CRM for small business with more advanced packages provides additional functionality. For example, the ability to be able to group your customers according to specified criteria, organize contacts into categories such as lead, potential, and customer, clear presentation of relevant information, searching, and filtering, etc.

CRM solutions help you build detailed customer profiles for each of your clients, it records each interaction your company has with leads and clients, including meetings, phone calls or emails. Since there's a record of past client activity and feedback, you can also determine if another solution or service you offer may fit a client's unique needs, which can lead to better targeted upselling opportunities. It is also a platform of synced customer information so all authorized employees can share information about the business needs and expectations of every customer and lead. This cost-efficient solution can help maintain a healthy and sustainable relationship with your clients.

OfficeClip CRM solutions include all the tools a small business requires for managing projects, scheduling resources, generating invoices and utilities for managing all aspects of customer relations. It keeps track of all the details of a contact and is also fully integrated with information like calendar, tasks, tags, and documents.

Easy to use OfficeClip Contact Management System
  1. Notes - Created to organize and store multiple notes, has an option of creating a public or private note.
  2. Social Networking - Easy integration with social networking sites.
  3. Calendar - Easy scheduling, managing, and tracking of complicated tasks.
  4. Documents - Attach documents to any application and securely share documents with the users.
  5. Emails - Helps set up a mailing list, organize folders and can block and filter emails.
  6. Hierarchical Tags - Makes the grouping of contacts easy.

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