How Support Desk helps with Customer Satisfaction?

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Today businesses have to handle a large number of clients in a day. All these customers may have some queries or some issues related to the product at some point in time.  

With new technology, companies are using automated and self-service support systems. This includes a knowledge base, customer portals, and automated bots. 

Most of the queries reported to the support desk can be automatically resolved by matching similar issues in the past. Other issues are prioritized appropriately and assigned to a competent support representative.

Support Desk
Resolving customer issues

OfficeClip Issue tracking is one such software that will provide you all the information about all the customer issues and their status. 

Main Features of OfficeClip Issue tracker:

  • Binders: are like a set of different folders, storing various kinds of issues in the respective binders.
  • Capturing Issues: Customers can enter issues via the customer portal or through Webforms.
  • Rules: Set up rules so that it will allow various actions based on the issue status.
  • Notifications: Once an issue is created and assigned in the system, the concerned team member will receive a notification to get the issue resolved sooner.
  • Track Time: Track time for each issue until resolution.
  • Reports: Various reports will help analyze the number of issues in the system and their status.
  • Track Issue status: The user can keep track of their issues through the customer portal and add notes to the issue to notify the development team.

Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in businesses. An efficient issue tracking system will help monitor the progress of issues and ensure that the customers are updated about the issues from time to time.

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