A Paid Time Off (PTO) is a bank of hours in which the employee pools sick days and vacation days. It may cover leaves for all kind of purpose like sick leave, vacation leave, leaves for a personal reason, medical leave, etc.

A PTO can differ from person to person in an organization. It depends on the number of years spent by an employee in an organization, his/her experience or position. A Senior employee may get more PTO's as compared to a newly joined recruit.

OfficeClip Time Off will help to track the time off's of all the employees in an organization. It also tracks accruals for each time off categories.

Time-Off Features

My Request screen

Figure: List of Time Off's

  • The My Request screen displays the list of time off's of an employee with different status.
  • Various categories can be set up for time off's.
  • Accruals for each category and each user can be set.
  • Time Off of employees can be viewed in the OfficeClip Calendar.
  • Various time off reports can be generated, which gives a list of time off's of all employees in multiple categories or a list of time off's requested.
  • Approval mechanism for approving time off is set up by the administrator.

Time Off Approval

OfficeClip handles the approval workflow efficiently. An approver is assigned for a group of employees who can approve their time offs. The requested and approved time offs can also be shown on the company calendar.

Time Off assign approver

Figure: Assigning Approver

When an employee submits a time off request, he may require approval by his manager or supervisor. The administrator has to ensure that the request is sent to the appropriate person by providing a proper approval path. The administrator needs to set up an approver for each employee to approve their time off request.

Time Off Request and Approval

Time Off new request screenTime Off approval screen

Figure: New Time Off Request

Once the approver is set, the time off request process can be carried out smoothly. The employee submits a request, the approver can see the time off in the pending status, and he can approve or reject a time off and also write comments for the same in a pop up that appears after approving or rejecting a time off.

Time-Off Calendar

Time Off Calendar

Figure: Calendar View

With Time Off Calendar in OfficeClip, the users can see at a glance the scheduled time off of all employees. This gives a better idea of employee availability and helps in better scheduling and allocation of work.

Category and Accruals

The Category helps to differentiate between various kind of time off's and each category can have different accrual policies.


Time Off categories

Figure: Various Time Off Categories

Category consists of various kinds of leave taken for different purpose. In each category, leaves are allocated to the employee taking into consideration of position and number of years worked. The excess leaves in each category are calculated at the end of the year, and they are either compensated in the form of money, or they are carried over to the next year. The administrator can decide whether to enable the accruals for a particular category or not.


Time Off accruals

Figure: Accruals

Accruals in time off are an accumulation of paid time off's over a period of time. They are used to calculate, accrue and track the amount of time off's an employee has. The accruals for each employee can be set differently based on the years they have spent in an organization. While creating an accrual the administrator can set the following:

  • A Start date for accruals
  • Accrual period
  • Whether to prorate accruals
  • When to calculate the accruals
  • How much to carry next year

Benefits of a Time Off Management Software:

  • Streamlines the process of time off requests, approvals, accruals, etc. with minimum errors.
  • Time Off Calendar gives a clear view of employees time off, and work can be scheduled accordingly.
  • The administrator can create various reports for time off, where all the details of employee time off, his leave balance, the category of leave, etc. can be seen.
  • PTO gives the employer some control over the unscheduled absence. Employees can now schedule their time off in advance with the help of this software.


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