Free Timesheet Templates

Fill-in and Print Timesheet templates in Excel, Word, Google sheets and PDF format.
(Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly and Semi-Monthly templates)

Timesheet templates

How to Track time using these templates

Download these simple timesheet templates to your computer or use the Google Sheet to access them online. Fill in and submit them to your supervisor or accounting for approval. These templates are printable, can be downloaded and customized.


Weekly printable Timesheet Template
Weekly timesheet templates are used to calculate work hours on a weekly basis. Weekly timesheets can be used by people who work on an hourly basis or on a part-time basis.


Bi-Weekly printable Timesheet Template
For calculating the employee work hours on a biweekly basis, use this template. To add time, manually download a PDF template of biweekly timesheet and enter details. If you want automatic calculations for work hours, download the Excel sheet.


Monthly printable Timesheet Template
Monthly timesheet templates can be used by salaried employees or by employees who work on a full-time or part-time basis. It will give an overview of the total working hours in a month and hours spent on a project. The users can also create a copy of Word, Excel, and Google spreadsheets and edit column as per requirements.

Semi-Monthly (1-15)

Semi-Monthly (1-15) printable Timesheet Template
For calculating the employee work hours on a semi-monthly basis from 1st to 15th of the month, use this template. This template can be used by freelancers or employees working on a part-time basis.

Semi-Monthly (16-31)

Semi-Monthly (16-31) printable Timesheet Template
This template covers semi-month timesheet from 16th to 31st of the month.. To add time, manually download the PDF or Excel spreadsheet. Enter the month and start entering the details.

Daily Planner

Daily Planner printable Timesheet Template
This template will help you to find the most efficient time for work. In this template, record time at each interval of the day and get an overview of how you are spending your time. It will help you plan better and focus on more important tasks.

Decision Matrix

Decision Matrix printable Timesheet Template
This decision matrix template will simplify the process of decision making by helping to prioritize things and make the correct choice.

Limitations of Timesheet Templates

  • It does not guarantee an accurate time entry.
  • Misplaced timesheets are hard to locate as files may be deleted.
  • Very difficult to create an Adhoc report to see trends over time.
  • Requires manual entry if the timesheets are transferred to another system.
  • It will be difficult to perform audits if changes made to the timesheet are not logged.
  • Implementing standards like DCAA are more expensive as lots of manual processes need to be executed.

Advantages of Electronic Timesheet

  • Electronic timesheets can adequately maintain the data stored in a relational database.
  • More accurate time entry is possible because edit rules can match the timesheet entry.
  • No missing timesheet; a simple search command can find the timesheet in question.
  • Generate reports quickly by querying the database.
  • Data migration is easy as timesheets can be exported and imported in various formats, including CSV.
  • Changes made to the timesheet are logged in the database and can be retrieved easily in reports.
  • With electronic timesheets, easily implement Standards like DCAA and system can flag errors to the administrators.

How OfficeClip Timesheet helps?

Free online timesheets

  • The free version of OfficeClip Timesheet is entirely free. It enables the advantages of the electronic timesheet without any cost to the user.
  • Custom reports are available to see timesheet trends.
  • Ability to search any timesheet in the system.
  • DCAA compatibility rules are built-in (requires paid version).
  • Online timesheet submission and approvals (requires paid version).
  • Create rules for edit checks.
  • Integration with other systems like QuickBooks, ADP, etc.
  • Ability to track paid time-offs.
  • Ability to track company and project expenses.
  • Ability to send invoices.

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