What is Customer Portal and How to use it?

What is a Customer Portal?

Customer Portal allows your customers limited access to various parts of your application. Administrators can control what a customer can access. Access the following information via the portal:

  1. Sharing documents using password and expiration date.
  2. A Dropsite to allow your customers to upload documents.
  3. Share calendar events and allow customers to request appointments.
  4. Allow customers to report issues in the issue tracker.
Share information
Sharing information

The portal is useful for sharing different kinds of documents like the Company Policy Documents, Company Calendars, or Issue reporting forms.  Some documents can be shared publicly, but few documents are confidential that can be shared only with authorized users. As for security, the customer portal works in two modes:

  • Web Sharing: This is a public link that anyone can access. Users can copy and paste this link in a browser and view the documents shared.
  • Secured Sharing: This sharing has secured access where if any document or information is shared, the user can access it only by entering the login id and password.

How to use OfficeClip Customer Portal?

Creating the first user

  • Click on New User.
Creating a new user
Adding a new user
  • Add the customers to your portal by creating a log-in id and password for them.
  • This login id and password will help them get access to the required information.

Change User Options

  • Click on User List.
Set permissions for users
Set permissions
  • Administrators can set permissions for the customer portal users. Setting permissions will give limited access to your customers and access only to the information which you want them to access.
  • Administrators can activate or deactivate users and change passwords if needed.

Sharing Document

  • Select Shared List.
Sharing Documents and reports
Sharing Documents and reports
  • View the list of all the shared documents, reports, issues, events.
  • Users can activate, deactivate or remove these shares.
  • Share this information via a Web link or Secured link.


  • Click on Admin.
Set up home screen
Set up home screen
  • Set up the home page of your portal with the Logo and other desired information.

Benefits of using a Customer Portal:

  1. It is an easy way to share information with your customers.
  2. Your customers can keep track of their issues or requests through the portal and keep checking the status.
  3. You can keep track of your customers’ interactions within your portal by adding notes or your customers posting a reply.
  4. Customers can view all their documents, reports, or issues whenever required, by using the log-in id and password allocated to them by the Administrator.
  5. The portal provides transparency between you and your customers.

Also, see Understanding Customer Portal for more information and how it works.