Managing Documents

There are various kinds of documents used in an organization. They may be pdf, forms, invoices, receipts, etc. Maintaining all these documents in one place is a difficult task.

OfficeClip Contact Manager allows you to upload and access all contact documents from one place. You can:

  1. Attach a document from your computer drive.
  2. Link a document or folder from OfficeClip Documents application.
  3. Link a third party document from Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. using the supplied URL.
  4. Copy and move documents from one folder to other.
  5. Share documents or folders through a web link or secured link.
  6. Documents can be easily located with the search function.

Feature Highlights

Document storage system

Figure: Managing documents in Contact Manager

  • All organizational users will have a single view of the document folders.
  • Documents can be attached to any application, including the Contact Manager and Group Calendar.
  • Users can see the detailed change history of the documents.
  • As a safeguard, there is an option to lock the documents, to avoid deletion or overwriting.
  • Users can securely share documents with non-OfficeClip users.
  • Administrators can manage roles to control member permissions for creating and editing documents.
  • Different versions of the document can be saved.
  • DropSite feature will enable extranet users to upload documents in OfficeClip.


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