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What are Timesheet Templates?

Do you want to create professional timesheets that can help you track your work hours, monitor your productivity, and comply with labor laws? If so, you have come to the right place!

We offer you a variety of timesheet templates that you can download and use for free. You can choose from different formats such as Excel, Google Sheets, Word, or PDF. You can also customize them to suit your needs and preferences.

Our timesheet templates are easy to use and come with instructions and samples. You can store them on your computer or a shared drive and send them to your manager or administrator.

Weekly Timesheet templates

Weekly Timesheet Templates

This template is ideal for you if you get paid by the hour and submit your timesheet weekly.

You can enter your hours for each day of the week, and the template will automatically calculate and display your total hours.

Bi-Weekly Timesheet template

Bi-Weekly Timesheet Templates

This template is helpful if you get paid every two weeks. You can enter your hours for 14 days, and the template will automatically calculate and display your total hours.

Bi-weekly timesheets are usually used by contractors who work on different projects

Monthly Timesheet template

Monthly Timesheet Templates

This template is suitable for you if you are a salaried employee or an employee working full-time or part-time.

You can enter your hours for the whole month, and the template will automatically calculate and display your total hours.

Semi-monthly(1-15) Timesheet template

Semi-Monthly(1-15) Timesheet Templates

This template is useful for you if you get paid twice a month. You can enter your hours for the first half or the second half of the month, and the template will automatically calculate and display your total hours. Semi-monthly timesheets are mainly used by full-time employees who have a fixed salary.

This template covers the first part of the month (1 - 15); please see below for a template covering the other half (16 - 31).

Semi-Monthly(16-31) Timesheet template

Semi-Monthly(16-31) Timesheet Templates

Like the one above, you can use this template if paid semi-monthly. It is mainly used by full-time employees who are paid twice a month.

This template covers the second part of the month (16 - 31); please see above for the template covering the other half (1 - 15).

time-off request template

Time-Off Request Template

This template allows you to request a time-off from your manager or supervisor. You can specify the type of leave, such as vacation, sick, personal, etc., and whether you need a full-day or an hourly time-off.

You can also attach any supporting documents if needed.

Daily planner template

Daily Planner Template

This template helps you record your work hours in 15-minute intervals. You can see how you spend your time on various tasks and projects.

This template will help you plan better and focus on more critical tasks.

Looking for a simple Time Tracking solution?

Benefits and Drawbacks of Timesheet Templates:

Pros and cons of using a template

Benefits of using Timesheet templates:

  • Track work hours accurately: It allows you to see how long your employees or contractors do their work. You can also create invoices for your clients with their work hours.
  • Monitor Productivity and Efficiency: It allows you to track your team’s time use on various tasks and projects. You can use this to spot and stop time loss, improve work methods, and boost work quality.
  • Compliance with Labor laws : It helps you comply with overtime, minimum wage, and leave rights laws. They also make mistakes less likely by showing clear records of work hours.

Drawbacks of using Timesheet templates:

  • Cannot avoid human errors: Timesheet templates use data that people put in by themselves, which can have mistakes, incorrect numbers, and dishonesty. Employees may leave out their timesheets, put in false hours, or pretend they worked more than they did.
  • May affect employee morale: Employees may feel their managers are micro-managing every minute of their work. Unless this issue is addressed, employees may feel less excited and active.
  • Expensive to maintain: With Timesheet templates, you must change, copy, and check timesheets often to keep them correct and secure. Employees also need a lot of time and stuff to create, send, collect, handle, and save these templates.

Why are online timesheets better than using templates?

If you want to take your time tracking to the next level, we also offer you a free database-driven timesheet that you can use online or install on your computer. It is user-friendly and customer-driven.

With online timesheets, your data is correct and secure. You avoid errors and fraud by not typing data yourself. You can also track your time from any place and analyze your data with reports and graphs.

The figure shown below is an example of an online timesheet:

Advantages of using a template

With our online timesheet, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Secure and accurate data: Your data is stored in a relational database that ensures its integrity and security. You don’t have to worry about errors or fraud as the data is entered automatically and verified by the system.
  • Work and time recording rules: You can set up rules for correct time entry, such as minimum and maximum hours, overtime rates, leave rights, etc. You can also receive alerts if you violate these rules.
  • No missing timesheets: A simple search command in the database can find un-filled or submitted timesheets.
  • Online submission and approval: You can submit your timesheet online and get it approved by your manager or administrator. You can also track the status of your timesheet and receive notifications.
  • Comprehensive reports: You can generate detailed reports on your work hours, productivity, efficiency, costs, etc. You can also use graphs and charts to visualize your data.
  • Data migration: You can easily export or import your data using standard formats like CSV, JSON, or XML. You can also migrate to a different system without any hassle.
  • Compliance with government and state laws: Our online timesheet is compatible with DCAA rules and other labor laws. You can avoid costly audits and penalties by following these regulations.

Whether you choose our timesheet templates or our online timesheet, we are confident that you will find them useful and convenient. Try them out today and see the difference!

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The best solution: a free online timesheet

OfficeClip Timesheet is a free timesheet that can help you track all your activities against customers, projects, and tasks. It is secured by password and two-factor authentication. It can also create comprehensive reports. Some of the features include:

Free online timesheets

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How OfficeClip Timesheet helps?

Free online timesheets

  • The free version enables the advantages of the electronic timesheet without any cost to the user.
  • Custom reports are available to see timesheet trends.
  • Ability to search any timesheet in the system.
  • DCAA compatibility rules are built-in (requires paid version).
  • Online timesheet submission and approvals (requires paid version).
  • Create rules for edit checks.
  • Integration with other systems like QuickBooks, ADP, etc.
  • Ability to track paid time-offs.
  • Ability to track company and project expenses.
  • Ability to send invoices.

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