Why Tracking time is important for Freelancers?

Managing work efficiently

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend” as said by Laertius Diogenes Proper timekeeping is essential for improving productivity and efficiency. It can also help you identify the most efficient time for … Read more

How OfficeClip helps to track time for Tasks?

Managing time with tasks

Reading Time: 3 minutes OfficeClip has introduced an advanced track time feature for its Task manager. Tracking time for each task will help the employee give an insight into how effective they are while at work and will help … Read more

Working with the new task manager

task management

Reading Time: 2 minutes The task application can create tasks for customer projects and connect them to other entities like contacts, accounts,  issue tracker, etc. The updated application allows you to make your workflow even effortless. In addition to … Read more