How can you restrict your users to see Accounts for a particular state?

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Today I got a query from a customer who is in a business where you they have users or agents in multiple states and he wants to make sure that they work on their own accounts. Here is how to do this in OfficeClip CRM



  1. Go to Setup > Manage Organization Roles and Privileges > Manage Default Application Access and make the Account Read Only.
  2. Go to Setup > Manager Organization Roles and Privileges > Manage Roles, create a new role and then add users to the roles you want to restrict.
  3. Go to CRM > Accounts > Admin > Rules and create a rule that states: If the Contact belongs to the State ‘insert state here’ then give read, write, append and delete access to the user of the role you created in the previous step.
Note: If you are editing a rule or applying rules to existing accounts, you must Run the Rule in Step 3 in order for the rule to be effective.
Note: This procedure is same for providing user access to OfficeClip Contacts.