Using Predictive Dialer with Web Contact Manager

Reading Time: 2 minutes

OfficeClip Contact Manager can now be used with Predictive Dialers. Steve Pavent CEO of has integrated such a dialer with his OfficeClip Contact Manager Suite. 

“The beauty of this system is that you do not need to have any expensive equipments to set it up. All it needs is a broadband connection and a usb headset”, says Steve Pavent. Integrating with the predictive dialer is saving at least 50% compared to the conventional dialer he was using with OfficeClip before. The workflow of this dialer is shown below:


  1. The Predictive Dialer, once setup starts calling the prospect.
  2. When the prospect answers the call, your representative answers the call
  3. The dialer brings up the relevant contact in the OfficeClip Contact Manager screen
  4. The representative looks at the scripts in OfficeClip and talks to the prospect
  5. When the call is ended, the representative creates a follow up and if required routes the call to the next level agent
  6. OfficeClip automatically routes all the relevant information to the next agent.

This video shows the whole thing in action!

To see how this dialer works, you can setup a demo by visiting

 Image Courtesy zigazou76