Using Call List in Contact Manager

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One important use of the Call list is to keep in touch with your current and potential customers. The reason may be to follow up on the leads, discussions about ongoing projects, overdue payments, calling customers at regular intervals, etc. Nobody wants to miss this out.

call list

In OfficeClip Contact Manager, you can create a call list and get reminders at regular intervals for keeping in touch with your customers or prospects. View the daily or future call list, which gives an idea about future actions. After calling up the customers, users can add notes in the call list regarding the conversation held, which will be helpful for future reference. Users can also create tasks or follow-up appointments.

How Call list will be useful:

  1. To stay in touch with your contacts at regular intervals.
  2. For the reminder of payments.
  3. Follow up with leads.
  4. To send marketing campaigns to prospects.
  5. The Call list can also be viewed through the mobile app so that if the user is not in the office, he will not miss any appointments or calls.