What is Drip Marketing?

Drip marketing is direct marketing to acquire customers which involves sending marketing information to prospects at regular intervals. These drip campaigns engage your contacts, and this also helps to build a relationship with prospects and customers.

OfficeClip makes the prospect conversation path easier with:

  • Automated creation of tasks and events.
  • Sending campaigns at regular intervals to the prospects or customers.
  • Creating a call list schedule for new contacts to keep in touch with them.

Setting up Drip Marketing Rules

The drip marketing and workflow module in the OfficeClip Contact Manager software attempts to automate this process. You can set up the rules within the workflow module. When the user enters a new contact, then these rules are activated, and actions are taken automatically in the background.

Contact manager software creates automated emails, tasks for leads

Figure: Drip marketing rules

Benefits of Drip Marketing:

  • This marketing communication is an automated way of sharing content about your brand which is valuable for a customer and, it also saves time and resources.
  • This drip marketing strategy helps to engage your leads with the right content at the right time.
  • Drip marketing in OfficeClip also ensures consistent marketing efforts where Campaigns can be created and sent easily, and also tasks and events can be created to capture the leads.


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