A Tag is a term which you assign to your contacts to categorize or filter them on the basis of their interest, preferences or some set of actions, which makes it easier to find them.

Tags help to organize your data to meet your business needs. Tags will help you to sort your contacts on the following basis:

  • Categorize your contact on the basis of customer, vendor, channel partner, financer.
  • Tags can be assigned to contacts on the basis of their location or interests.
  • Tags can be assigned on the basis of the products a contact is using or whether a contact is a lead or prospect.
Contact Manager tags enables better categorization and retrieves information faster

Figure: Creating Tags

Tags are identifiers which help in better categorization, finding information faster, it becomes easier to send campaigns or emails to specific contacts.

Hierarchical tags helps organize data as per your business needs

Figure: Tags assigned to a contact

Multiple tags can be added to a single record. Tags can be easily edited, deleted and tag groups can also be modified.

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