Additional layer of security for web-based applications in OfficeClip

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Security of Web Application

We get a lot of questions about security for many of our applications. This blog attempts to organize all the security features in one place and explains various levels of security.

  • Security between Organizations
  • Privileges using Roles
  • Access Control at various levels


Security between Organizations

In OfficeClip applications you can create many independent organizations. For example, say you want to implement Contact Manager for two different divisions of your organization where the contacts are completely independent (i.e. they do not share anything). If you have such a requirement, you can add users only in the organizations they belong to. The rule is that the user who are not in the organization cannot have access to the organization data. You (as site administrator) can put yourself in both the organizations so that you can have access to contacts in both.

This kind of security is helpful where there are different parts of organization that works independently and simplified data security needs to be implemented.

Privileges using Roles

Privileges allows you to switch off certain functionality in the software. These are the few steps in OfficeClip to implement privileges:

  1. Create a New Role, say Marketing Team
  2. Assign Role Privileges. For example, you may want to switch off the ability to Input New Contacts
  3. Assign users to the Role (Marketing Team)

Access Control at various levels

Access control allows you to fine-tune security for any object in OfficeClip. Any piece of data (like a contact or a document) in OfficeClip is an object whose access can be controlled. There are various ways to control the access.

  • Setting Default Access Rules for all objects in an organization
  • Setting Access based on Roles
  • Setting Access based on individual users
  • Access control based on Rules

access control

This has been a short introduction of various security levels in OfficeClip.

OfficeClip Forums has articles that provides information on how to control access in various OfficeClip applications. To see them go to: then search for the word Privileges.

There is also a pdf document that goes into little more detail: White Paper on Web-based Security