OfficeClip Calendar

A calendar app in the contact manager helps you to manage your overall day to day activities. It also helps to organize your appointments and manage your schedule smoothly.

OfficeClip Contact Management Calendar Features:

  • Schedule your business events.
  • Schedule meeting and invite attendees.
  • View your calendar events in the weekly or monthly mode.
  • The users can also view their tasks due, for that particular month.
  • Create appointments for users using Share Calendar.
  • Synchronize OfficeClip Calendar with your Google calendar and Outlook.
  • Import/Export Calendar in CSV format.
  • OfficeClip Calendar can also import/export events, tasks, appointments with iCalendar(a format used to exchange events, tasks and send meeting requests between various systems). It will help to view OfficeClip events inside the Google calendar or Outlook.
  • Share Calendar events with extranet users with limited access using Shared Calendar.

View Calendar

Organize business events using OfficeClip calendar

Figure: Group Calendar

View Agenda

Organize business events using OfficeClip calendar

Figure: View Calendar Agenda

Import/Export Calendar Events

Organize business events using OfficeClip calendar

Figure: Import/Export Calendar

This efficient OfficeClip Calendar will enable you to complete the complicated tasks of scheduling, managing, tracking multiple events in an efficient and hassle-free manner.


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