What and Why of Document Management System

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Businesses today have to deal with a vast number of documents. The ability to access the right documents in a timely fashion has become challenging.

In most organizations, documents are spread out in various media and devices. For example:

  1. Some expense bills and receipts are in paper form.
  2. Invoices are created in proprietary software and sent via emails.
  3. Timesheets are stored in a database.
  4. Various types of contracts with vendors and suppliers are created in Word formats.
  5. There are financial statements, presentations, spreadsheets attached to emails.

In some cases, the information is not noted down anywhere and is in people’s minds. In most small businesses, there is no uniform way to create, index, and store documents.

As a result, valuable time is wasted searching for a document.

What is Document Management?

For businesses, the required information must reach the right people at the right time.

What and Why of Document Management System

Relying on paper-based documents, it gets challenging to manage and organize them, and there are also chances of documents getting misplaced.

The web-based Document management storage system helps store, organize, and track electronic documents with a large volume of information efficiently and ensures that it is easily accessible to multiple users and can be shared.

What are the challenges businesses face while storing Documents?

Paper Documents:

  1. Gets lost easily.
  2. Needs file folder to Index.
  3. Not easily retrievable offsite.
  4. Gets destroyed with aging.

Today, many businesses thrive by scanning paper documents and OCR to electronic form.


  1. Many copies float around as people Cc them to everyone.
  2. Gets mixed with lots of junk mails.
  3. Company emails usually go to a person and not easily shared unless Cc’d.

Today many CRM systems integrate with emails so that CSR can see all the communication happening with the customers.

Excel, Spreadsheets, and Word documents:

  1. Usually not indexed so hard to find.
  2. Stays on one computer and hard to find when needed offsite.

Why do we need a Document Management System?

  1. Centralized data makes it easy to access data from anywhere by all users.
  2. Searching documents becomes quicker and easier.
  3. Organizing documents efficiently in proper folders.
  4. With a web-based system, it becomes easy to update documents from time to time.
  5. It is safe and secure to store documents in the Document Management System.
  6. Digitizing and regular back-up of documents will make them permanent and convenient to manage.

Features of a Document Management System:

  1. Provides a windows explorer-like interface for ease of access.
  2. Ability to share online.
  3. Create granular permission so that only an authorized person can access it.
  4. Full-text search and easy to tag.
  5. Metadata can provide useful information and can be searched.
  6. It can even be shared with a client using password protection and expiration.
  7. Made tamper-proof with e-signature.

How does the OfficeClip Document Management System help?

Document storage

  1. Folders – OfficeClip Documents system can create different types of folders for all kinds of documents. Once these folders are created, it becomes easy to store and search the required documents in the requisite folders.
  2. Upload – Users can upload all types of files and documents. It also can bulk upload zip files.
  3. Search – It has a powerful search feature that will allow you to search for documents using text, file name, file type, size, date created, keywords, etc.
  4. Dropsite – This feature enables the extranet users or your customers to upload documents into OfficeClip.
  5. Permissions: The Administrator can set permissions for specific folders or documents to restrict access to confidential documents.
  6. Share Documents – Users can share documents via a web-link(public access) or secured link(secured access) with extranet users.
  7. Storage – Up to 10 GB of free storage is available for storing all the organizational documents. Extra storage can be purchased at a small fee.


OfficeClip’s document management system is the right solution that will help you to store all your important and confidential documents.

With easy and faster access to information, it will help to increase the speed of workflow. This Document Management System will bring many benefits to your organization and help to fasten your business processes and increase efficiency.

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