Service Desk and its importance

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What is a Service Desk?

Developing software is a very challenging process. With every software release, there are chances of some bugs or issues cropping up, which hinders the smooth usage of the software.

resolve issues with support desk

There are also chances that whenever a customer is using a product or a tester is testing the product using accessibility testing tools; they may have some good suggestions or enhancements that will help improvise the software. It is always not possible to contact the support staff or spend more time getting in touch with them. So, a service desk is a solution for all the problems.

A service desk helps to track issues in the software encountered by the customers. The team members then review, prioritize, and assign the issue to the concerned project lead or developer. Also, known as an issue tracker or a bug tracking system, this software can also help customers track the status of these bugs until resolution.

Why should businesses implement a Service Desk?

The use of the service desk is mainly for handling internal and customer issues. Customer needs an easy way to report issues encountered by them and get them resolved as soon as possible, preferably using some self-service.

An efficient service desk is like a self-service portal, where customers can enter their issues, suggestions, or feedback that the support team can review and track.

As per the study, the global issue tracking software is expected to reach $601.64 million by 2026 from $218.22 million in 2018.

Many businesses are adopting a service desk to make the working of their applications or product smooth and user-friendly. However, more often, small businesses go for a free version due to budget constraints, and most of them prefer a simplified ticketing system that is easy to adopt and use.

Benefits of using OfficeClip Service Desk:

service desk processing

The above flowchart shows the working of the OfficeClip Service desk.

Let us see the benefits of using a Service Desk:

Centralized system:

The OfficeClip service desk has a centralized database, which gives easy access to all the team members, developers, managers. This system helps in getting inputs and finding solutions quickly. In addition, it creates a better collaboration amongst team members.

Binders for storing issues:

OfficeClip can create multiple binders for different kinds of issues. These binders help separate different issues, feedback, suggestions enhancements, so the team members know exactly where to track relevant matters.

Delegation of work:

You can prioritize, categorize, add status and assign issues to the concerned developer. The developer also receives a notification, about the assignment of the issue. In addition, the user can track and check the status of their issues in the system.

Track time:

Time spent on every issue differs as some issues can be resolved quickly, and some issues take up much time. OfficeClip has a feature where developers can track time spent on resolving an issue. This track time gives project managers an overview of the issue status for the current release. If a similar kind of issue occurs again, it helps in estimating time for future releases.

Customer Portal:

With Customer Portal, information sharing becomes a much easier process. Customers can add issues through the access given to them within the customer portal or via webforms. It is also helpful for sharing requisites documents and notes.

Increases efficiency:

OfficeClip issue tracking system helps in the automation of workflows.

For example:

  • Suppose a user creates an issue in the system; in that case, the developer receives notification immediately.
  • Likewise, if an issue is in the system with open status for more than 2 hours, the criticality will automatically change to urgent, alerting the team members to take necessary actions.

This well-organized system will improve team coordination, manage issues efficiently, and will help issue resolution quickly. It will also improve the efficiency and workflow of your organization, increase customer satisfaction and provide a positive customer experience.

There are many solutions available today, take a look at the OfficeClip Service Desk system which is available in a Free version with unlimited users and will fulfill all your requirements for managing customer service.

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