Capturing Leads via Web Form

Web forms help you to capture leads from your website. Web forms are customized HTML forms which are created as per your business requirements, and it lets your customers enter their information and submit it. Webforms help to generate more leads for your business.

The people visiting your website may be interested in:

  • Your product.
  • Product pricing
  • They might have received your campaign, and they need more information on that.
  • They may have some query regarding your product.
  • They may want to place an order.

Web forms serve all these purposes, and when the visitors fill up this form and submit it, it becomes easy for the user to revert after understanding the customer's requirements.

The details filled in this form are automatically captured in your CRM database.

Publish Web Form

OfficeClip helps the users to create the web form as per their requirements and put it on their website.

Capture leads from your website using our free contact management software

Figure: Lead Capture Form

Web Forms

Whenever the customer fills up this form and submits it, his contact details automatically get transferred in the Contacts database.

Capture leads

Figure: Webform

Benefits of OfficeClip Webforms:

  • Generates more leads for your business.
  • After submitting forms, data is easily captured in the Contacts database, so no import/export is required.
  • Web forms make it easy to understand the user's requirements.
  • Users can generate different web forms for different purposes depending upon your goals. The types of a web form may be a feedback form, contact us form, lead generation, event registration form, a sales order form, etc.

Proper utilization of web forms will benefit your organization to a large extent, as it will help to gather all the information from your leads, and it will also help to understand your customer's requirements.


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