Select the Right Edition

  • Size of your Organization
  • Need for support and Training
  • Need for advanced Features
  • Need for a Complete Suite of applications
  • Choice of Installing it locally or using it Online

OfficeClip Web Bug Tracker Editions

  • Standard Edition - Free Standard Edition features our Premium Suite with all applications, and it is free for unlimited users for an unlimited amount of time.
  • Enterprise Edition - Enterprise Edition provides you the option of choosing only the Web Bug Tracker and Issue Tracker Suite or the Premium Suite, based on your needs.
  • Unlimited Edition - The Unlimited Edition is for organizations with over 100 users. The main features include OfficeClip Premium Suite, Unlimited users, and availability of source code.

You can compare these Issue Tracking Software Editions to see which version you should choose for your organization by clicking the link below:

    Web Bug Tracking Software - Comparison table


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