Call List is a reminder to call up your customer at regular intervals.

Importance of Call List:

  • Follow up calls for sales or service.
  • Keeping in touch with your prospects.
  • Calling up customers to inform about the expiration of their contract.
  • Reminder for payments.
  • Discussion with your customers about on-going projects.

The main function of OfficeClip Call List feature is to keep in touch with your current and potential customers. Once the call list is created for various contacts, the users need not worry about remembering to do a follow-up or call up.

Features of OfficeClip Call List:

Setting up call list

Figure: Call List

Set up Call List:

  • The users can set up call reminders for every one week, every two weeks or as required with the start date.
  • Call list can also be set using custom dates as per the business requirement.

Accessing daily and future call list

Figure: Daily and Future Call List

View Call List:

  • The User can check the whole list of daily and future Call list in the OfficeClip Call List menu.
  • Interactions with your customers can be recorded in add notes, which will help to maintain a record of business discussions and important events related to those like meetings, discussions, etc. can be added as events or tasks directly from the Call List.

Benefits of Call List:

  • It will help to stay in touch with your contacts at regular intervals.
  • Regularly keeping in touch with your leads, answering their pre-sales queries, sending them campaigns about your ongoing promotions will help to convert your leads in customers.
  • Payment reminders at the end of the month or year will ensure timely recovery of dues.
  • Keeping in touch with your contacts at regular intervals, updating them with the latest information or updating them about their project status will lead to better communication and will depict your professionalism.

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