What is a Campaign?

A Campaign is an online marketing effort, an interaction with the customers about your organizational activities. Campaigning helps you to connect with your new leads and engage with your current customers.

Campaigns must be based on the aims of your organization and must have clear goals. A campaign must be well researched and well planned.

Through OfficeClip Campaigns users can send:

  • Newsletter
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Emails to inform customers about new enhancements in your website.
  • OfficeClip Campaigns also has different templates which can be modified as per your business requirement.

Campaign Planning

While designing a campaign set up a realistic goal, target the audience accordingly, and the campaigns should be able to communicate your objective.

Create Campaigns with free contact management software

Figure: HTML Campaign Designer

Sending Campaign Emails


Campaigns can be sent to contacts using your email account with SMTP settings. The user can send campaigns to all the contacts, or if a specific set of audience is to be targeted, for example, the user wants to send a campaign only to the customers in Georgia, in this case, the users can send campaigns using filters in contacts. Similarly, filters help you send different campaigns to different contact groups effortlessly.

Send bulk campaign emails

Figure: Sending Campaign Emails using filters

Automation Campaigns

Users can set up a rule in contacts that whenever a new contact is entered, he will automatically receive a campaign after a specified period.

Automated emails for new users

Figure: Automation Campaign Emails

Tracking Campaigns

OfficeClip Campaigns helps you to track the status of your campaigns. Campaign Email History shows the status of the campaign delivery whether it is queued, success or failed. The user will also come to know when the recipient has seen the campaign. Failed campaigns can be resent again.

Check Campaigns Email history

Figure: Campaigns Email History

Campaigning Goals:

  • Every successful campaign needs a clear identity and a simple message that the customer will understand.
  • Once the goal is clear marketing department can plan activities for your campaigns.
  • Create a set of audience to whom you want to reach.

Benefits of Campaign:

  • Campaigns for new contacts can help in increasing customer inquiries.
  • It will help to improve traffic and revenue.
  • Newsletters will keep your customers informed about your organizational activities.
  • Enhancements emails about your websites will help the customer make better use of your website.

A successful Campaign will not only strengthen your organization, but it will also help to build a positive image for your organization.


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