The Campaigns feature in OfficeClip allows you to create and send email campaigns to your contacts, using the bundled HTML editor or Microsoft Word to create campaigns and then send them through OfficeClip Contact Manager.

Designing Campaigns

An editor can be used to create your newsletter or campaigns. You can even create your campaigns in Microsoft Word and then send it as email in HTML with all the formatting intact!

Create Campaigns with free contact management software

Figure: HTML Campaign Designer

Sending Campaigns

If you have an email account with SMTP settings, then you can use that to send campaigns to all of your users. You can also use your Gmail own account. OfficeClip respects limits that have been set by your SMTP provider. For example, if your provider does not allow sending more than 120 emails per hour then OfficeClip will delay the email transfer so that it complies with the limit.

Send bulk campaign emails in our online contact management system

Figure: Sending Campaign Emails

Filters from the contact manager module can be used to send campaigns. These filters helps you send different campaigns to different contact groups effortlessly.

Creating Campaigns in Microsoft Word

Many of our customers create campaigns using Microsoft Word because it offers a rich set of editing options. The problem with sending campaigns directly from Microsoft Word is that the images and graphics do not show up correctly in the recipient's mailbox. This is because most email clients block images and styles which are used as a reference externally.

OfficeClip circumvents this restriction by embedding the images in the HTML file, encoded as hex binary. These embedded images are shown by most email clients.

Tracking Campaigns

The Campaigns feature in Contact Management also allows you to track the status of each campaign. OfficeClip shows the list of campaigns sent, time when checked by the recipient (as long as the recipient trusts the sender), and whether the campaign delivery has failed. Failed campaigns can be resent at a later time.

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