Permission-based Email Marketing

What exactly is permission-based email marketing?

It means getting permission before adding contacts to an email list. It is the act of getting consent from a subscriber to send them email marketing campaigns. Businesses that get it right and build permission-based email lists enjoy high open and click-through rates. These campaign emails help them in getting a significant level of sales and revenue from their email marketing initiatives.

Usually, an email or campaign email sent without the customer’s permission is considered as spam.

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Rules for permission-based email marketing:

  • Get permission: Set an opt-in option in your marketing software, so when the customer signs in using a web form, the customer will receive an opt-in confirmation email. Allowing this opt-in confirmation will help you to be sure that the customer actually wants to hear from you.
  •  Plan: It is essential to communicate with your customers on a regular basis. Send the campaign emails at regular intervals and track the campaigns to analyze the results. It will give an idea about how many campaigns were delivered, how many people clicked etc.
  • Never buy or rent a list: Subscribers want to receive email from those companies they have subscribed to, not an unknown third party.
  • Give the people an option to opt-out: Instead of sending emails to people who don’t want them and end up marking them as spam, allow them a way out so you can remove them from your list. The link for opt-out should be easy to find because interests may change over time.

Permission may ensure your Contacts are getting what they receive and it is a profitable strategy that will pay for itself. A proper CRM solution will help to categorize the contacts and sending campaigns or promotional emails will be a hassle-free process.

So one of the significant advantages of permission-based marketing is that advertisers can concentrate their efforts on those prospects that are most likely to turn into buyers. When a customer selects themselves by asking for more information, it shows that they have a genuine interest in what the business is offering. These customers are more likely to purchase and to spend more money when they do so.

Benefits of Permission-based email marketing:

  • It creates less spam risk.
  • It strengthens the brand.
  • It will give a better return on investment from your email campaigns.
  • Campaign emails give better engagement results.


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