OfficeClip Release 8.2.1

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Many of you have requested enhancement via OfficeClip Forum . In this release we have implemented of most of them.

  • Dashboard Enhancements
  • FREE 2 licenses for existing users
  • Improvements in the Reporting Module
  • Earn by Referring OfficeClip
  • Implementation of Expense Synchronization


Dashboard Enhancements

OfficeClip Home Page now shows charts for many metrics so that the users and administrators can get a quick view of various performance metrics within OfficeClip.

Dashboard Enahncement Image

Following are some of the key enhancements in the Dashboard.

  • Portlets can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the screen.
  • User level and admin level editing is supported.
  • A catalog of many portlets to choose from.

FREE 2 licenses for all existing users

If you are an existing paid OfficeClip customer, we are giving you two additional users free so that you can share OfficeClip experience with your partners and service providers. This will make you more productive and also put the OfficeClip word out. If you are using the free version of OfficeClip, you will automatically get 2 free users as soon as you upgrade to a paid version. OfficeClip provides free 2-user version that contains no advertisements and is not limited in terms of features.

Improvements in the Reporting Module

The following improvements have been made on the OfficeClip Reporting Module:

  • Report Creator can now define filters that can be changed by the end user.
  • DCAA reports have been modified to show information in a more meaningful way.
  • Custom reports can be created more easily.
  • RDLC report to track the number of days the issues are open.