Timesheet Workflow Management

Capturing and tracking working hours for employees is a crucial process for any organization. Previously time was tracked through spreadsheets, email, etc. But maintaining these work details was a tedious job and approvals a difficult process. Now time can be tracked through Online Timesheets where the employees just fill up and submit their timesheets for approvals.

Time can be tracked with Timesheet applications through various platforms like mobile, desktop, tablets, etc. Once the timesheets are filled up, approval is required from the supervisor or managers. The supervisor or manager reviews the time recorded and work done on a project and then decides whether to approve/reject the timesheet.

Timesheet processing

Without a proper approval process, things would go wrong with incorrect billing to clients, the improper record of time entries, and allocation of work, etc.

This Timesheet automation process needs to flow smoothly in order to increase work productivity. OfficeClip Free Timesheet has a multi-level workflow process for approval, where the approver validates the timesheet entries and makes a decision on whether to approve/reject the timesheets. This process ensures that the work is carried out as per the company policy and also ensures proper invoicing and billing.

Workflow for timesheet approvals

The benefits of OfficeClip Timesheet approval process are:

  • Multi-level approval system.
  • Accurate billing of Invoices.
  • Reduces payroll errors.
  • Within no time, timesheet details can be reviewed, and timesheets can be approved or rejected.
  • Comments can be added while approving or rejecting timesheets so that employees can discuss the matter with higher management about the reasons for the rejection of timesheets.
  • Timesheets can also be created, submitted, and approved/rejected through a Mobile app.
  • The users can also view their timesheet approval history through Reports.
  • Users receive notifications for approval or rejection of timesheets.