An Invoice is a bill issued by a seller to a customer, which identifies both the parties, specifies the quantities and cost of product and services, taxes, discounts that have been provided by the seller. It is a written agreement between the buyer and seller which mentions the payment terms and specifies the period when the payment is to be made by the buyer.

Features of Invoicing software

Invoice Management

Figure: Invoices List

OfficeClip Invoicing module can:

  • Creation of Invoices automatically from timesheet (or manually)
  • Ability to receive payments (via third party payment processor)
  • Sending invoices via email and presenting it to your customers via our customer portal
  • Capture and process notes and disputes related to the invoices
  • Export invoice to pdf, excel and word file

Billing management

Timesheet billing in invoicesBilling items for invoice

Figure: Timesheet Billing

Billing is an important feature in invoices. The users can create invoices by exporting items from Timesheet and Expenses application to Invoices module within OfficeClip. The users have to enter minimal information like the period of billing, checkmark the items to be billed and a customizable invoice will be created.

Setting up an Invoice

Before creating an Invoice the administrator can set up certain things to be added in an invoice like the taxes, terms, etc.

Invoice profile


With the profile the administrator can add their organization logo, address, email, notes and other details which the buyer can see in the invoice.


In the taxes section, the administrator can add up different kinds of taxes that are levied on the goods that are supplied by their organization.

Invoicing taxes
Terms for an invoice


Various terms which are required for a business to receive payments can be added.

Payment Gateways

The seller can set up payment gateways to receive money by clicking on the PAY link in the invoice itself. The buyer can also make payments through credit cards.

Invoice payments
Invoice Templates

Invoice Template

The user can create an invoice with different kinds of templates. He can also customize the templates as per the organizational requirements. Quotes and Estimates can also be generated, and they can later be converted into an invoice.


The seller can create different kinds of items as per his business needs to add up in the invoice.

Items used in an invoice

Viewing an Invoice

View invoice

Figure: View Invoice

The invoice contains all the details like the items, taxes, terms, the organization logo, address, invoice number, it also includes the notes exchanged between the buyer and seller. The invoice can be paid directly by just clicking on the PAY button which will take user to the payment gateways. The invoice can also be exported in a PDF, Word or Excel format.

Benefits of Invoice Management

  • Helps to keep track of payments.
  • It is very useful for sales and accounting purpose.
  • It helps to maintain proper record of sales.
  • Ensure faster payments.
  • This standardized invoicing process will minimize errors, save time and will also create transparency between buyer and seller.


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