New! OfficeClip Release 10.8.5

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This release took us a while and we have made a few important changes and lots of fixes here:

  • Added IMAP to Emails
  • Improved History and Activity Streaming Notification
  • Changed the way Payment Processing is done
  • Enhanced Help Documentation
  • Kiosk Mode for In/Out Timesheet



IMAP to Emails


In addition to the POP Account, we have now added the Imap capability for emails with OfficeClip. IMAP allows 2-way synchronization of all the emails between the server and the clients. When synchronized all matching emails will be shown to the server.

In addition to this, the email account screen is also modified to make it more user-friendly.


Improved History and Activity Streaming Notification

History and activity stream is now streamlined. The activities now show up using on-screen alerts. In addition, more options have been added to send the consolidated stream to the user via emails.


Changed the way Payment Processing is done


The payment processing module is changed in the following ways:

  • Added Stripe Processing
  • The customer information is now directly captured from the payment processing gateway. This has reduced the need for our installed version customers (those who are doing payment processing) to comply with all aspects of the PCI compliance.
  • Added an ability to store past credit cards. Again, these are not captured or stored within OfficeClip for security


Enhanced Help Documentation


The help files for OfficeClip applications have been enhanced. It can be accessed from within the OfficeClip application by clicking on the help icon. To see the help file Click here


Kiosk Mode for In/Out Timesheet

In addition to the hourly timesheet, we have added a kiosk mode for the in/out timesheet. In this mode, employees will be able to record entry and exit time using a simple web form (or their mobile device).


Bug Fixes

Many bugs have been fixed in this release. Important ones are in the Release Notes.