How to use Time Off?

Time Off module keeps track of the time offs taken by employees. It will keep records of leaves taken by employees in various categories and make the calculation of accruals and payroll process more manageable.

time off listscreen

Request Time Off

  • Users can request time off by clicking on the New Request button inside the Time Off module.
  • Users can also request for time off by clicking on the icon on the right side of the Time Off list screen.
  • Users have to select the category for leave, enter the date, description, and submit the Time off for approval.
  • How to request a Time Off.

Approve Time Off

  • Every user has an Approver who is authorized to approve or reject the time offs.
  • These Approvers are set up by the Administrator.
  • Once the Approvers are set, the Time Off request is automatically routed to the concerned authority.
  • Check the process of Assigning Approver for Time Off.


  • Reports give detailed information about time offs requested by users that will help plan unscheduled absence.
  • Time Off module has few built-in reports, and users can also create custom reports as per their requirements.
  • These reports can be copied, shared, scheduled, and deleted.
  • Managers can also set permissions for reports to restrict access for important and confidential reports.

Leave Categories

  • Employees take leaves for different reasons.
  • It is important to define leave categories, so it becomes easy to understand how many leaves an employee takes in a year and for what reasons.
  • OfficeClip Time Off module allows you to create different categories for leaves for various purposes.
  • Every category is well defined with the number of leaves fixed for employees, which depends on their years of service.
  • Learn more about Creating categories for Time Off.


  • Accruals are time offs earned, but the employee has not yet used those.
  • Various accrual policies are created in different categories.
  • These policies vary from person to person in an organization.
  • Accrual policies for seniors, junior, full time, part-work employees are different.
  • Check How to create different Accrual policies for leave categories.

Time Off Calendar

  • The Time Off Calendar gives a view of all the scheduled time offs taken by employees.
  • This Calendar will give an idea of employee availability and help in better scheduling and allocation of work.
  • View the Time Off Calendar.


  • The history section will show the history of all time offs submitted, approved, or rejected.
  • Learn more about Time Off history.