Changes in Release 8.2.3

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We have introduced major changes to this new OfficeClip release. We thank everyone who has given us feedback on the features implemented in this release. Following are the highlights:

  • Implementation of Tags and Tag Groups
  • OfficeClip for Blackberry & Droid
  • Changes to the Free Edition
  • Minor enhancements and fixes


Implementation of Tags and Tag Groups

Tags make it easier to classify contacts, accounts, campaigns etc. into many free form categories. Using Tags, users can put any number of labels on an object and then they are able to search for objects that contain the labels. Tags have become popular in the past few years and are being used extensively in blogs, news related items, etc. Tags are usually non-hierarchical in nature to facilitate free-form labeling and searching. In OfficeClip, this concept is extended by providing the ability to group tags of the same type into a structure called Tag Groups.

OfficeClip for Blackberry & Droid

In 8.2.2 we implemented OfficeClip for IPhone. The current release implements the same for all other smartphones like Blackberry and Droid. Each user gets a personalized url so that you will not have to type the email address and password on the IPhone. Also, you can set up the bookmark as an icon so that you can click on it and start accessing OfficeClip. To setup a personalized url, click on the Mobile button at the top right and send the personalized url to your mobile device.


Changes to the Free Edition

We have introduced some changes to our Free Edition. OfficeClip Free Edition now consists of:

  • All OfficeClip applications
  • Unlimited free use with no time limit
  • No advertisements
  • Two users

For feature limits on the Free Edition, Click here.

Note: If you have registered and used the Free Edition before March 31, 2010, please contact us and we will provide you a professional edition of OfficeClip for two users free of cost.

Enhancements and Fixes

  • Added more colors to separate calendar event types
  • Contact Manager Search and Filter now works together
  • Calendar event description can now contain 4000 characters
  • Restrict users from creating duplicate time sheet
  • Add Users button now appears in the header of all screens
  • Enhanced interface to edit site header and login header and footer

The complete release notes of all versions are available at:

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