Use Tags to loosely organize Contacts in OfficeClip

Reading Time: 2 minutes

TagsTo organize contacts, accounts, opportunities etc. in OfficeClip Contact Manager you can use user-defined fields. This can be used when you are setting a single property to a field, say, you want to specify that an Account has a yearly Contract. However, it is not easy to represent something whenever there is a one to many relationship exists. for example, say we want to say that an Account is a reseller and a partner, whereas another account is an end user and a reseller. 

Tags can help in this situation as it allows you to put as many tags you need for any entity you like. For example, in OfficeClip Contact Manager, you can create a tag called Customer Type, and set three values under it.


Customer Type:

  • Partner
  • Reseller
  • End User
Now you can select any sets of items from this list for each contacts. You can also search for a tag across all contacts and create appropriate filters.
OfficeClip supports hierarchical tags. This means you can create multiple tag groups and organize tags within them.
To use tags efficiently please note the following:
  • Create Tag groups as and when you need them
  • You should not let people in your company create random tags as they can go out of hand very quickly 
  • Try using hierarchical tags to make information easier to manage
Here is a youtube video that I uploaded on this topic:

Photo courtesy Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution