Current Release Notes

Release 9.3.10 - Jul 20, 2012

  1. Enhancement: CRM activities are now grouped as Completed and Pending and additional icons are provided to complete or edit a task or event
  2. Enhancement: Modified clone features in the CRM module to copy all fields in implemented
  3. Fix: Users were not getting reminders before subscription expires
  4. Fix: Additional timesheet submission emails were going to the users
  5. Fix: Cannot update the status of the invoice to Paid In Full
  6. Fix: In IE9, new timesheet screen was giving error when somebody types any character in Account/Project or Task dropdown
  7. Fix: Opportunities inline edit was not working for certain fields
  8. Fix: Account > Activities, start date and end date was not shown properly
  9. Fix: In New Task module, if a rurring task is added without a due date then error was coming
  10. Fix: Clicking Save or Cancel in Issue Tracker admin screens were giving digital signature error
  11. Fix: In Mobile > Accounts, created user and date was not showing

Release 9.3.8 - Jun 15, 2012

  1. Minor fixes that were caused by the new release

Release 9.3.5 - Jun 1, 2012

  1. Enhancement: (Timesheet) Added Welcome wizard to quick setup.
  2. Enhancement: (Timesheet) New /Edit Timesheet >> Allowing search for Customer, Project and Service Items. Same thing implemented for Expenses.
  3. Enhancement: (Timesheet) Added Welcome Screens for Timesheet.
  4. Fix: (Timesheet) select Timesheet screen --> start date should not be today's date, it should be one week before.
  5. Fix: (Timesheet) Reports --> Archive --> If the Approved timesheet is deleted then an error message is displayed but here it is not clearly mentioned why it is not able to deleted.
  6. Fix: (Timesheet) If Search is clicked and select any of the Timesheets then the menu tab changes to Auto Approve.
  7. Fix: (Timesheet) Search-->Timesheet Submission Status --> Select any of the users Submitted timesheet and click on email, a confirmation email will be appeared, here if you click Return it shows Timesheet Reports and the menu tab shows Import/Export.
  8. Fix: (Timesheet) Wecome screen>click on the share reports via the extranet --->Controls go to the following help page. Note: Observe this happens when clicked on Setup Accruals its going to Help Section. Send it to the Timesheet > Shared Item screen.
  9. Fix: (Timesheet) Admin--> Service Items Account project text boxes are too small to see everything.
  10. Fix: (Timesheet) Welcome Screen -> Click on Get paid Online-->It refreshes the screen and comes back to same screen
  11. Fix: (Timesheet) Reports --> Click on Schedule report from the list and update the schedule and when click on Schedule Reports Button in reports screen then it can be observed that there are no reports.
  12. Fix: (Timesheet) Admin-->Users-->Error message should come in red.
  13. Fix: (Timesheet) Admin - Service Items - In accounts/project the drop down selection process is not goo
  14. Fix: (Timesheet) New user-->When sumbmitted timesheet,it shows the message for time of request for that time period and which is not approved.
  15. Fix: (Timesheet) Overtime payroll item rate multiplier does not work.
  16. Enhancement: (Contact Manager) Added Welcome Screens for Contact Manager.
  17. Enhancement: (Contact Manager) Implemented Google Sync for Contacts, Events, Tasks and Notes
  18. Enhancement: (Contact Manager) Implemented Daily call list to show Last 7 Days and Next 7 Days Calls and implemented print in call list.
  19. Enhancement: (Contact Manager) Implemented Printing contact, Standard informantion along with the related info (like notes, events etc.,).
  20. Enhancement: (Contact Manager) Contact >> View Contact Modified Tags look and feel.
  21. Enhancement: (Contact Manager) Contact >> View Contact Quick create releate info (ex. Notes, Tasks etc.,).
  22. Enhancement: (Contact Manager) Contact >> View Contact Printing Address through Dymo Label Printer.
  23. Enhancement: (Contact Manager) Contact >> View Contact >> Tools >> Now showing Address in google map.
  24. Enhancement: (Contact Manager) Added photo for contacts.
  25. Enhancement: (Contact Manager) Added Social Network links for contacts.
  26. Enhancement: (Contact Manager) Added Inline Edit for Contact Manager in View Mode.
  27. Enhancement: (Contact Manager) Show contact work phone and company name by default in contact list report for Free users.
  28. Enhancement: (Contact Manager) Contact >> Admin >> Fixed Field and user defined field are now organized by section and also sorted by name.
  29. Enhancement: (Contact Manager) Contacts >> Admin >>Sorted all the fields in Admin in ascending order.
  30. Fix: (Contact Manager) Contact-->Admin-->Fixed fields-->Configure setting-->Save and cancel button should be placed at the Top instead of bottom.
  31. Fix: (Contact Manager) Contacts-->Related info-->Issue tracker-->New binder link not working after error message comes for the no binder.
  32. Fix: (Contact Manager) Conversion is failing for boolean udf fields when exporting in CRM
  33. Fix: (Contact Manager) Contacts-->Modify the contact and Press enter,deletion window is coming and it delete the contact when click on ok.
  34. Fix: (Contact Manager) Contacts >> Admin >> Fixed Fields >> if we delete any currency which is used in any contact yellow page error is coming
  35. Fix: (Contact Manager) Call List > Add note is giving error
  36. Fix: (Contact Manager) Contacts-->Edit contact-->Click new-->select task-->Cancel button not working in IE9
  37. Fix: (Contact Manager) Contact Manager - Datetime user defined fields - Not working correctly.
  38. Fix: (Contact Manager) Contacts-->When sorting is done by number, then sorted result not coming preoperly.
  39. Fix: (Contact Manager) Contacts-->View contact-->Compose email-->Sent email-->then we should see that email in the contact view contact-->compose email list.
  40. Fix: (Contact Manager) Contact Manager >> Admin >> Position fields are not working correctly some time.
  41. Fix: (Contact Manager) Contact - Admin- Related Info - If selected entity is saved then page refreshes and displays to contact list screen.
  42. Fix: (Contact Manager) Contact-->Admin-->Custom field-->Put some "," characters in the Field name and save-->Error message is coming ,that should be in red.
  43. Fix: (Campaigns) Search - Search with modified date does not show any result then cancel button is not working.
  44. Enhancement: (Invoices) Admin-->profile-->There should be remove button for the company logo.
  45. Enhancement: (Invoices) Removed invoice --> Admin --> prefix
  46. Fix: (Invoices) Left Justification on invoice screen is needed.
  47. Fix: (Invoices) Recurring > Occurence is not accepting 0 even though 0 is supposed to be infinite as mentioned in the help.
  48. Fix: (Invoices) Admin: Tax: If percentage is not entered and save it by default its taking 0 as value.
  49. Fix: (Invoices) Admin >> profile >> External invoice key is removed.
  50. Fix: (Invoices) Admin >> profile >> Tooltip is showing very big.
  51. Fix: (Invoices) Modified Invoice Template to print the invoice in a single page.
  52. Fix: (Invoices) Invoice: For every New Invoice --> New Item We can not write anything in description.
  53. Enhancement: (Time Off) Modified TimeOff accruals look and feel.
  54. Fix: (Time Off) List --> My Time Offs should show only mapped policies to that user.
  55. Fix: (Time Off)There is no way to delete timeoff (those which are pending, rejected and cancelled).
  56. Fix: (Time Off) New Request not setting time correctly...
  57. Fix: (Expense Report) Click on Auto Approve Menu Tab and observe that screen is empty. To go back need to click on left menu.
  58. Fix: (Email) Options-->email signature-->By default,it opens in html-->can not type on it,At the bottom,preview ,design buttons are not there.Most of the html tools are not clicking.
  59. Fix: (Email) Block sender -->When clicked on finished button-->it should go to the options page.But it is not going.
  60. Fix: (Email) Options-->Select the mailing list and click on the delete button-->It is not working.
  61. Fix: (Email) Options-->Mailing List-->Create one mailing list and then click on the new mailing list. Not working!
  62. Fix: (Email) Options-->Mailing List-->cancel button is not working
  63. Fix: (Email) compose Email-->Use toggle snippet-->while writing the message if press space bar,it go to the html design.
  64. Fix: (Email) Options-->Block sender-->Type characters any word but not the proper email address-->Save-->No error message is coming.
  65. Fix: (Issue Tracker) Click on binder-->Click on printer icon-->Cancel button icon is not proper.
  66. Fix: (Issue Tracker) Issues >> Goto any binder >> "New Filter" Button is not looking good.
  67. Fix: (Mobile) Link not showing correctly when OfficeClip is running in different port.
  68. Fix: (Mobile) search is not searching in all fields in CRM.
  69. Enhancement: (Calendar) Desktop >> Calendar List GUI Modification to show 15 min interval in Day and Week View.
  70. Enhancement: (Calendar) Implemented Agenda in calendar.
  71. Fix: (Calendar) Import/export--Export csv-->Select date range-->It will go to mapping fields screen-->On that screen cancel button is not working.
  72. Fix: (Reports) Gui changes of scheduling report and removed start date from scheduling report.
  73. Fix: (Reports) Configure Field: If order of a field is changed then the change does not show in report.
  74. Fix: (Reports)Scheduled report-->Scheduled report timing is changing .Make it to all run at 12 am.
  75. Fix: (Reports) Custom Report: If .rdlc report is imported to Custom reports then error is coming
  76. Fix: (Projects) Admin-->Allocate project-->When allocates the projects to the user-->then status message is not coming.
  77. Fix: (Projects) Admin --> Allocate User --> select an account --> Remove this account/ project for any user --> it is not removing
  78. Enhancement: (General) Removed help for some applications that are not needed
  79. Enhancement: (General) Removed Quick Setup Guide for all applications (Also from top menu).
  80. Fix: (General) Removed all unnecessary tooltips.
  81. Fix: (General) Potentially dangerous error is coming when we put < > symbols in string
  82. Fix: (General) Shared Items: New Share: After completing the process of sharing a particular share. it does not take back to the shared item screen.
  83. Fix: (General) When we login as non admin and that non admin doesnt have permissions to edit contact or account or opportunity or campaign or competitor, but still can see modify button.
  84. Fix: (Homepage) Business centre links are not working.
  85. Enhancement: (Campaigns) Adjust Design button in campaign view screen.
  86. Enhancement: (Campaigns) Tags Suggestion-->Arrangement of the tag group should be alphabetic order and tag group name should be bold.
  87. Fix: (Campaigns) New campaign-->Created additional date field and can see on the campaign list-->then if description is more ,then it need to adjust description column,so that added field can adjust well.
  88. Fix: (Campaigns) Related Info Of CRM-->Campaigns, Notes, Issues --> delete button not working.
  89. Fix: (Campaigns) Campaign--List - Spelling mistakes in dates for IE 9
  90. Enhancement: (Users) Import/export-->Import-->CSV file-->Do not browse the file-->click on import-->No warning message is coming
  91. Fix: (Users) Notice--> Click spell check-->when spell check says complete spell check,then busy image stays active.Even if spell check pop us window goes,busy image stays active in officeclip. Dutta suggested to remove spell check here.
  92. Fix: (Users) Search-->Search the result-->when result comes ,click on the cancel button-->It is not working.
  93. Fix: (Extranet) Admin-->Click on edit button-->popup window is coming.
  94. Fix: (Competitor) help-->Not showing up
  95. Fix: (Competitor) View Competitors- Cancel is taking to Import/Export screen when clicked from Excel Icon.
  96. Enhancement: (Tasks) Allowed task to have write and delete permission even if it is created by someone else. Added a delete popup when the delete button is clicked
  97. Fix: (Tasks) Task-->New task-->Regarding field-->Select any module from drop down list-->Click on quick help--->In the screen,only error is written.
  98. Fix: (Tasks) Error when setting reminder for task that is created by someone else. Error: The time zone ID '' was not found on the local computer.
  99. Fix: (Account Manager) Edit account --> Annual revenue -> Editing box is displayed after editing.
  100. Fix: (Account Manager) Edit account-->Child opportuinity-->Click on new opportunity-->Save and cancel button shifted to centre.
  101. Fix: (Account Manager) Related info-->Though putting up email address and send-->error message is coming.
  102. Fix: (Home Page) when first time click on home page it is giving yellow screen (Saying Access to the file is denied).
  103. Fix: (Home Page) Help in Home page is not taking to the correct page.
  104. Fix: (Opportunity) View opportunity-->Under tools-->Competitor-->new compititor-->Spell check-->Busy image stays active.
  105. Fix: (Opportunity) Do not put the title, and click on the save-->At the bottom,parent account's select and clear button vanishes.
  106. Fix: (Announcements) New announcement-->Save button look and feel is not proper.

Release 9.1.17 - Sep 27, 2011

  1. Enhancement: Added Attachments in campaign design screen
  2. Fix: Contact >> View Contact after creating new contact... Convert button is not showing
  3. Fix: OfficeClip Login Page(Default.aspx) if Unchecked, the "Save my Login ID on this machine" it preserves the state for the next time.
  4. Fix: In contact manager reports, parent Account name is showing as integer
  5. Fix: Time off-->Reports-->Normal user-->edit the report -->select the filter-->select the timerange and apply-->object reference error is coming

Release 9.1.16 - Sep 1, 2011

  1. Bug: Cannot export accounts if any boolean field exists

Release 9.1.11 - Jun 26, 2011

  1. Enhancement: New Application, Time Off, can be used to manage Paid Time Off for employees
  2. Enhancement: Users can now select how many contacts they want to see in a page
  3. Enhancement: Invoice currency now works for countries other than US
  4. Enhancement: Login Screen messages modified so that site administrators can show multiple message types on the login screen
  5. Enhancement: OfficeClip is now separated as Enterprise Edition and Professional Edition. Free Edition still remains.
  6. Enhancement: Codebase changed to Microsoft.Net 4.0 framework
  7. Bug: Mobile Version, when trying to create an empty note, an error is shown
  8. Bug: In the latest FireFox browser some buttons shows up overlapping

Release 8.2.5 - Dec 4, 2010

  1. Enhancements: Invoice application now supports ACH processing, CVV2 verification and many other features.
  2. Invoice application supports google checkout
  3. Enhancements: Accounts can now see invoices as related data
  4. Enhancements: Campaigns can now be created using the MS Word(R) and sent using OfficeClip using the mht format
  5. Enhancements: Tags are now moved to a different area in contact detail to make is easy to view and change
  6. Enhancements: Contacts fields can now be hidden or moved across any section
  7. Bug Fix: Status search is not working on invoices
  8. Bug Fix: OfficeClip Mobile - Creating private notes is not saving in OfficeClip
  9. Bug Fix: Report scheduling is not sending the reports daily at the correct time
  10. Bug Fix: Opportunities - Search feature not working on certain fields
  11. Bug Fix: Calendar extranet link not seen in all cases
  12. Bug Fix: Portlet search button is now working correctly

Release 8.2.4 - Aug 16, 2010

  1. New Application: Invoices - Allows you to create invoices from within OfficeClip and your customers to pay for the invoices via extranet (Beta)
  2. Bug Fix: Incorrect Mobile Link going to some users
  3. Enhancement: Added a new build number to the OfficeClip Version Number

Release 8.2.3 - Mar 22, 2010

  1. Enhancement: Login screen look and feel modified.
  2. Enhancement: Added Tags and Tag Groups to the Contact Manager. Accounts, Opportunities etc.
  3. Enhancement: Added more colors as labels to specify various events in the calendar
  4. Enhancement: Contact Search and Filter now works together to implement search within filtered contacts
  5. Enhancement: Blackberry and Droid phones are now supported in OfficeClip Mobile
  6. Enhancement: Added an ability to restrict user from creating duplicate timesheets for the same period
  7. Enhancement: The login screen header and footer the site header can now be edited using the html editor
  8. Enhancement: Allowed Auto Approve in timesheet and expense to be controlled via Role Privileges
  9. Enhancement: Implemented duplicate management in Contact Manager
  10. Bug Fix: Fixed Error while importing Tracktime to timesheets with the options that are already in the timesheet.
  11. Bug Fix: Fixed Cancel Button that gave error in Project-->Admin-->Allocate members.
  12. Bug Fix: Fixed Error that occured while exporting contacts to ocXML if any of UDF is DateTime.
  13. Bug Fix: Removed validation while deleting a Rule condition in Timesheet -> Admin -> Rules
  14. Bug Fix: Calendar Event description now allows 4000 charecters.
  15. Bug Fix: Fixed Error that did not allow users to enter new list values in State and Country fields for Contact Manager.
  16. Bug Fix: Added an error message if the organization name is empty in Contacts -> New Contact -> Organization Viewer -> Click on save without any name.
  17. Bug Fix: Busy Image stays in IE7 in Opportunities -> Admin -> Contact Role -> Add New -> Insert.
  18. Bug Fix: Validation added for Contact -> Admin Rules -> Add New -> "if Field value has" condition.
  19. Bug Fix: User is trying to add a udf field of type bool in Account and getting the error on the screen
  20. Bug Fix: If User Timezone and Server Timezone are different then, Task Dates are not correct in CSV export(Timesheet -> Import/Export -> Bulk Timesheet Export)

Release 8.2.2 - Jan 8, 2010

  1. Bug: In rules screen there are two column heading that has the same name action.
  2. Bug: The backup is hanging after the system given an error message saying that some file could not be accessed
  3. *New Application: OfficeClip for Mobile Users (currently IPhone and IPod touch)
  4. Bug: Problem emptying email folder
  5. Enhancement: RDL report paper size has to be configurable, In export and print
  6. Enhancement: Issue Tracker Track time Report... Added another field to show hours fraction of tracktime duration in: Tasks tracktime, contact / account tracktime and, issue tracktime reports.
  7. Enhancement: Added a tree view navigator to OfficeClip setup
  8. Enhancement: Added coded Paper sizes in report print settings.
  9. Bug Fix: Users getting reminders for renewal unnecessarily.
  10. Enhancement: Added capability for making four more sections for contact manager udf.
  11. Bug: When creating the divisions and when going to the ogranization drop down list, the created divisions is not updated unless we refresh it.

Release 8.2.1 - Nov 1, 2009

  1. Enhancement: Redesign of the Dashboard and Consolidation of Home Page and Desktop application.
  2. Enhancement: Ability to filter on empty fields in Contacts Manager.
  3. Enhancement: Better Organization of Timesheet and Expense profile screens.
  4. Enhancement: RDL Report now allows end users to choose filters.
  5. Enhancement: Document manager now recognizes extensions such as docx, xlsx etc.
  6. Enhancement: All Organization, This Organization and Private Views are now available for tasks.
  7. Enhancement: RDLC Report to track the number of days each issue has been open.
  8. Enhancement: Ability to automatically send emails to the people who has not submitted their timesheet. (Can be configured in profile screen from Admin)
  9. Bug Fix: Send email on new registration screen was not working sometimes.
  10. Bug Fix: UDF date format in issues list screen is not according to the regional settings.
  11. Bug Fix: Time and Expense column/row total is incorrect for negative numbers.
  12. Bug Fix: If some RDLC reports are shared then when deleting the shared report warning must be shown.
  13. Bug Fix: Deleting an account from AccountList page in Timesheet > Projects.
  14. Bug Fix: User friendly error message when send email is failed while creating new issue. (in Extranet)
  15. Bug Fix: About Box in OfficeClip hosted version gives incorrect information to the user.
  16. Bug fix: In calendar,create/edit next month event and cancel,then it comes to current month.
  17. Bug Fix: Non admin should not see the admin button in extranet.
  18. Bug Fix: Daily Calendar switch between 24 hrs and Business Hours format should be persistent.
  19. Bug Fix: error in BulkApprove, when comments are present in expensesheets.
  20. Bug Fix: Extranet > Share list > Click on the delete all then after refreshing the screen, items get deleted.
  21. Bug Fix: calendar > new event > When changed start time then end time does not change.
  22. Bug Fix: Time incorrect when sombody double click on the calendar to enter time.

Release 8.1.5 - Sep 5, 2009

  1. Enhancement: Redesigned TrackTime features. Now the tracked time can be imported in the timesheet.
  2. Enhancement: Redesigned Calendar features. We changed The complete user interface.
  3. Enhancement: Changed Design of the Campaign user interface.
  4. Bug Fix: In Contacts if a shared report is deleted without deleting the Share then Extranet user gets the friendly error message.
  5. Bug Fix: Only Applications Allowed for users can be accessed using Quick create.
  6. Bug Fix: When a contact is deleted its corresponding notes are also deleted now.
  7. Bug Fix: Disabling parent applications will not disable the child appilcation.

Release 8.1.4 - Jul 26, 2009

  1. Enhancement: Redesigned Extranet features.
  2. Enhancement: Issue Tracker Field value change rules are applicable to New and Edit triggers.
  3. Enhancement: Added Clone feature in Contact Manager, Accounts and opportunities.
  4. Enhancement: Changes in the regarding control. Information about selected regarding field is shown as a tooltip.
  5. Bug Fix: Cannot copy UDF field correctly when doing CSV import and export.
  6. Bug Fix: Issuetracker email format is modified (displayed as table.)

Release 8.1.3 - Jun 27, 2009

  1. Enhancement: new Report (using Microsoft RDL) implemented. Existing Crystal reports are still available using the Old Reports link.
  2. Enhancement: Ability to send or resend, failed or selected mails in Campaign Email history added.
  3. Enhancement: Issue Tracker attachments screen, upload and finished two buttons are now there
  4. Enhancement: Issue Tracker - grid pager tooltip created
  5. Enhancement: Contact Manager: new fixed field "website" is added
  6. Enhancement: In Timesheets and Expenses, Search is included in button bar.
  7. Enhancement: Calendar invitation e-mail includes timezone information.
  8. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker Binder List list now displays Last Issue Entered date / time, in local time zone.
  9. Bug Fix: Timesheet print preview layout when popup screen is maximized fixed.
  10. Bug Fix: Fixed issue where one cannot move open cases from one binder to other.
  11. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker - cannot copy UDF information from one binder to other.
  12. Bug Fix: Approver cannot see the expense in report.
  13. Bug Fix: Trouble saving timesheet (displays wrong text when there are no durations filled).
  14. Bug Fix: Contact Filter not working for Owner.
  15. Bug Fix: Documents >> Admin >> Application documents >> data repetition fixed.
  16. Bug Fix: Button bar layout when name of the organization is long fixed.
  17. Bug Fix: Campaign, UDF fields are not displayed in new or edit campaign fixed.

Release 8.1.2 - May 31, 2009

  1. Enhancement: Implementation of Relationship module to connect between various objects.
  2. Bug Fix: Date and time of Notification email for calendar event fixed
  3. Bug Fix: Mileage is no longer mandatory in expense detail form
  4. Bug Fix: In Issue tracker, removed Created and modified by in new case edit screen
  5. Bug Fix: Support help link fixed
  6. Bug Fix: Extranet change password screen fixed
  7. Bug Fix: Contact Role modifying contact role deleting contact roles

Release 8.1.1 - May 2, 2009

  1. Enhancement: Complete Redesign of the OfficeClip User Interface

Release 7.7.8 - March 8, 2009

  1. Enhancement: Email Component rewritten to incorporate SSL based SMTP and POP accounts (like Gmail)
  2. Enhancement: Added Contact Roles in Opportunities
  3. Bug Fixes: RDL Report Date Filter now correctly shows the full period
  4. Bug Fixes: Timesheet Bulk export last update now correctly shows the user who has approved the timesheet
  5. Bug Fixes: Sort on "Period starting" in Timesheet submission reports
  6. Bug Fixes: A rounding error in the expense report totals is fixed

Release 7.7.7 - January 30, 2009

  1. Minor bug fixes

Release 7.7.6 - January 23, 2009

  1. Enhancement: RDLC Reports for Accounts and Opportunities
  2. Enhancement: Security implementation in RDLC Reports
  3. Enhancement: Scheduled RDLC Reports
  4. Bug Fixes: Bugs in Microsoft RDLC Dynamic Reports

Release 7.7.4 - November 23, 2008

  1. Enhancements: New Timesheet and Expense entry screens
  2. Enhancements: New Beta Microsoft RDLC Dynamic reports
  3. Enhancements: New OfficeClip online help files
  4. Bug Fixes: Publish pages were not saving correctly in Contact Manager
  5. Bug Fixes: Webservice Timezone adjustment

Release 7.7.3 - October 11, 2008

  1. Enhancement: Minor Enhancements

Release 7.7.1 - September 16, 2008

  1. Enhancement: OfficeClip code is now compiled with the aspnet_compiler and aspnet_merge
  2. Enhancement: Add-ins created for Peachtree Accounting, QuickBooks, Microsoft Accounting, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word
  3. Enhancement: Offline Timesheet is Released

Release 7.6.7 - August 10, 2008

  1. Enhancement: Removed Template dependent code from Timesheet and Expense
  2. Enhancement: Implemented Auto Approval
  3. Bug Fix: enhanced csv export now contains the first name and last name

Release 7.6.6 - July 12, 2008

  1. Made Changes to OfficeClip to run on SQL Server 2000
  2. Enhancement: Improved Url Security in all applications.
  3. Enhancement: Implemented Access rules in Accounts and Opportunities.
  4. Enhancement: Implemented " Run All" function in contact manager rules.

Release 7.6.5 - June 22, 2008

  1. Enhancement: Expense Preview Screen is modified
  2. Enhancement: Implemented Holiday Management
  3. Enhancement: Contact Management Access Rules implemented
  4. Bug Fix: Under certain situations some expense reports could not be edited
  5. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker rules module sometimes sends multiple emails

Release 7.6.4 - June 8, 2008

  1. Changed the Timesheet preview screen format
  2. Added access rules for the Contact Manager
  3. Added escalation rules for the Issue Tracker

Release 7.6.2 - May 24, 2008

  1. Minor enhancements in the rules infrastructure and payment reimbursements.

Release 7.6.1 - May 17, 2008

  1. Enhancement: Implementation of a new and flexible rulebase system for issue tracker and timesheets.
  2. Enhancement: Timesheet and Expense previews can now show comments.
  3. Enhancement: Track Time reports are now implemented using Crystal.
  4. Enhancement: Timesheet Export now shows the payroll column.
  5. Enhancements: Added two new portlets: one to see recently uploaded documents and other to see new members.
  6. Enhancements: Implemented Payment Processing module to keep track of expense reimbursements.
  7. Bug Fix: SP0828-->After removal of application from site application,goto tool and click on the application,error is coming
  8. Enhancements: Time and Expenses: Added a tick-mark (in edit expense and edit timesheet) if the detail is available for expenses and timesheets.
  9. Bug Fix: Sometimes announcements shows html tags at the description (especially if the announcements are done by cutting and pasting from another program).
  10. Enhancements: Created a custom code installer for OfficeClip.
  11. Bug Fix: Expense Preview (and timesheet preview) screen is now showing all the comments.
  12. Enhancements: Added payroll column in timesheet export.

Release 7.5.13 - May 4, 2008

  1. Enhancement: Changed display order from ascending to descending order.
  2. Bug Fix: When the parent account of the opportunity is selected as empty, an error is shown
  3. Bug Fix: SP1233: In the ,when we edit the meeting event and click on manage attendee,error is coming
  4. Bug Fix: In some cases the expense report (while saving) is giving error
  5. Bug Fix: Contact Manager, for filters and reports done with date type udf field is giving incorrect result.
  6. Bug Fix: SP1105: In extranet the busy box is coming whenever the reports are exported
  7. Bug Fix: SP1005 - Contact manager is not remembering the page number when returning from the details/edit screen. Note: This should be tested extensively

Release 7.5.12 - Apr 19, 2008

  1. Enhancement: Issue Tracker - The Project List screen buttons code is modified.
  2. Enhancement: Demo - Demo now goes to the correct application from the landing page and the cookie is also maintained to make sure that the Quick Start page is shown first time to the user.
  3. Bug Fix: Contact Manager - Birthday Report is not showing address correctly.
  4. Bug Fix: Member does not get deleted when he/she is a member of a division. It also did not show the error message...
  5. Enhancement: webresource is now used to cache most javascript (including timesheets)
  6. Enhancement: Removed the Please Wait message from the application.
  7. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker - Report and Extranet form giving problem for complicated reports.
  8. Enhancement: Demo account now has its data refresh periodically and automatically.
  9. Bug Fix: Time and Expenses - Workflow - Setup screen does not come correctly in some browsers.

Release 7.5.10 - Apr 6, 2008

  1. Enhancements: Updated the Outlook interface so that it can interact with any Outlook folders
  2. Enhancements: Web Service interface for issue tracker implemented.
  3. Bug Fix: SP1241: Text on grid is aligned to the center instead to left.
  4. Bug Fix: SP1228: Members-->Setup SMS-->Radio buttons were not behaving properly.
  5. Bug Fix: SP1229: Issue Tracker -> Detail -> Some labels are not showing in bold.
  6. Bug Fix: SP1235: When there is only one member(Admin) in the organization then there is delete option in front of the member name.

Release 7.5.9 - Mar 23, 2008

  1. Enhancement: Added SMS messaging to OfficeClip
  2. Bug Fix: Offline Time Expenses - All expenses coming on the same line in OfficeClip

Release 7.5.8 - Mar 10, 2008

  1. Bug Fix: When a submitted expense report is edited, the customer/project shown is not that of the person who created it.
  2. Bug Fix: Incorrect error message when the user is being added to another organization.

Release 7.5.7 - Mar 1, 2008

  1. Enhancement: Added a birthday report in contact manager
  2. Bug Fix: Members could not be added to the department.
  3. Bug Fix: Timesheet and Expense saving routine in Offline Timesheet & Expense
  4. Enhancement: Added constants for the version control of the addins
  5. Bug Fix: Some users were not able to access extranet because extranet used url instead of the internal path
  6. Bug Fix: Member image was not updating correctly
  7. Bug Fix: SP1163: Quick Create-->Events, save and cancel buttons are not working
  8. Bug Fix: Account:Project and Service items are showing in bold in Mozilla

Release 7.5.6 - Feb 9, 2008

  1. Timesheet -> Profile: Proxy and DCAA are off by default
  2. Bug Fix: SP1014 - Address book information is not getting saved
  3. Bug Fix: SP1180 - Photo album spellchecker font is now fixed
  4. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker - Having : character in the binder name causes problems
  5. Changed the "project" label to "binder" in contact children for issue tracker
  6. Enhancement:A new demo login system is created
  7. Enhancement: In OcTools added a capability to run sql functions
  8. Enhancement: Quick share implemented in demo
  9. Enhancement: Moved the help button to menubar and added the extranet to the toolbar. Also changed all "customer portal" to extranet
  10. Bug Fix: Quick event create will not taking off the pop-up screen
  11. Enhancement: Created and ability to change member address and payroll information in the timesheet and expenses software.

Release 7.5.5 - January 20, 2008

  1. Bug Fix SP1153: Customer Portal - The issue tracker form save button is slow to respond.
  2. Enhancement SP1128: Screen look and feel for New Expense and Edit Expense screen.
  3. Bug Fix SP1091: Application documents are appearing twice in Document -> Admin -> Application Documents.
  4. Bug Fix SP1078: Look and feel for document space bar is fixed.
  5. Bug Fix: Font screwup on the create workflow screen.
  6. Enhancement: Ability to control how many days backward and forward, time and expenses can be entered..
  7. Enhancement: Implemented Timesheet Proxy for the administrator.

Release 7.5.4 - December 23, 2007

  1. Added payroll categories in the web services.
  2. Created functions so that privilege functions cannot be executed from the DEMO account.
  3. Bug Fix: Non administrators are no longer able to approve the timesheets.
  4. Enhancement: Newly added projects now shows up on everybody's timesheet by default.

Release 7.5.3 - December 9, 2007

  1. Bug Fix: Fixed mobile contact manager screen look and feel.
  2. Enhancement: Added support for Timesheet web service interface.
  3. Bug Fix: udf field of type account not getting deleted.
  4. Quickbooks mapping panel position readjusted.
  5. Removed the chat interface.

Release 7.5.1 - November 25, 2007

  1. Bug Fix: Customer Portal Report Problems that was introduced in 7.4.4.
  2. Enhancement: Modified the Evaluation header to incorporate the chat, user feedback and buy link.
  3. New Program: Contact Manager Mobile beta.

Release 7.4.4 - November 17, 2007

  1. Enhancement: Changed the code for faster loading of web pages
  2. Bug: Email attachment were not opening correctly for some file types

Release 7.4.3 - November 04, 2007

  1. Bug Fix: Individual Timesheet preview error.
  2. Bug Fix: Web Service error in Outlook Add-in when using the Regarding field
  3. Enhancement: Created a Site Header so that customers can put their own logo and header
  4. Enhancement: Added more reports to the customer portal and fixed the customer portal bug
  5. Bug Fix: Site Administrators was not able to delete users from the site

Release 7.4.2 - October 28, 2007

  1. New Product: Outlook Add-in for OfficeClip beta released.
  2. Enhancement: The large text in the contact edit screen now comes in 45 columns instead of 70 columns.
  3. Bug: MW1102, JN1097 - Expense detail (airfare, hotel etc. is showing empty screen)
  4. Bug: SD1095, SP1098 - Not able to change the customer portal url correctly in the rich text control.
  5. Bug: SP1099: In the customer portal when we send email to public user the space in between the email addresses gives error.
  6. Bug: SP1093: all day event showing incorrect date
  7. Bug: JN1089: Calendar event: URL does not show when viewing the event.
  8. Bug: SP1090: Fixed the busy box on the customer portal screen
  9. Enhancement: Customer Portal item list screen now shows the creator name and date created. Also, users will not be able to see other user's items. Only admin can see all items.

Release 7.4.1 - Not Released

  1. Enhancements: Created a checksum function to remotely test if all files are correct and also to remotely download only changed files.

Release 7.3.4 - October 20, 2007

  1. Fixed: Cancel button in Time and Expense -> Admin -> Manage -> Preview not going to the correct place.
  2. Enhancements: Modifications to the web service to support Outlook Add In.
  3. Fixed: JN1083 - Quick event calendar icon is not working.
  4. Fixed: SD1081 - Forums now allows messages longer than 2000 characters.
  5. Fixed: JN1080 - Documents: Changed the default option while uploading.
  6. Fixed: SP1077 - Document -> Admin -> Application Documents, when trying to open the document in the list.
  7. Enhancement - Contact Manager: made the address size to 40 characters.

Release 7.3.3 - September 29, 2007

  1. Bug Fix: Fixed email problem with Yahoo.
  2. Enhancement: Created help file to setup Yahoo account.
  3. Bug Fix: SD1050 - Importing contacts in the contact manager via csv is truncating email address.
  4. Bug Fix: JN1028 - Email sent folder is not getting formatted correctly.
  5. Bug Fix: Address Book - Was not preserving url and country.
  6. Bug Fix: Account Reassignment - Does not show name in correct order.
  7. Bug Fix: JN1051 - Modified date is not accurate when a document is edited and uploaded again.

Release 7.3.2 - September 08, 2007

  1. Bug Fix: SP1042 - Contact Publish From, dates are not filled in correctly.
  2. Bug Fix: JN1037 - Email attachment not going correctly while forwarding emails.
  3. Bug Fix: Customer Portal - Knowledge base was not showing the scroll bar.
  4. Bug Fix: Service Item screen gives error for long lists.

Release 7.3.1 - Not Released

Release 7.3.0 - August 07, 2007

  1. Enhancement - OfficeClip Express is implemented, It provides limited features for free without any restrictions on the data and the number of users.
  2. Changed the default evaluation license from 5 to 25 users.

Release 7.2.5 - July 28, 2007

  1. Bug Fix: SP1011 - Customer Portal giving error when returning from the expense report to customer portal home.
  2. Enhancement - Implemented LDAP authentication (see the setup.pdf file for details).
  3. Bug Fix: SP1002 - Paging in Archived Binder is not working.
  4. Bug Fix: SK1001 - Customer Portal issue entry title only holds 60 characters
  5. Enhancement - SD0997 - Added the ability so that online users can modify the login page
  6. Enhancement - Modified the upload folder path throughout the application
  7. Enhancement - Changed the busy image
  8. Bug Fix: SD0996 - Fixed the knowledge base module of customer portal in terms of its iframe scrollbar and the data
  9. Enhancement - Improved OcTools.exe so that it can now make changes to the web.config file easily

Release 7.2.4 - July 14, 2007

  1. Bug Fix - SP0994: Timesheet preview, the cancel button was giving an error.
  2. Bug Fix - SP0992: deleting user from site -> deleteuser should not be permitted for sole site administrator or sole administrator.
  3. Enhancement - Upload folder no longer depends on the virtual directory. Instead absolute path is used that can be changed in the web.config file.
  4. Enhancement - Applications can now be disabled per role (in addition to per user).

Release 7.2.3 - June 30, 2007

  1. Bug Fix: Problem when validating the required field of contact manager, accounts, opportunities for dropdown list fields.
  2. Bug Fix: Can only view details of the first project.
  3. Bug Fix: A dispose function is added in crystal report routines so as to fix the "Report cannot be loaded" bug.

Release 7.2.2 - June 16, 2007

  1. Minor Enhancements

Release 7.2.1 - June 2, 2007

  1. Enhancement - Site Wizard - Added a site wizard so that the site administrator can setup various parameters after installing OfficeClip.
  2. Enhancement - Opportunity - Separated privileges of opportunity from Accounts.
  3. Bug Fix - Email - Mailing list code updated.
  4. Bug Fix - Notices - Added tool tip to show notices for Firefox users.

Release 7.1.9 - May 26, 2007

  1. Enhancement - Calendar - Calendar now remember date from the new event screen and takes to the particular date in the calendar list screen (CT0910)
  2. Enhancement - Customer Portal - Changed the look and feel of the Admin screen
  3. Enhancement - Added Regional Settings - Users will now be able to change the display and input format of date and time.

Release 7.1.8 - May 12, 2007

  1. Enhancement - Time and Expenses - Timesheet and Expenses now can be viewed for one organization or all organizations.
  2. Enhancement - Projects - An option is added to select active projects or all projects.
  3. Enhancement - Notes - In the list screen full name was not coming.
  4. Enhancement - Customer Portal - Knowledge base screen looks better now.
  5. Enhancement - Projects - Changed the project types from Yes/No to Active/Archive.
  6. Bug Fix - Customer Portal - In customer portal user list the second page was getting cut off.
  7. Bug Fix - Tracker - Creation of new notes is giving some problems.

Release 7.1.7 - May 5, 2007

  1. Enhancement - Contact Manager - Modify screen has been compressed to look better.
  2. Enhancement - Customer Portal - Added Busy box.
  3. Bug Fix - SP0873 - Read-only Tasks where due date is not set now works correctly.
  4. Bug Fix - SP0868 - Some document icons were not correctly visible.

Release 7.1.6 - April 28, 2007

  1. Bug Fix SP0856: Issue Tracker - cases when filtered by owner is not working properly.
  2. Bug Fix: Timesheet - Problems with timesheet with comments corrected.
  3. Bug Fix: SD0843 - Bug in Members - Notice persistence fixed.
  4. Bug Fix: SP0866 - Issue Tracker - Attaching file with apostrophe character is showing blank window.
  5. Bug Fix: SP0837 - Switch the toolbar correctly when category is passed
  6. Bug Fix: SP0860 - When a member is removed, all outstanding issues are supposed to get allocated to the person that is removing the member.
  7. Word Add-in: Changed dropdown list so that user is prevented from editing it.

Release 7.1.5 - April 10, 2007

  1. Enhancement: Added "Please Wait" message when the page loads.
  2. Enhancements: User Timezone change now do not need extra login.
  3. Enhancements: Quickbooks task screen is now alphabetically arranged.
  4. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker - Search on assigned field is not giving correct result.
  5. Bug Fix: Email signature was not saving correctly.
  6. Bug Fix: License expiration notice error.
  7. Bug Fix: Customer Portal - Unable to work with secured SSL Layer.
  8. Bug Fix: Customer Portal - Knowledge base information was not getting saved.
  9. Bug Fix: The calendar types were not showing correct options when disabled by the role manager.
  10. Bug Fix: Login setup screen now does not show up in OfficeClip Online.
  11. Bug Fix: Timesheet approval and rejection email messages were not sent.
  12. Bug Fix: DCAA approval mode forces users to enter comments in all cases.

Release 7.1.4 - April 1, 2007 (Not Released)

  1. Word Add-in: Added feature to allow updating of both campaign name and description.
  2. Issue Tracker: List of binders are now sorted by binder name.
  3. Timesheet and Expenses: Parent child control allows punctuation character in them.
  4. Bug Fix: Customer Portal - Knowledge base edit screen was not saving all the values properly.

Release 7.1.3 - March 10, 2007

  1. Added OCBackup.exe - A database backup and restore program that backs up and restores the OfficeClip database and transaction logs.
  2. Bug Fix - Issue Tracker list screen does not preserve the page number when coming back from the edit screen.

Release 7.1.2 - March 3, 2007

  1. Bug Fix - Email capture not working in issue tracker correctly.
  2. Bug Fix - In the Email list screen, the bottom drop down box is not saving emails to proper folder.
  3. Bug Fix - Paging in the individual expense report is not working correctly.

Release 7.1.1 - February 25, 2007 (Not Released)

  1. Word Add-In: Delete and Modify features added to the mail merge campaign.
  2. New Application: Punch Clock - An application to track when an employee goes in and out of the office.
  3. Added Mail Merge templates to Campaigns. Mail Merge Templates can be created using MS Word.
  4. Word Add In: Ability to edit mail merge campaign properties from OfficeClip.
  5. Bug Fix: Some of the user list in contact applications were showing extranet users in addition to members.
  6. Customer Portal: Documents can now be attached with the customer portal case input screen (both public and secured).

Release 7.1.0 - February 17, 2007

  1. Implemented Microsoft Word add-in module for OfficeClip Contact Manager.
  2. Bug Fix: Timesheet Export is not exporting the timesheet for semi-monthly timesheet. Only first seven days were getting exported.
  3. Added Mail Merge templates to Campaigns. Mail Merge Templates can be created using MS Word.
  4. Bug Fix: Some email attachments were not properly getting imported.
  5. Bug Fix: Customer Portal was unable to add issues when the issue status is unspecified.
  6. Bug Fix: Contact Manager screen was unable to return from Add Notes.
  7. Bug Fix: Editing System Template was giving error.
  8. Bug Fix: Inserting an issue was not inserting the user-defined-fields.
  9. Bug Fix: Contact Manager - Notes children were not going to the next page.

Release 7.0.8 - January 13, 2007

  1. Bug Fix: Expense reports query modified to provide better result.
  2. Calendar now persists organization types across all its screen.
  3. Bug Fix: Editing the edit screen of contact manager / account is giving error.
  4. Bug Fix: Clicking on the To, Cc and Bcc link on email is giving error.
  5. Bug Fix: After visiting the tracker import/export, visit to any other tracker screen is giving error.
  6. Bug Fix: OcTools is not resetting the site administrator password.

Release 7.0.7 - December 31, 2006

  1. Bug Fix: Group bookmark was not launching.
  2. Bug Fix: Extranet documents were not launching from folder.

Release 7.0.6 - December 21, 2006

  1. After login, the user now goes to last application that the user was when logged off.
  2. Created the OfficeClip API.
  3. Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances sometimes emails are not getting downloaded from the server.
  4. Setup -> Grant/Revoke Site Privileges, icons changed as the previous icons were creating confusion with some users.
  5. Time and Expenses - Made the new timesheet and edit timesheet screens load faster.
  6. BUG Fix: Accounts cannot be edited in some configuration.
  7. Created a new tool for the site administrator (octools.exe) so that they can change their password from outside officeclip.

Release 7.0.5 - December 02, 2006

  1. Setup program modified so that in windows 2003, if the .net management api is not installed, setup can still continue.
  2. Bug Fixed: The user manager was not showing up if a name starts with a numeric character.
  3. Bug Fixed: If the home page is disabled, the user was unable to logon because they cannot get to it.

Release 7.0.4 - November 27, 2006

  1. Migration code from 6.9.9 to 7.x updated.
  2. Fixed the setup program so that sqlexpress is not installed automatically.
  3. Added code to write system state on the setup log file.
  4. Added more icons for file types in the document management.
  5. Added support to run on 64-bit machine.

Release 7.0.3 - November 20, 2006

  1. Timesheet screen made faster by modifying the parent child control.
  2. Organization dropdown box now shows organizations correctly (Fix).
  3. Changed the text department to division on setup screen (Fix).
  4. Implemented a program (OcDbUpgrader.exe) to convert OfficeClip 6.9.9 to 7.*.
  5. Changed the OfficeClip database installation instance from OfficeClip to OfficeClip7 (for new installation only).

Release 7.0.2 - November 12, 2006

  1. Account can now be added to the contact manager modify detail screen.
  2. Changed the login screen (added the knowledge-base link).
  3. Tracker application, new note screen shows the left bar correctly (Fix).
  4. Folder permission is now getting modified (Fix).
  5. Avoid duplicate user entry in extranet (Fix).
  6. Extranet footer can no longer be changed from the admin screen.
  7. Lookup field of the contact manager (organization edit) is now editable.
  8. Added more indexes for optimizing the database.

Release 7.0.1 - November 1, 2006

  1. Minor enhancements in features.
  2. Added code for seamless transition from 6.9.9.

Release 7.0.0 - October 15, 2006

  1. New Feature - OfficeClip Customer Portal, provides secured access of OfficeClip information to your customers and partners.
  2. Complete redesign of the user interface.

Release 6.9.9 - January 05, 2006

  1. New Application - OfficeClip Extranet, provides secured access of OfficeClip information to your customers and partners.
  2. Create public website for your customers and partners so that they can access limited information.
  3. Provide secured access for your customers and partners by assigning them login and password.

Release 6.9.8 - October 05, 2005

  1. New Application - Account Management (beta) - bundled with Contact Manager. Existing users of OfficeClip Premium Suite or Contact Manager will need to get a new license for this application.
  2. Web Account Manager - Reports created for new applications, Account Manager and Opportunities.
  3. Web Opportunity Tracking - New application added to the Account Manager.
  4. Contact Manager - New reports are available for higher detail.
  5. Timesheet and Expense - client management is now integrated with the Account Manager, enabling tracking of issues, emails, opportunities, events and tasks for each client.
  6. Timesheet and Expense - A new set of reports called Raw Reports allows raw exporting timesheet and expense report data.
  7. Web Bug & Issue Tracker - Case lists can now be color-coded.
  8. Web Bug & Issue Tracker - Cases can now be captured via email.

Release 6.9.7 - June 05, 2005

  1. Time and Expenses - Tasks can now be created based on projects
  2. Time and Expenses - Workflow history is now shown on the timesheet, expenses and individual timesheet reports
  3. Time and Expenses - Biweekly, Semimonthly and Monthly timesheets can now be created
  4. Time and Expenses - Payroll item tracking and vacation tracking is implemented
  5. Time and Expenses - More custom fields can now be created in the time and expense reporting module
  6. Time and Expenses - Missing timesheet warning can now be sent to the members
  7. Time and Expenses - Ability to change the currency from the new expense screen is implemented

Release 6.9.5 - April 02, 2005

  1. Minor Enhancements and fixes

Release 6.9.4 - March 4, 2005

  1. Bug & Issue Tracker - Detailed report now shows complete Description Comments and Resolution
  2. Bug & Issue Tracker - Multiple notes can be added with each issues
  3. Bug & Issue Tracker - Now supports data import from csv and xml files
  4. Contact Manager - Issues from the issue tracker can now be linked with contacts
  5. Contact Manager - A new module called campaign has been added. This will allow users to create their own campaigns
  6. Contact Manager - The order of the contact fields in the view contact screen can now be adjusted
  7. Contact Manager - Contact information can now be imported from a web page whenever user fills out an webform
  8. Calendar - Attendees calendar are now set to tentative as soon as the meetings are allocated
  9. Calendar - A new planner for planning a meeting by looking at the busy times is added
  10. Document Management - Complete redesign of the document management. Folder permission can now be assigned, documents can now be viewed in an explorer like interface.
  11. Timesheet and Expense - Reporting interface is improved and more reports are added. New Expense Reports are created, client and project reports are added, also a report to get a dump of all the inputted values are added.
  12. Timesheet and Expense - Rates and Costs can now be allocated for each employee for all customers
  13. Timesheet and Expense - Project Allocation can now be done by project or by employees
  14. Timesheet and Expense - Expenses can now be added in foreign currencies
  15. General - Created a privilege so that users of a certain role will not be able to see the identity of other users.
  16. Enterprise Manager - A link on enterprise manager will allow users to buy software directly from the enterprise manager.

Release 6.9.3 - August 16, 2004

  1. Two more themes added (Apple Green and Rhino).
  2. Contact Manager can now have multiple notes.
  3. More options added in Time and Expense reporting.

Release 6.9.2 - July 16, 2004

  1. Task - Ability to track time spent on doing each task.
  2. Bug & Issue Tracker - Ability to track time spent on working on each issues.
  3. Contact Manager - Ability to track time spent on working on each contacts.
  4. Task - Can now be assigned to multiple people in the group.
  5. Issue Tracker - Knowledge base generation tool is improved.
  6. Email - Ability to retrieve emails on start.
  7. Email - Copies all emails going out to sent folder by default.
  8. Documents - Bulk upload feature implemented.
  9. Documents - Documents can now be attached in individual applications from the document management system.
  10. Help - All help files are enhanced. Also, help files can now be printed from pdf format.
  11. Contact Manager - Ability to associate emails with the contacts
  12. General - Individual accounts can now brand OfficeClip with their own logo and advertisements.
  13. Timesheets - Time can now specified as hh:mm as well as format.
  14. Enterprise Manager - New option created to change logos and banners.
  15. Contact Manager - Company name is now increased to 255 characters

Release 6.9.1 - May 30, 2004

  1. Rules can now be assigned to the timesheets.
  2. OcTools (in OfficeClip) can now backup and restore database.

Release 6.8.2 - April 8, 2004

  1. All tracker projects can now be assigned permissions based on user roles.
  2. Enhanced login screen.
  3. Ability to deactivate applications across all groups.
  4. Ability to remove the top logo bar.

Release 6.7.2 - February 15, 2004

  1. Bulk assign/delete in Contact manager enhanced to include "Delete all/Reassign all" in filter view.
  2. Enhanced user-defined tracker reports.
  3. Tasks/Calendar events created from Contact Manager now show contact info in the task/calendar.

Release 6.7.1 - December 31, 2003

  1. Contact Manager is enhanced to do bulk operation like bulk assign and bulk delete.
  2. Projects can now be assigned to each members in the group for Time and Expense Reporting.
  3. Reports look and feel are modified.

Release 6.6.1 - November 16, 2003

  1. Office Agent application is now known as the User Manager
  2. Tracker application is now known as Bug & Issue Tracker
  3. RSS News Reader portlet (My Newsfeeds) replaces News portlet
  4. New Premium Application - Contact Manager
  5. Bug & Issue Tracker enhancement - Administrators can now restrict write access on individual fields
  6. Bug & Issue Tracker enhancement - Administrators now have the ability to transfer cases of a selected status to other tracker projects
  7. Timesheet & Expense Report - Cost and Rates for each member are now implemented
  8. Timesheet & Expense Report - Many more reports have been added
  9. Side menu has been modified for greater convenience and ease-of-use
  10. Other minor enhancements

Release 6.5.2 - September 9, 2003

  1. Tasks application (accessed via Calendar) and Portlet
  2. Notes Portlet
  3. Role-based security and access permissions
  4. Minor enhancements

Release 6.4.6 - July 11, 2003

  1. XML Tracker project export/import (structure and data).
  2. Extranet web form that enables extranet users to view their cases.
  3. Spell Checker.

Release 6.4.5 - June 15, 2003

  1. Minor Enhancements

Release 6.4.4 - May 5, 2003

  1. Minor Enhancements

Release 6.4.3 - April 10, 2003

  1. Modified Meeting Attendee screen to a more usable form.
  2. New tool called octools.exe is created to simplify installation. Please read the file readme.html in installation directory for details.
  3. Pictures added to the readme.html file to make installation easier.
  4. Report walkthroughs created for OfficeClip Developer Toolkit.

Release 6.4.2 - March 22, 2003

  1. Minor Enhancements

Release 6.4.1 - March 12, 2003

  1. Creating Knowledge-base using OfficeClip.
  2. New Portlet - Member Business Card.
  3. Improved reporting infrastructure.
  4. OfficeClip Developer Toolkit is now included with the OfficeClip executable.
  5. Calendar proxy - One user can be delegated to create events for another.
  6. Tracker improvement - Project structure can now be copied, exported, imported.

Release 6.3.2 - December 17, 2002

  1. Minor Revisions.

Release 6.3.1 - November 30, 2002

  1. Support for LDAP authentication.
  2. Support for LDAP import.
  3. Support for integer, decimal and boolean fields in tracker.
  4. Added free form notes to contacts.

Release 6.2.4 - September 15, 2002

  1. Remote Installation at a service provider is supported.
  2. Changes in Calendar and Tracker.

Release 6.2.1 - August 12, 2002

  1. A new application called email is added.
  2. Developer API is published.
  3. The entry page is changed to more user friendly.
  4. Created more helpful email setup program (see readme.html in the setup directory).

Release 6.1.1 - July 7, 2002

  1. xml files can now be used to configure various parameters of OfficeClip.
  2. Announcements can now be created using an wysiwyg interface (only in IE).
  3. Web Content menus can be created by the administrator dynamically.
  4. Calendar and Tracker now have a better extranet interface.
  5. Developer API is now available.
  6. Presentation layer source code is now available.
  7. Multi-Language support.
  8. OfficeClip access on mobile devices.


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