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A significant follow-up tool for your sales team.

Follow-up with customers using call list in CRM

What is a Call List?

Call List is a reminder set to call current and potential customers at regular intervals. Call lists help sales teams stay organized and ensure that they are following up with all of their leads and customers in a timely manner.This is essential for maintaining relationships and closing deals.

If the contact list is long, it can be difficult for salespeople to remember which customer or lead to call and when. A single missed call can lead to lost revenue.

OfficeClip Call List software simplifies this process by creating a centralized call list for contacts and leads. Salespeople can then focus on making calls without having to worry about forgetting anyone.

The Importance of Call List for Effective Sales Follow-ups:

  • Follow-up for sales and service
  • Keeping in touch with prospects
  • Resolving customer queries
  • Reminder for payments
  • Renewal of contracts
  • For surveys/feedback
  • Discussion about ongoing projects
  • Informing about new enhancements
  • Know their preferences better
  • Will help boost sales

How OfficeClip Call List can help you improve your Follow-up process?

Create weekly call list

creating weekly follow up list

For weekly follow-ups with leads, set up the week duration and date.

Custom Call list

creating custom follow up list for leads

Move the sales lifecycle forward by setting follow-ups using custom dates.

View Call list and Manage Communication

automated workflow

Take a glance at daily and future call list. Also within the overview of call list you can:

  • View contact details
  • Add notes for the contact
  • Create events and tasks
  • View Contact history
  • Keep track of all the communication with Call log
  • Compose an email
  • Remove contact from the call list

Automate your tasks

automated workflow

Eliminate your manual tasks and automate follow-up once your contact or lead is entered into the system by setting a call list in rules.

Once these workflow rules are set up, you need not worry about follow-up reminders. Instead, it will start showing in your Call list.

Follow-up Statistics

No matter how many people visit your sites or email you, conversion is not easy unless you make timely follow-ups.

It takes nearly 7-8 calls till you see a conversion. Therefore, maintaining a regular schedule and consistent communication helps increase the chances of increasing your customer base.

  • 80% of sales require at least five follow-up calls.
  • 60% of customers say No four times before saying Yes.
  • 50% of sales happen after the 5th call.
  • 42% of sales reps say they don’t have enough information before making a call.
increase customer retention with follow-up

Why is Follow-up important?

  • For Businesses

    1. Regular follow-ups slowly help build relationship with new customers or prospects.
    2. Diligent Follow-up shows your concern towards the customer.
    3. It will streamline your work process and decide on further actions.
  • With Leads

    1. Consistent follow-up makes the prospects feel valued.
    2. Follow-up will answer all the concerns about the product.
    3. Convince the leads how your product will be the best fit and about providing the best customer service.
  • For Sales

    1. It will help to resolve all the customers’ doubts.
    2. Getting in touch frequently positively impacts the person's decision-making process.
    3. It may also lead to more referrals.
    4. Connecting with your customer will help build trust, boost sales, and increase customer retention.
Manage your business activities with CRM

Enhance relationship with your leads and customers with consistent communication.

The best Follow-up tips for closing more deals:

  • Maintain a comprehensive database of your prospective customers, including all relevant information and requirements.
  • When communicating with leads or prospects, schedule the next call at a convenient date and time for both parties. This will help to avoid missed calls and voicemails, which can create a gap in the conversation and lead to lost interest from the buyer.
  • Create a daily call schedule and adhere to it as closely as possible.
  • Always call on time and never miss the given time slot. Punctuality and professionalism are essential for building trust with potential customers.
  • Be prepared for each call by reviewing the customer's information and any relevant questions or concerns. Provide clear and concise answers to all questions, and be prepared to address the customer's needs and pain points.
  • After each call, send a follow-up email thanking the customer for their time and summarizing the key takeaways from the conversation. This will help to keep the relationship moving forward and ensure that the customer feels valued.
  • Finally, update your customer database with any new information or call schedule changes after each follow-up.

The benefits of using a Daily Call list for your business

  • Regularly communicating with your leads, answering their pre-sales questions, and sending them targeted campaigns about your current promotions can help you convert leads into customers.
  • Payment reminders at the end of the month or year can help ensure timely payments.
  • Keeping in touch with your contacts at regular intervals, updating them with the latest information, and providing status updates on their projects can improve communication and demonstrate your professionalism.
  • Connecting with customers can give you insights into their specific needs, which can help you identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Ultimately, following up with customers shows that you care about them and your relationship. It is about building trust and rapport, which encourages them to return to you for business.


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