How do you integrate customer service with your operation

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Customer service, an often ignored or outsourced service, is key to an organization’s growth and survival. In today’s connected world, where prospective customers perform web searches before buying a product, the quality of the service translates to the ability to sell a product. Additionally, customers discuss their bad experience on websites and social networks.


Today, customers report issues with products and services using various channels. Among them are email, telephone, filling out contact forms in the website and social networks. Also, in the age of the Internet, customers expect a response in a few hours instead of days. A study completed last year by ATH Power Consulting states 72% of small businesses consider customer service the biggest differentiator when working with banks.

The OfficeClip issue tracker and support ticket system integrates with CRM and project management and allows users to track support issues using various channels. 
Users can include an html code on their website that enables them to capture customer issues directly to the issue tracker.
Issues submitted via email can be captured directly in the issue tracker.
Issues reported via telephone can also be tracked in the issue tracker.
When an issue is reported, a tracking ticket is emailed to the customer enabling them to communicate with the agent via notes. This enables customers to self-service issues and communicate directly with the agent who is servicing the support ticket.

Additionally, rules can be designed to escalate an issue if it is sitting unattended for a long period of time.