Getting familiar with Invoices

Invoices module in OfficeClip is responsible for creating and processing invoice documents to vendors or suppliers. This module will help you create recurring and non-recurring invoices, which can be sent through the buyers portal. It will also show the status of all the invoices and will help in receiving online payments.


New Invoice

  • Users can create a new invoice by clicking on the New button on the Invoices module screen.
  • Users can also click on the icon on the right side of the invoice list screen to create a new invoice.
  • To create a new invoice, the users will have to add the information like Account name, type of invoice, invoice number, the invoice items, whether the invoice is recurring or non-recurring, and notes.
  • How to create a new Invoice.


  • The billing section will help you to create invoices for the OfficeClip Timesheet and Expenses module.
  • After entering the date and project, the timesheet and expense data is imported in the invoice module, to create a new invoice.
  • Only the approved timesheet and expenses can be imported.
  • The billing feature makes the process of creating an invoice and receiving payments faster.
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Payment Gateways

  • Payment Gateways in OfficeClip processes debit or credit card payments for your customers.
  • To set up online payments, the buyer needs to activate the account with the service provider.
  • Check how the Payment Gateways work.


  • In OfficeClip, different templates for invoices are available, like the professional invoice, service invoice, and standard invoice.
  • Users can also set up their email templates; email's can be customized for sending invoices.
  • Quotes and Estimate templates are also available.
  • Learn more about Invoice Templates.

Recurring Invoice

  • OfficeClip invoices module can create recurring invoices, where the customer is automatically charged for the goods and services purchased at regular intervals.
  • This recurring plan can be selected while creating an invoice.
  • Recurring Invoices.