 10.x Release binder [Issue : Calendar - New Event - Edit Event in Reminder gives yellow error]
  2. Bug Fix : Issue tracker >> if a note is created by any extranet user, it is showing as it is created by one of the OfficeClip User
  3. Bug Fix : IK0266 - Entire Site - Holidays - Yellow error is coming - 10x Binder
  4. Bug Fix : Issue (IK0435 - Custom Fields/Numeric Fields - If entered alpha numeric fields in numeric fields an error is coming.)
  5. Bug Fix : Issue Id : SD0429 of 10.x Release binder [Issue : Cannot use track time in task in chrome browser] Same bug is happening in (Contacts >> View Contacts >> Task >> Tracktime)
  6. Bug Fix : Issue Id : K_0659 of Support Tickets binder [Issue : Settings >> Organization settings >> Extranet administration >> Login URL link is not showing popup correctly
  7. Bug Fix : Issue Id : KP0667 of Support Tickets binder [Issue : There is no way to recover the archieved timeoff requests]
  8. Bug Fix : Issue Id : RK0658 of Support Tickets binder [Issue : Contacts >> Reports >> Select Filter add filter like (email address equal *@*company*) first time the report opens fine, next time if we edit report >> click on save   View report, it is giving 500 error]
  9. Enhancement : Issue Id : MO0513 of Support Tickets binder [Issue : Standard Edition user are unable to user mileage expense]
  10. Bug Fix : Issue Id : SD0429 of 10.x Release binder [Issue : Cannot use track time in task in chrome browser]
  11. Bug Fix : Issue Id : JC0648 of 10.x Release binder [Issue : Cannot send emails through OfficeClip]

Release 10.2.14 - Apr 18, 2014

  1. Bug Fix : Issue Id : IK0427   IK0423 of 10.x Release binder [Issue : Calendar-New Event-Add a new attendee and save the meeting event error is coming]
  2. Bug Fix : Issue Id : BE0651 of 10.x Release binder [Issue : CRM >> Contacts >> filter is not working properly with Parent child custom field]
  3. Bug Fix : Issue Id : SD0428 of 10.x Release binder [Issue : manual quickbooks sync mapping screen is not filtering based on organization]
  4. Bug Fix : Issue Id : IK0416 of 10.x Release binder [Issue : Contact-Relation Child - New Relation - Opportunity - Pop up is giving an yellow error]
  5. Bug Fix : Issue Id : BA0617 of Support Tickets Binder [Title : OfficeClip calendar reminders delayed, are receiving after the event ends]
  6. Bug Fix : Issue Id : PB0641 of Support tickets binder [Title : 1. Inconsistency of displaying Account/Project and Service Item in mobile site]
  7. Bug Fix : Issue Id : LE0626 of Support Tickets binder [Title : Cannot see his contacts any more]
  8. Bug Fix : Issue Id : RK0622 of Support tickets binder [Title : CRM >> View Acount >> Export Csv is showing 500 Error screen]
  9. Bug Fix : Issue Id : RK0621 of Support tickets binder [Title : Opportunity report is showing an error]

Release 10.2.12 - Mar 11, 2014

  1. Bug Fix : Issue Id : NR0409 of 10.x Release binder [Title : In a new Installation process >> SMTP Settings vanishes after Sending test mail]
  2. Bug Fix : Issue Id : NR0408 of 10.x Release binder [Title : Settings >> Site Settings >> clicking on Options (under Information section) showing 500 yellow screen error
  3. Bug Fix : Issue Id : BA0582 of Support Tickets binder [Title : Accounts summary screen - if mouse is over on details, display is moving]
  4. Bug Fix : Issue Id : AW0583 of Support Tickets binder [Title : Call List not showing correct values ]
  5. Bug Fix : Issue Id : SD0403 of 10.x Release binder [Title : Issue tracker redirects to Page 1 when going back to the list screen ]
  6. Bug Fix : Issue Id : SD0404 of 10.x Release binder [Title : Extranet not working when notes are created... ]
  7. Bug Fix : Issue Id : NR0407 of 10.x Release binder [Title : CRM >> Contacts >> Filters not working porperly]
  8. Bug Fix : Issue Id : AW0583 of Support Tickets binder [Title : Call List not showing correct values ]
  9. Bug Fix : [Customer] Issue Id : TG0586 of Support Tickets binder [Title : Filter resetting back to All items and Bug reporting not working ]
  10. Bug Fix : [Customer] Issue Id : AD0585 of Support Tickets binder [Title : Sorting on the list is resetting ]
  11. Bug Fix : [Customer : Fed***ter] CRM >> Any application If we sort on any field (say Modified Date) and then select a filter in which that field (Modified Date) is not selected to show, then the list is showing empty
  12. Bug Fix : Customer is having only HRM (Time   Expense) license, he is unable to see Accounts. (Fixed it using the previous method showing the Accounts inside Projects application only)
  13. Bug Fix : [Customer : Tower Online Solutions] Go to CRM >> Accounts >> Admin >> click on edit button near to Description showing an yellow screen in popup
  14. Enhancement : Showing "Add New Entry" for all existing udf lists (udf list, udf parent-child list, udf user list, udf owner list) and fixed field Account list, in all View / Edit screen of all CRM modules
  15. Bug Fix : CRM >> List Screen >> sorting on list items which is shown in list screen is not working correctly
  16. Bug Fix : Issue Id BH0385 of 10.x Release (Title : [Elmah Bug]: selecting the event 2 times in timesheet , and save it, gives yellow screen error.)

Release 10.2.8 - Feb 20, 2014

  1. Bug Fix: Issue (BS0400: User Bug[phil.t***] : account filter not working in the correct manner.)
  2. Bug Fix : Issue ID : BH0384 [Title : [Elmah Bug]: adding an exisiting contact in accounts , gives yellow screen error. ]
  3. Bug Fix : Issue ID : BH0387 [Title : [Elmah Bug]: while changing the position fields in issue tracker admin, it gives yellow screen error.]
  4. Bug Fix:Issue (BH0388: [Elmah Bug]: edit an meeting event and delete the attendees and try to save it, it gives yellow screen error.)
  5. Bug Fix : Issue ID : SD0394 [Title : Invoices does not work with a different currency .]
  6. Bug Fix : Issue ID : RA0377 [Title : Calendar -- New Event are not correctly showing in Agenda .]
  7. Bug Fix : Issue ID : RS0396 [Title : Home Page scrollbar is not showing up in some browser .]
  8. Bug Fix: Issue (BS0398: Account >> modify >> annual revenue field size is more than 20 it gives error.)
  9. Bug Fix : Issue ID : SD0374 [Title : Mobile Issue Tracker cannot edit.]
  10. Enhancement:Issue (BS0399: Disable mobile link option should be provided in settings)
  11. Bug Fix: AH0375: Desktop-Announcement-Attach a image an error is coming (User-ahm***
  12. Bug Fix : Issue Id NA0393 of 10.x Release (Title : [Customer : Vintage***orcycle Club] in view Invoice the Send Email Button is not showing)
  13. Bug Fix:Issue (SK0390: Contacts missing from the campaign Select Fields)
  14. Bug Fix : Issue Id NA0392 of 10.x Release (Title : Some OfficeClip work Invoices are not opening to view and giving an yellow screen error)
  15. Bug Fix : Issue Id NA0391 of 10.x Release (Title : [Customer : Red***ing] unable to see the opportunities under account children )
  16. Bug Fix : "Time Off By Approver" report is not working properly (and when we edit report and try to save and view report... it is showing an yellow screen)

Release 10.2.4 - Feb 12, 2014

  1. Bug Fix : Issue ID : SK0381 [Title :Issue Tracker- Created user is modifying to Extranet User for issues submitted by extranet user]
  2. Bug Fix : [Customer : GETONIC] Desktop-Announcement- copy   paste OR drag   drop an image >> and try to save the announcement then yellow screen error is coming
  3. Bug Fix : Tooltip is not working in view invoice.
  4. Bug Fix : "Time Off By Approver" report is not working properly (and when we edit report and try to save and view report... it is showing an yellow screen)
  5. Bug Fix : Timesheet Details report is not giving correct result if we select all the "account and projects" check box in the filters
  6. Enhancement : Added the date picker to the daily call list, so that user can select the date and get one week calls list from that particular date.

Release 10.2.3 - Feb 6, 2014

  1. Enhancement: Contact Manager: Custom Fields: Created three new custom field types, multi-select list, parent child list and calculated field
  2. Enhancement: Contact Manager: Rules: On-Screen Rules for dynamic validation on detail and edit screens
  3. Enhancement: Contact Manager: Related Data: Added count of related data on the related tabs
  4. Enhancement: Contact Manager: Daily Call List: The daily call list now shows multiple day call list by date. This makes it easier to see all past and future unattended calls
  5. Enhancement: Contact Manager: Campaigns: We now provide a number of email templates. You can also create and save your own templates
  6. Enhancement: Added an ability to upload image of 20 MB size on all the places (Campaign, Announcement, PhotoAlbum etc.,)
  7. Enhancement: Invoice: Bigger invoice preview is created
  8. Enhancement: invoice: Quotes and Estimate types are implemented in addition to Invoices
  9. Enhancement: Issue Tracker: Ticketing System: Developed feature so that you can configure the issue tracker for tracking tickets
  10. Enhancement: Issue Tracker: Created by user can now be changed from the issue edit screen
  11. Bug Fix : Announcements: RS0317 - New Announcement -- error message is incorrect
  12. Bug Fix: Calendar: BS0071 - When user preference is changed,calendar is not updating...
  13. Bug Fix: Contact Manager: Daily Call List: IK0259 - Navigation to second page is giving error
  14. Bug Fix: Contact Manager: Campaigns: IK0097 - Campaign - Sender name is not coming as full name
  15. Bug Fix: Contact Manager: IK0125 - View Contact - Parent Account Details - The Pop up in IE is not proper
  16. Bug Fix: Contact Manager: IK0236 - Child Issues-Issues and titles are not aligned properly
  17. Bug Fix: Contact Manager: IK0229 - Opportunities-Tools-Convert To project - Save and Cancel button is not working
  18. Bug Fix: Contact Manager: IK0237 - Child Relation-New Relationship - Yellow error is coming )
  19. Bug Fix: Contact Manager: Two-way google sync does not copy notes correctly
  20. Bug Fix: Contact Manager: Competitors: When clicking on competitors which is in opportunity >> Competitor tab >>sample competitor which is created from demo data, it shows yellow error.
  21. Bug Fix : Contact Manager: When clicking on invoices in CRM module, it shows yellow error.
  22. Bug Fix: Contact Manager: Photo Album space is now counted as used disk space
  23. Bug Fix: Contact Manager: Opportunities: IK0314 - Print-Print page is not displayed properly
  24. Bug Fix: Contact Manager: Campaigns: Stopped drag and drop and copy and paste the images from out side source
  25. Bug Fix: Contact Manager: Campaign: IK0307 - Design Campaign - Mode is changing after saving.
  26. Bug Fix : Contact Manager: Opportunity: SD0345 - Cannot convert from Opportunity to project.
  27. Bug Fix: Contact Manager: Opportunities: IK0313 - Alphabetical Search - Search is not working
  28. Bug Fix: Email: BS0249 - Email:CC and BCC are shown when email page is coming from reply, reply all or forward
  29. Bug Fix: Expenses: IK0243 - No error is showing while saving without any values
  30. Bug Fix: Expenses: IK0243 - No error is showing while saving without any values
  31. Bug Fix: Expenses: IK0344 - Admin-Allow User to Approve Expenses - Is set to No - User is able to approve.
  32. Bug Fix: Expenses: IK0231 - Admin - Currency Type - Configure Fields -Enter function is not working
  33. Bug Fix: Extranet: SD0214 - Attachments are not showing up in some extranet issues
  34. Bug Fix: Extranet: SD0365 - No way to send emails when modifying the share
  35. Bug Fix: General: SD0215: Login page no longer remembering the email address
  36. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Mobile Version: Not able to open a project
  37. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: IK0260 - Issue List - Shows empty screen after selecting from Archived list
  38. Bug Fix: Mobile: BS0008 - Cannot create new timesheet and expenses after creating a new organization.
  39. Bug Fix: Mobile: BS0334 - Contact >> Edit contact >> unable to add department
  40. Bug Fix: Mobile: BS0338 - Expenses>> saved Expenses>> adding new Expense is giving yellow error
  41. Bug Fix: Mobile: BS0337 - Timesheet >> saved timesheet >> adding new time is giving yellow error
  42. Bug Fix: Mobile: BS0337 - Timesheet >> saved timesheet >> adding new time is giving yellow error
  43. Bug Fix: Mobile: BS0333 - Calendar >> New event >> date picker icon is not set properly
  44. Bug Fix: Mobile: BS0335 - Contact >> Cannot add new contact
  45. Bug Fix: Mobile: BS0334 - Contact >> Edit contact >> unable to add department
  46. Bug Fix: Settings: Holidays: BS0264 - settings >> Entire site >> holidays >> holidays are deleted after adding a new holiday to country other than U.S
  47. Bug Fix: Settings: IK0179 - Organization Settings-Roles-There is no Icon in Create Button
  48. Bug Fix : Settings: IK0180 - Organization Settings - Manage Roles - Names begins with a " ,"
  49. Bug Fix: Settings: BS0319 - Organization settings >> Extranet administration >> cancel button is returning to old organization settings page
  50. Bug Fix: Settings: BS0320 - When the department item is not active , it is showing in the department dropdown
  51. Bug Fix: Settings: BS0321 - Entire site >> site labels >> save button is not working
  52. Bug Fix: Settings: BS0322 - Quick Links >> My profile >> Change password >> cancel button gives 404 error
  53. Bug Fix: Settings: BS0323 - Quick Links >> Entire site >> Email template >> cancel button goes to different page(Entire site page)
  54. Bug Fix: Tasks: IK0234 - Actual duration of the task is calculated incorrectly
  55. Bug Fix: Time Off: SD0324 - Timeoff not correctly showing in the calendar.
  56. Bug Fix: Time Off: NR0336 - New TimeOff >> create a hourly timeoff for past date, then go to calendar yellow screen error is showing
  57. Bug Fix: Timesheet: IK0328 - New Timesheet-From 7th line no more value is adding
  58. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Reports: IK0241 - Reports-Shared report can be accessible even its deactivated
  59. Bug Fix: Timesheet: IK0227 - Search is not showing all timesheets
  60. Bug Fix: Timesheet: IK0244 - Reports-Timesheet Details-Select Filters-There is an empty field checked
  61. Bug Fix: Timesheet: IK0242 - Reports-Shared Reports-Removed Link is giving yellow error
  62. Bug Fix: Timesheet: IK0247 - Services-Page refreshing is not proper
  63. Bug Fix: Timesheet: IK0220 - Welcome Wizard - Projects - The field boxes are missing
  64. Bug Fix: Timesheet: IK0226 - Additional row design changes - Now adds 5 more rows at a time
  65. Bug Fix: Timesheet: IK0277 - Approved Timesheet-Yellow error is coming
  66. Bug Fix: Timesheet: RS0290 - Showing Incorrect path in timesheet
  67. Bug Fix: Timesheet: IK0299- New Timesheet and Saved Timesheets are giving yellow error
  68. Bug Fix: Timesheet: IK0284 - Import Track Time-Service Item is not displayed in Timesheet
  69. Bug Fix: Timesheet: IK0306 - Search-Individual Timesheet-2nd page display is improper.
  70. Bug Fix: Timesheet: IK0346 - Admin-Service item - No New Item is saving in some cases
  71. Bug Fix: Users: IK0292 - Import/Export-Department Field is not mapping.
  72. Bug Fix: Users: IK0289: Import-Cancel Button is not working
  73. Bug Fix: Users: IK0298 - Registered Users-Delete a user and screen shows Extranet users.

Release 10.1.38 - Nov 23, 2013

  1. Bug Fix: When accesing OfficeClip from IE11 it gives the error message: "Browser cookie needs to be enabled".
  2. Bug Fix: When creating a share, it is sending an email even if the user has opted not to send emails.

Release 10.1.37 - Nov 05, 2013

  1. Enhancement: It is now possible to make copies of Reports
  2. Enhancement: In timesheet comments box (and in CRM) when typing any characters, the remaining characters are now shown
  3. Bug Fix: When we open the daily call list page yellow screen error is coming(Divide by zero encountered error)
  4. Bug Fix: From homepage, if we click on the edit note, yellow screen is coming
  5. Bug Fix : Issue Id IK0191 of 10.x Release (Title : New Extranet user creation is sending Organization New User email instead of extranet email)
  6. Bug Fix: Issue Id NR0197 of 10.x Release Announcement is not getting saved for Free users)
  7. Bug Fix : Issue Id NR0192 of 10.x Release (Extranet - Login credentials are not working when sent via email)
  8. Bug Fix : Issue Id NR0198 of 10.x Release (Some wrong Subscription notifications are going from
  9. Bug Fix : Issue Id NR0164 of 10.x Release ( Select a user (Who is in current org only) in timesheet proxy >> and change organization which is also proxy elabled >> then Yellow Screen is coming)
  10. Bug Fix : Issue Id NR0102 of 10.x Release (TimeOff emails are not going from dot com)
  11. Bug Fix : Issue Id NR0174 of 10.x Release (Account >> Admin >> Rules >> Access Rules >> after creating rule if we run the rule, it is not updating the existing accounts)

Release 10.1.28 - July 30, 2013

  1. Bug Fix: Fixed issues with the notes expand and collapse feature
  2. Bug Fix: incorrect report created for organizational employees
  3. Bug Fix: Campaign Design: In the Image editor, the images are not showing properly
  4. Bug Fix: Contact Manager: Call List: Actions once selected were not getting selected again
  5. Bug Fix: Opportunities: View Screen: Documents - Upload - Busy icon remains fixed

Release 10.1.23 - June 26, 2013

  1. Enhancement: Added ability to add tags in bulk for a list of contacts
  2. Enhancement: All notes now has expand / collapse feature
  3. Enhancement: Standard Edition of OfficeClip is now free of cost for unlimited time for 10 users (both installed and hosted version)

Release 10.1.19 - June 07, 2013

  1. Fix: In IE Browser, Go go TE >> Projects List screen click on second page the busy box is not going away.
  2. Enhancement: TE >> Project >> New/Edit Project, now user can type new account name and when the project is saved the newly typed account is automatically created.
  3. Enhancement: Implemented a feedback tracking system using uservoice (see here).
  4. Enhancement: Settings screen look and feel is changed. Instead of popup it is now a separate screen
  5. Fix: ACH processing for bluepay bug
  6. Fix: Timesheet accrual details are showing incorrectly
  7. Fix: User import and export now shows all fields
  8. See more details in our newsletter

Release 10.1.18 - June 01, 2013

  1. Enhancement: Modified the google sync algorithm to reduce the data restriction error.
  2. Enhancement: Added new support menu using a ticket tracking system using OfficeClip Issue Tracker. See how to implement it in your OfficeClip click here.
  3. Enhancement: Implemented a feedback tracking system using uservoice (see here).
  4. Enhancement: Settings screen look and feel is changed. Instead of popup it is now a separate screen
  5. Fix: ACH processing for bluepay bug
  6. Fix: Timesheet accrual details are showing incorrectly
  7. Fix: User import and export now shows all fields
  8. See more details in our newsletter

Release 10.1.12 - Apr 5, 2013

  1. Enhancement : Mobile Application look and feel changed for all types of mobile devices
  2. Enhancement : Desktop - Tasks - Added the filtering to the Task list grid
  3. Bug Fix : Users not able to get some documents

Release 10.1.8 - Feb 15, 2013

  1. Issue Tracker- Rules are not firing while capture issues through email
  2. Fixed the pricing issue with hosted and installed versions
  3. Currently allowing the Standard version user's eventhough their license period is over.
  4. Desktop - Email - Compose mail and also in Options - Signature ... the photo manager not implemented
  5. Bug Fix : HRM - Timesheet - Reports - View Timesheet Detail Report - Edit Filter inside report and Apply showing 500 Error
  6. Bug Fix : NR0951 CRM - Accounts - Reports - Edit Reports - Select Fields - User Defined Fileds are not showing
  7. Bug Fix : NR0952 Setup >> Site information - Site License - Renew - after payment successful, if we refresh the page the subscription is extending again and also sending mail
  8. Bug Fix : OfficeClip System is not sending the Timesheet Submission notifications in new release
  9. Bug Fix : NR0954 Release CRM - Campaign Tools Email History always showing Failed even though it sent successfully

Release 10.1.7 - Feb 15, 2013

  1. Bug fixes from the previous major release

Release 10.1.4 - Feb 10, 2013

  1. Enhancement: (Account Manager) Added ability to select existing contacts
  2. Enhancement: (Account Manager) Show more than 5 contacts at a time in related data
  3. Fix: (Account Manager) Account name is not shown after creating it using the welcome screen
  4. Fix: (Account Manager) in Account List screen if we are show any date or datetime, it is showing in "dd/mm/yyyy" format instead of the format selected in Set up > Site Information > Regional Settings
  5. Fix: (Calendar) Customer is in new zealand timezone and when he checks the calendar the date is showing one day back
  6. Fix: (Calendar) customer trying to edit a recurring event then index out of bounds exception error page is showing
  7. Fix: (Calendar) new event attachments are not saving
  8. Fix: (Calendar) Error in event type field after adding attendees and closing attendees in new events
  9. Enhancement: (Campaigns) Changed campaign designer screen look and feel
  10. Enhancement: (Campaigns) added more fonts in the campaign > design > editor
  11. Fix: (Campaign) Campaign > Design Campaign > Image Manager > Upload > select photo and click on upload > and if the path does not exist then error message is coming
  12. Fix: (Campaign) Create any campaign and in designer add some attachments and again create a new campaign and go to designer, the attachments of previous campaign are showing in this campaign
  13. Fix: (Campaigns) Design mode: Showing blank screen after editing a new attachment
  14. Fix: (Campaigns) Design mode: Data is not saving if new email account is clicked and created
  15. Enhancement: (Contact Manager) Implemented Drip Marketing for Contacts and Accounts
  16. Enhancement: (Contact Manager) Added QR Code to each contact view screen under tools button
  17. Fix: (Contact Manager) CRM > Contacts > View Contact...Right hand side picture, tags, previous next controls are not showing in all tabs (related data)
  18. Fix: (Contact Manager) Contacts > View Contact > All Tabs > Edit Documents tab is showing a 500 error screen
  19. Fix: (Contact Manager) Search issue is not working proerly
  20. Fix: (Contact Manager) View Contact > Tag > Add, if we select one tag in first page and go to second page and again come back to page 1, it is not saving the checked status and all the checkboxes
  21. Fix: (Contact Manager) Unable to convert contact to account
  22. Fix: (Contact Manager) Social network url not copying correctly
  23. Fix: (Contact Manager) Call list does not show the correct company
  24. Fix: (Contact Manager) If documents application is not available in a particular organization or that site applications then in CRM > View CRM > it is not showing that tab even it is added in the Admin > Related Info
  25. Fix: (Contact Manager) When user adds a picture then it is not updating
  26. Fix: (Contact Manager) ShowBulk Option: No Contact is deleting when "Delete All" option is selected
  27. Fix: (Contact Manager) Wrong alert coming for google sync in Standard edition
  28. Fix: (Contact Manager) Edit contact-new-top right side drop down: An empty screen is shown after canceling at relationship screen
  29. Fix: (Emails) when we are deleting from deleted folder yellow page error appears
  30. Fix: (Emails) Options > General Email Options, organize and reply settings cancel button not responding
  31. Fix: (Emails) After deleting a folder, yellow page appears at email list
  32. Fix: (Emails) Compose new email: Attachments are not sent along with the emails
  33. Fix: (Emails) Filters are not working
  34. Fix: (Expenses) Expense list cancel button not working
  35. Fix: (Expenses) Import/Export: Individual Expense is not displayed properly after exporting
  36. Fix: (Expenses) With different currency amount the bulk export shows all in one screen
  37. Enhancement: (Extranet) Sharing of documents, reports and web forms is made simpler
  38. Enhancement: (Extranet) Public notification - Screen Changes...
  39. Enhancement: (Extranet) Extranet users can now be managed using the Manage Users interface
  40. Enhancement: (Extranet) Added another template mail to send the note notification to the extranet user along with the tracking ticket when a new note is added by OfficeClip user
  41. Enhancement: (Extranet) Removed shared reports tab and added "Shared Reports" button in all the RDL reports page to simplify checking the shared reports
  42. Fix: (Extranet) Unnecessary data is presented when the issue is entered through extranet
  43. Fix: (Extranet) When extranet user clicks on a event which is shared, it is giving 500 error
  44. Fix: (Extranet) Upon creating a public share, extranet users are not getting emails
  45. Fix: (Extranet) After enabling the extranet feature, in show permission pop up shows blank
  46. Fix: (Extranet) Cannot login to the extranet home page
  47. Enhancement: (Forums) Forums > New /Edit forum > increased character space in description of forum post
  48. Enhancement: (General) Free edition is now converted to Standard edition. Standard edition provides free unlimited installed version
  49. Enhancement: (General) Modified signout screen look and feel like google
  50. Fix: (General) Evaluation date does not change after converting to professional edition
  51. Fix: (General) Fixed some delete confirmation screens
  52. Fix: (General) New and Import buttons are not showing to the users who does not have permissions to create new contact
  53. Fix: (General) Renewal of license is resetting the document space
  54. Fix: (General) in default.aspx ... the rectangular box is showing twice in internet explorer 8 standard mode
  55. Fix: (General) If more than one admin exists in an organization then for last admin the delete buttons are not showing in the manage users screen
  56. Enhancement: (Home Page) Allow site administrators to hide home page application
  57. Enhancement: (Home Page) when no data exist in any portlet, it shows a sample data image
  58. Enhancement: (Invoices) Invoice > Admin, when saving anything in profile note it is now shown in the new invoice as invoice note
  59. Enhancement: (Invoices) Creation of Invoices through Timesheet and Expense sheet entries
  60. Enhancement: (Invoices) Modified code to accept all currencies while creating a new invoice -> and stopping the payment if that currency is not supported by any payment gateway
  61. Enhancement: (Invoices) Notes added by buyer and seller shows the recent ones at the top
  62. Fix: (Invoices) Invoice notes are now showing on the invoices
  63. Fix: (Invoices) Invoice > Admin > Items > Adding a new item with unit cost with some decimal number is now saving with the digits after decimal point
  64. Fix: (Invoices) Yellow error is coming when clicked on Pay button in extranet user
  65. Fix: (Invoices) If the buyer adds any note it is now sending an email to the seller in invoice module
  66. Enhancement: (Issue Tracker) Capture Issue through email now gets the tracking ticket automatically
  67. Enhancement: (Issue Tracker) Made the textbox of the description, resolution and comments editable with rich text format
  68. Enhancement: (Issue Tracker) View issue screen is completely redesigned
  69. Fix: (Issue Tracker) Error on removing filters
  70. Fix: (Issue Tracker) Cannot view existing attachment
  71. Fix: (Issue Tracker) Web Forms - Not receiving the tracking ticket
  72. Fix: (Issue Tracker) Web Form: Screen position not correct after submitting the form
  73. Fix: (Issue Tracker) Admin > Rules > Rules are not working correctly
  74. Fix: (Issue Tracker) Web forms: The issue is not submitted for the second time and displays a yellow page
  75. Fix: (Issue Tracker) New Binder getting an error page after selecting title checkbox and saving it
  76. Fix: (issue Tracker) Issue Tracker: Cannot view some existing attachment
  77. Enhancement: (Mobile) Calendar-Day View : The date color is now dim in shades
  78. Enhancement: (Mobile) Added QR Code to mobile screen
  79. Fix: (Mobile) when we are trying to delete a issue yellow page error appears
  80. Fix: (Mobile) New Campaign button is not available
  81. Fix: (Mobile) New Contact > Birthday field: Not accepting year range from 2000 and enter/edit time option is not available
  82. Fix: (Mobile) New Opportunity is not creating
  83. Fix: (Mobile) Cancel button takes user to the login screen
  84. Fix: (Opportunities) Deleting a new opportunity shows yellow page error
  85. Enhancement: (Photo Album) Redesigned the photo album application
  86. Enhancement: (Projects) Allocate users and project location changed
  87. Enhancement: (Projects) Redesigned project list screen
  88. Fix: (Projects) Project manager selection is mandatory, but it is saving without that field
  89. Fix: (Projects) View/edit account takes to project list screen
  90. Fix: (Projects) when clicked on imports/exports it disappears in the menubar
  91. Enhancement: (Reports) Added monthly, quarterly and yearly scheduling of reports
  92. Fix: (Reports) Reports that are having department filter those are not showing data correctly
  93. Fix: (Reports) Employee Profitability by Project report not working
  94. Fix: (Reports) Project rates report not working
  95. Fix: (Reports) when sharing a contact report it is not shown in show shared reports
  96. Fix: (Reports) DCAA History report is not populating correctly
  97. Fix: (Reports) Timesheet > Reports > Project Reports, clicking on the edit button shows popup error screen
  98. Fix: (Settings) Manage site information > manage site document space yellow page error is coming
  99. Fix: (Settings) Settings > Site Information > Site Holidays > there is no way to add holidays after 2012... even manually
  100. Fix: (Settings) Setup > Manage Organization Roles > Manage Role Privileges tag association is not working
  101. Fix: (Settings) Manage roles and privileges > documents, share document option has errors
  102. Fix: (Settings) Manage site information > update login id's, changed id's are not updated
  103. Enhancement: (Tasks) Task user profile saves the "Last Selected Task Filter", "owned by me" and "Assigned to Me" values and populates next time
  104. Fix: (Tasks) New Task: Some fields has no fixed texts available
  105. Fix: (Tasks) In Tasklist (owned by me) filter is not working properly
  106. Fix: (Timeoff) Accruals: Total amount of hours for an accrual is showing wrong
  107. Fix: (Timeoff) Hours/days limit are not decreasing
  108. Enhancement: (Timesheet) Edit timesheet screen now shows the DCAA history of that particular timesheet (if DCAA is enabled)
  109. Enhancement: (Timesheet) From email address of the timesheet notification is now taken from the site settings screen
  110. Enhancement: (Timesheet) Payroll Full Name and Payroll Code added in timesheet detail report and timesheet summary report. Also added new filter for Payroll item
  111. Fix: (Timesheet) Change the payroll combobox width to 80px in the new/edit timesheet screen
  112. Fix: (Timesheet) Archiving projects is messing up the past timesheets
  113. Fix: (Timesheet) new timesheet getting call back error when selecting account and service item
  114. Fix: (Timesheet) if timesheet rows are more than 15 or 20, then error page is showing while saving or submitting the timesheet
  115. Fix: (Timesheet) Welcome wizard > Adding a new Project is giving yellow screen error
  116. Fix: (Timesheet) Import time track creating incorrect timesheet
  117. Fix: (Timesheet) Admin > Service Items: No action is shown after saving the service items
  118. Enhancement: (User Manager) Added department management
  119. Fix: (User Manager) userlist filters are not working
  120. Fix: (User Manager) Newly created department is not displayed in the list
  121. Fix: (User Manager) No buttons are working after importing users

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