Use MS Office(R) to create your Campaign and send it via e-mail

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Some of our customers requested us to provide an enhancement to the OfficeClip Contact Manager so that they are able to create campaigns using the Microsoft Word® and be able to send them using the html email supported in OfficeClip.

One way is to do this is to create a Word campaign and then export it to html. This creates a few issues:

  1. The html created by the word document is not clean and can cause problems in many email clients
  2. The images are stored in a different folder and so they cannot be sent via email resulting all the graphics to be replaced by placeholders
  3. Most of the email clients switches off external files (for privacy reasons) unless it is from trusted source.
Fortunately Microsoft Word® provides a way to export the compiled html file (called .mht file), this file can then be loaded in the OfficeClip Campaign application and can be sent as a campaign.