Sometimes it takes many interactions with a prospect to make a sale. When a new contact is entered into OfficeClip, depending on the contact information, a specific action may need to be taken to engage the contact. For example, if the prospect is from a particular city and you have an ongoing promotion for that city then you may want to let the prospect know of that information. However, prospects from another city may not find that same information useful.

You may also want to connect with your prospect at regular intervals. For example, when the prospect signs up you will want to send them a welcome message. After a week or so you may want to schedule a telephone call or send another email to make contact again.

The drip marketing and workflow module in the OfficeClip Contact Manager software attempts to automate this process. You can set up the rules within the workflow module. When the user enters a new contact, then these rules are activated, and actions are taken automatically in the background.

Contact manager software creates automated emails, tasks for leads

Figure: A sample of drip marketing rules

Action List

  • Automated creation of merged emails to be sent to the contact
  • Creation of calendar events
  • Creation of tasks
  • Entering contacts or customer into a daily call list schedule

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