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Contact Manager for Small Business helps to build better Customer Relations, organize contacts, tasks, documents, etc. all in one place. It can also be used to track Opportunities, Contacts, Accounts, Invoices, and many other things for your clients. It is free for unlimited users.

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Why use OfficeClip CRM?

Extensive customer data can be organized efficiently and can be accessed by different departments.

Managing notes, activities, documents, issues, creating call-list for contacts will help in customer retention.

Automated tasks and events for prospects through Drip-Marketing.

Customized reports will provide all the required information about contacts.

This efficient Contact Manager will help to build customer relationships, increase sales and productivity, and improve customer service.

Contact Manager Features

  • Document Sharing

    Attach, share, lock, and download documents in all OfficeClip applications.

  • Drip Marketing

    Automate tasks and events and create call list schedules.

  • Invoices

    Create and send invoices and receive timely payments.

  • Campaigns

    Create HTML newsletters, sales campaigns, and promotional campaigns.

  • Call List

    Reminds to call up your customers at regular intervals.

  • Tags

    Group your contacts in a hierarchy and retrieve them faster.

  • Search and Filters

    Search contacts using the search and advanced filter options.

  • Multi-level security

    Allow specific functions or fields to be visible to particular roles.

  • Rules

    Rules set up by the Administrator will trigger events and restrict access.

  • Custom fields

    Create user-defined fields as per organizational requirements.

  • Report Generator

    View and analyze contact information through reports.

  • Mobile Access

    Access your contacts and their information through smartphones.

Who can use the Contact Manager?


A contact manager will help the freelancer to maintain client records, task, or projects related to those clients. Also, adding notes, events, attaching documents, etc. will help him to carry on his work smoothly. This software will also help with links to social media, enabling extranet, and it also syncs with Google and Outlook.


Contact Manager is an ideal solution for small teams or business professionals who need to manage their contacts and help them with their day-to-day activities. Different departments and users can access this centralized database and can remain updated about the activities going on with their customers.

Education Departments

A functional CRM will help the education sector to organize the data of their students and professors. This contact manager will give an idea about the strength of students and the availability of their professors, which will help them to manage their schedules. It will also help to automate the admission process and help to carry on with follow-ups.

How OfficeClip CRM is useful

Organize Information

✓ Track Leads
✓ Manage Accounts
✓ Customize Invoices
✓ Design Campaigns


✓ Custom Reports
✓ Share reports via web link or secured link
✓ Export reports in pdf, excel, word format
✓ Set up permissions for accessing reports


✓ SSL secured web access
✓ User roles allocation
✓ System privileges
✓ Permission assignment


✓ Custom Fields
✓ Rules-based processing
✓ Custom Reporting
✓ WebForms

Desktop App

✓ Free for unlimited users
✓ Available in hosted/installed version
✓ Various editions available
✓ Free upgrades

Mobile App

✓ Create new contacts
✓ Add notes, tasks, events for contacts
✓ Search and filter contacts
✓ Edit and delete contacts

Quick feature list by users

  • Employees
    • Add, edit and delete contacts
    • Add notes, tasks, events, issues for a contact
    • Set up call-list for follow-up with customers
    • Send emails, campaigns
    • Tag Contacts
    • Create various filters to search contacts
    • Track time for a contact
    • Set up relationships within contacts
  • Administrators
    • Reassign ownership or permission for contacts
    • Hide applications if not required
    • Set permission for accessing reports
    • Customize screen
    • Create custom fields
    • Configure fields
    • Create rules
    • Create web forms on the website for potential customers

What makes OfficeClip CRM unique?

Free for unlimited users

Hosted and Installed version
Free integrations with Slack and Zapier using Rest API
Free Mobile CRM App
Track Customer Issues (requires free OfficeClip Issue Tracker)
Track time with Timesheet(needs free OfficeClip HRM)

OfficeClip Hosting Options

Use OfficeClip on our Cloud if you do not want to install yourself
Installed: If you want to install on your machine behind your firewall or wish to do local customizations, you can install on any Windows computer (Windows 10 or higher) at your premises.
Private Cloud: Finally, you can use it on Amazon AWS (or Microsoft Azure). We will provide you with the AMI to get this to work. We can optionally manage your Private Cloud for you.

Manage your business wherever you go

Manage all your contacts and their information With IOS and Android mobile apps. Add and edit contacts, add notes, manage events, and tasks with your mobile device, when you have no access to your desktop.

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