Track leads and contacts in Contact Management software

Organize Information

- Tracking Leads
- Managing Customers
- Customizing Invoices
- Designing Campaigns

Contact management software provides security by assigning roles and permission for users

Enhanced Security

- SSL secured web access
- User roles allocation
- System privileges
- Permission assignment

Create customized reports in Contact Manager freeware


- Custom Fields
- Rule-based Processing
- Custom Reporting
- Web Forms

Drip marketing automates marketing through newsletters, tasks, events

Creation of pre-written newsletters, automated tasks, and events for your prospects helps in automation of your Customer Relationship Management. Our Contact Management Software allows you to program those messages to be sent or activities executed over time.

Learn more about workflow and drip marketing

Group contacts and customers in a hierarchy. Contact management software helps categorize the contacts based on various tags and retrieves them faster.

See how to create and use hierarchical tags in Contact Software
Contact manager hierarchical tags enables better categorization and retrieves information faster

Online contact manager campaign tool creates newsletters and promotional mails for potential prospects

Building good customer relationship requires multiple interactions with your customers. Our Contact management campaign tool helps you create HTML newsletters and sales campaigns and send them directly to your customer's mailbox.

Learn how to design campaigns

An integrated invoicing software speeds up the billing and payment procedure. OfficeClip's invoicing component allows invoices to be created and tracked effortlessly. Your customers will be able to pay the invoices from within their portal.

Find how to create and send invoices
Free Contact management enables creation of invoices and receive payments online

Access OfficeClip applications via iphone, android or windows phones

Ability to access data on the go helps improve efficiency and productivity. Our free contact management software is accessible via any mobile smartphone.

See the features available on OfficeClip smartphone interface

Security for contact management software goes beyond login id and password. You can selectively allow specific functions, or fields, to be visible to particular roles. Administrators can hide sensitive contacts or customer records from general users.

How businesses can use contact management software for various levels of security
Provision of security by limiting access of certain features to users

Track daily calls of customers, prospects to improve customer relationship with contact software

A successful sales process needs to organize which contacts to call on a particular day. Our Contact Manager allows you to program call list based on specific intervals (like one week, two weeks, etc.)

Find how to create a call list to improve customer relationship

Our software provides synchronization of OfficeClip data with Outlook and Google, to minimize duplication of data in various devices. We synchronize Contacts, Notes, Events and Tasks in both directions.

See how to synchronize your data with Google and Outlook
Contact Management integration synchronizes important business information with Outlook and Google

Customers say:

Andre Thompson (Senior Engineer - British Telecom )

"OfficeClip has been easy to learn, use and navigate for us at BT. We have found it a useful asset in managing and organizing our projects."

Sarah Roderus (Vice President - TCT Computing)

"This product has been a lifesaver! We are very happy with the product and support"

Mary Yanocha (Director - PM Solutions)

"We have been using the OfficeClip tools for more than seven years to share corporate documents and track time for more than hundred associates"

Good return on investment

Free Contact Management

Use the installed version free for unlimited users. Hosted version starts from $4

Consolidation of Contacts

It is convenient to store contacts in one location which will be easily accessible.

Enhanced security

Your contacts can be secured via specific organization roles or even based on individual users in OfficeClip contact manager. For example, you can create a rule for certain criteria, such as "If a contact's city is Atlanta then give full access to the Role - Eastern Region."

Other Benefits

With our Web based Contact management, you can easily store new contact details, contact notes, appointments, task, customer issues, and even campaigns so that they can be quickly located and accessed

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