What is Mobile CRM?

Mobile CRM app is a tool designed for smartphones and tablets. Users can access data even when they are away from the office. A well-designed interface helps the user to manage their work and get access to important business data no matter wherever they are.

Importance of Mobile app for the users:

  • Today maximum internet users work through their mobile devices, and it is expected that they get the real-time information wherever they go.
  • Employees usually in sales department keep on travelling, a mobile app is a boon for them as they can access all the data and also update their work details, their events, their work timings, and schedules.
  • Similarly, mobile apps keep the managers updated about the employee's work status related to a project, their schedules, the amount of work completed, their working hours etc.
  • The salesperson can also keep their customers updated with the information about their project schedules and can also provide them with any vital information required.

OfficeClip mobile app ensures that your employees have access to all the vital information so that your customers will get the best service with better communication, faster access to information and the latest updates about their projects.

Features of OfficeClip Mobile App:

Accessing contact using smartphone title="Accessing contact using smartphone"


Add new contacts with your smartphone devices. The users can also add new notes, events, tasks for a contact. These events, notes, and tasks can be viewed and edited. Contacts can be easily modified, deleted and can be searched using the search and filter option.

Timesheet List

Users can add new timesheet which includes the project details, the task allotted for a project, working hours, work details, etc. The user can also see the list of submitted, saved, pending and approved timesheets.

List of timesheets
Timesheet Approval


Once the user submits the timesheet to the approver, the approver can approve or reject the timesheet using his smartphone. This convenience of using the OfficeClip mobile app makes the workflow smooth and hassle-free.


With a calendar app in CRM, users can add new events, send invitations to the attendees for the event or meetings. The users can also see the list of events and meetings scheduled for that particular day with the help of a mobile calendar.

Mobile CRM Calendar app
OfficeClip Mobile applications

OfficeClip Mobile

Similarly, the users can work in different organizations created by the administrator and also create new tasks, view campaigns, add bugs in the issue tracker, add new expenses, add new accounts and opportunities through our free mobile CRM app.

Benefits of Mobile CRM:

  • With access to the mobile CRM, the staff will be more efficient and updated, and it will help to increase productivity.
  • With maximum people using their mobile devices today, and with information accessible from any part of the world, this will help in increasing your business deals and opportunities.
  • Mobile CRM will also help to track customer enquiries, and immediate response will help to convert your prospects into accounts.


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