Contact Management CRM
Provides quick access to account names and contact information. Often used with calendaring, email integration and activity management. Includes more comprehensive and detailed customer information. CRM applications deliver a more holistic view of the customer relationship, categorized details of interactions and correspondence from throughout the organization.
Provides limited integration capabilities or data exchange with systems. Applications usually are designed with importing, exporting and data integration in mind. Synchronizes contacts, emails and calendar activities easily with groupware or e-mail programs.
It is a platform for maintaining contact (partner, prospect, customer or otherwise) information. A platform that can be used to leverage as a strategy, it is a solution that supports the sales and marketing activity and offers a 360-degree view of the customer.

OfficeClip Contact Manager is a simplified software that has many CRM features. It helps fully manage relationships with customers, vendors, allows users to schedule upcoming events and meetings, categorize customers and prospects.

Contact Management helps to handle sales and marketing effectively
  1. Related information - Here we can add notes, schedule events, and meetings, attach documents, send emails, campaigns, add issues and add relationships.
  2. Sync - Allows import and export of contacts using CSV files. Easily synchronizes OfficeClip contacts with google contacts and calendar.
  3. Reports - View various types of reports categorized by contacts, projects, organization.
  4. Opportunities - Helps efficiently manage and track progress of opportunities, where potential revenue and probabilities can be assigned to each opportunity.


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