Online Timesheets

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OfficeClip Timesheet is a powerful tool you can use to effectively allocate resources to a project and continue to track them through the life of the project. It is also easy to view the time spent on various aspects of the projects as they are happening, allowing for fast adjustments to keep your project moving towards completion without wasting valuable time and money.

Features of Online Timesheets

OfficeClip Timesheet have many features that make them so beneficial to organizations and a few of them are listed below:

  • Multi Tasking – User friendly software that can be used by multiple people and can track multiple clients and projects.

  • Member Management – Managers can set hour and expense rules and/or warnings to employees to better manage things like overtime, travel expenses, etc.

  • Customization – Your employees can allocate and track things like vacation, jury duty, maternity leave, etc. accurately, eliminating many hassles.

  • Cost Control and Profits – You can generate timesheet and management reports to study utilization levels, costs incurred and the profitability achieved from each and every project. The Return on Investment on the timesheet software can be measured in number of months.

  • Security– Timesheet software offers you multiple levels of security so that managers, consultants, assistants, etc. can have various levels of access to information and data. It is also supports DCAA compliance for tracking history, creating audits and logs.

Online Timesheet Software is extremely affordable; hosted timesheet software can be purchased for as little as $10 a month and can be fully downloaded for around $80 per user. Once your business begins using timesheet software, you should find increased productivity, communication and efficiency as well as reduced costs, better organization and improved ability to effectively manage projects and resources.

More information on the OfficeClip Web Timesheet and Expense software is available at the OfficeClip website.

Spend a couple of minutes to browse through the Screen shot tour of Online Timesheet and Expense.

Using Online Timesheets in Your Business

Timesheet software greatly reduces administrative tasks within your organization because all communication is centralized through the same application. This saves massive amounts of paper and also saves time; you don’t have to chase team members and remind them to complete and submit their timesheets. Employees and managers alike will find online timesheets easy to use and helpful and we have discussed how this works for each below:

Used by Employees – If you are worried about your employees resisting the idea of using time tracking software , don’t! It is an opportunity for employees to keep track of what projects they are working on and where their hours are being spent. This gives them a complete record of their productivity on all their projects.

Used by Managers – Managers will also find online timesheet software to be extremely beneficial for many reasons. They will be able to have their employees timesheets automatically routed to them for approval and they can set up rules to help eliminate mistakes and errors for employees entering time. This will save hours and money for the company. Timesheet software can be integrated for the easy transfer of data to and from applications like MS Excel, QuickBooks, Peachtree, etc.

Online Timesheet software can make your company more productive by accurately track time spent on various projects. This enables reduced costs and better overall organization and productivity among employees.