Capture leads from your website

Reading Time: 2 minutes

OfficeClip Suite consists of a Free Contact Management Software that can capture leads from your website. Once leads are in the contact manager, you can track, follow-up and convert them into accounts. This article shows how to setup the lead capture module.

Login as organization administrator, go to Contacts > Admin > Web Form (see 1 in the diagram)
web form settings

On this page you can set various options for the web form. First select the fields that you want to show in your web form (see 2 in the diagram). There are three options to select the return page, which is shown after your web site visitor completes the web form (see 3 in the diagram).

  1. Show a Thank You message and have user close the form
  2. Redirect user to a particular page on your website. For example, you may want to send the user to your download page after they fill-in the form
  3. For more advanced users, you can send them to an active page (like aspx, php, python etc.). OfficeClip Web Form will do a http form post to this page. You can then access all the values by iterating through them. This option is useful if you want to save the data to a database or want to direct user to different page depending on the options selected on your web form.
Finally click on the Generate button (see 4 in the diagram). The next page shows the html code.
generate web page
This html code can be copied and included on your website (directly or using html IFrame tag). You can also change the styles of the html page to match your website theme. Once done, the web form will show up on your website. To test the web form click on the preview button at the bottom of the page (see 1 in the diagram).
web form sample
The sample form shown is fully operational and can be used to test the webform. Fill it in and click on the Submit button.
web form imported to contact manager
Here we see that the contact has been imported to the Contact Manager. It can now be tracked like any other contacts.