Inexpensive Hosting Options for OfficeClip Suite

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OfficeClip is an all-in-one suite of Software that allows management of Employees Time and Expenses, keeping track of your Prospects, Customers, Opportunities and Issues . It also has feature to send Invoices and get paid on-line.

Many of our customers choose the installed version (where your install it on your own server) of the software as compared to the hosted version (on the cloud) because they want full control of their data. Some of our installed version customer wants to host OfficeClip on a shared hosting or dedicated hosting at a service provider. With OfficeClip 9.1 it has become easy to install in a shared or dedicated host using manual installation.

We looked around for cost effective hosting providers for our customers so that OfficeClip can be installed outside the firewall. the top 2 are given below:


  1. Arvixe – They provide shared hosting for the .net platform. I am pretty impressed with their offerings and services. You can host OfficeClip here for $5 per month (if you sign up for 2 years or $8 month to month). You can create upto six sites and do not have limits of space or bandwidth (as long as you are using it for your site). They do have other offerings like virtual hosting and dedicated hosting in case you want to upgrade. To test their service we have created a test account at Let us know if you want to play with it and we will send you the login credentials.
  2. 1and1 – They are arguably one of the biggest hosting provider based out of Germany. They have two packages that we found interesting and cost effective. The first one is virtual server which is $29 per month for 1GB RAM and 20 GB disk space and the other one is a dedicated server that gives 250GB disk space and 2GB RAM for $70. We have tested OfficeClip on their virtual server and it runs fine. The advantage of having your OfficeClip hosted in virtual or dedicated server is that you get to control your machine via remote desktop and can install software that is not possible with shared server (although OfficeClip does not need such things). Note that I have shown the least expensive options where OfficeClip is tested to be working!

Note: OfficeClip provides installation services for these third party server. Contact us if you need assistance.

Photo courtesy Flickr Creative Commons Attribution