You can use this module to create tasks for your contacts and customers and keep track of them when they are done. You can also assign tasks to your coworkers and link them to projects.
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How it works?

Tasks can be created in two ways:

  1. You can go to the details screen of the entity (contacts or accounts) and create your tasks for a particular contact
  2. You can also go to the tasks application and access your task for an entity from there

Each task can contain sub-tasks and has a clock to track time for the task. Also, for project related tasks, you have the ability to track estimates and spent time separately.

New Tasks

Create new tasks
  • Create tasks
  • Add start date and due date
  • Assign priority
  • Add task types and tags
  • Create reminders
  • Select Project related to the task to track time for the task


Create new tasks
  • Multiple sub-tasks can be created for each tasks.
  • Assign sub-tasks to concerned team member.
  • Sub-tasks can be modified or deleted.

Track time

Create new tasks
  • Separate first and final estimates.
  • Check-in Check-out using a timer
  • Track time spent on a task manually.
  • Gives an overview of the estimated, spent and balance time.
  • Import task time in the Timesheet.

Task History

Create new tasks
  • View all the edits or modifications done to a task or sub-tasks.

Advantages of OfficeClip Task Management software

It keeps track of the tasks you do for your customers (or internally for your organization) and connects them to projects or customers. Following are the important features:

  • Tasks linked with Projects, Contacts, or Accounts
  • Assignment of Subtasks
  • Track first and subsequent estimates
  • Accurately tracking time spent on work items using a timer
  • History of each change preserved
  • Task Reports Builder
  • Email notifications
  • Sync tasks with Outlook
  • Restrict user acess to confidential tasks with Permissions.
  • Integrated with the timesheet

Manage all your tasks with OfficeClip

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