OfficeClip Timesheet works in two modes: Standard and Check In/Out. In the standard mode, employees record the time duration against each project / tasks. In Check In/Out mode, employees punch in the time they enter and exit their job.

Timekeeping software In out mode

Figure: Timesheet Mode

The Check-in and Check-out option in OfficeClip timesheet will ensure proper tracking of time along with hours spent on a project, work done and breaks.

Check-in and Check-out Mode

Timesheet check-in mode

Figure: Timesheet In/Out Mode

  • If timesheet mode is set to In/Out, the check-in and check-out mode becomes active.
  • Once the user starts working, the user has to click the Check-in button. The Check-in time can be seen on the timesheet screen.
  • Once the work is complete, the user has to click the Check-out button.
  • Timesheet check-out mode
  • A pop-up window appears where the user has to enter the work details, the project they are working on, task and finally the break time.
  • Once the user clicks Check-out, the time automatically gets recorded in the timesheet.

Benefits of using Check-In and Check-Out timesheet:

  • The exact date and time of employees working hours are recorded.
  • When the employee enters the break time, the break hours automatically gets subtracted from the actual time.
  • If the employee forgets to check-out after his work hours, he automatically gets checked-out after 10 hours or 12 hours as set by the administrator in the Auto Check Out After option.
  • Timesheet details reports show the details of the check-in and check-out time of all the employees along with the projects and task details.
  • Check-in and Check-out timesheet helps to eliminate inaccuracies and improves efficiency in the organization.


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