OfficeClip Contact Manager is an ideal tool to be used for small business. It allows users to create any number of contact groups using tags. Tags are a loosely designed structure that helps categorize contacts based on various criteria. Once a tag is created and added to contacts then users are able to search contacts by tags, to send campaigns only to specific contacts.

Hierarchical contacts in Contact Management software goes one level beyond tagging, and it allows users to create parent and child tags. This hierarchy helps in better categorization and an improved ability to find information faster. For example, Sue's Insurance Company sells various services, like medical insurance, auto insurance, and homeowners insurance. The company also wants to categorize the contacts to see what states they have lived in previously. In this case, the tag hierarchy will look like this:

Contact Manager tags enables better categorization and retrieves information faster

Figure: Showing Tags for Sue's Insurance Company

Now Sue can tag each contact based on two criteria: Services and Lived-In.

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