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What are Project Management Templates?

Project management is a valuable tool that can help businesses streamline their workflow and improve efficiency. It can be used to plan, analyze, organize, and track tasks and resources for multiple projects. This can help businesses estimate future project planning and budgeting and track time for tasks.

OfficeClip has designed Free Project management templates to help you manage your projects and tasks efficiently in various formats.

They are easy to use, can be stored on your computer or shared drive, and can be sent via email to your manager or administrator.

We also offer Free project management with timesheet software that you can use online or install on your computer.

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Project Management Templates

With this template you can create multiple billable projects for the whole month. Simply enter the date, project, task, work hours, overtime and hourly rate for each project.

This template will give you an overview of the time spent on each project and the total amount to be billed to your clients.

project templates with estimated time

Project Templates with Estimated Time

With this template you can create multiple projects for the whole month. Simply enter the date, project, task, estimated time, spent time, and hourly rate for each project.

This template will give you an overview of the time you estimated for the project, time spent on each project and the total amount to be billed to your clients.

Benefits and Drawbacks of using the templates:

benefits and limitations of a template

Benefits of using a Project management template:

  1. Tracks all projects and tasks: You can view all the projects and tasks each employee has worked on, along with the time worked on each task, overtime hours, the billing rate per hour, and the total amount.
  2. Monitor productivity and efficiency: You can view the time to complete each task. So, if a task takes too long, you can take corrective actions to avoid delays.
  3. Easy to use: Templates are easy to download and use instantly, with no installation required.

Limitations of using a template:

  1. There are chances of templates getting lost or misplaced, which will result in the loss of crucial data.
  2. Storing multiple templates over a period will occupy more storage space.
  3. Stored in various folders makes searching for requisite data challenging.
  4. Manual entries in templates are prone to errors.
  5. Filling the requisite data and validating each template will waste time, energy, and money.

The key benefits of Online Project management:

manage online projects

Improvised planning:

With online software, project planning will become relatively easy, where you can easily create projects and allocate them to concerned members. Set a due date and budget for each project.

As per the project's requirement, managers can create multiple tasks for each project and assign them to team members where they can track time for the same.

Centralized system:

With centralized access, the concerned team members can view the projects, tasks related to the project, and their status.

Managers can create tasks for each project, prioritize them and delegate it to the teams. The members from the dashboard can easily find out the tasks delegated to them. Due to centralized access, it is a desired option for remote workers.

View previous projects:

While working on new projects, the manager can also get an overview of similar projects worked on in the past. With past project experience, it saves more time for budgeting and allocating resources.

Easy sharing of files and documents:

With the online system, all the files and documents and files related to projects can be stored digitally and safely. Sharing these files amongst teams or clients is also easy and secure.

Resource management:

With a calendar in Projects, it is easy to view the availability of teams. With this view, creating and delegating tasks to responsible team members to complete those within the deadline becomes easy. Apart from this, project management also helps track billable and non-billable tasks, bill them, and create invoices.

Budget management:

Online project management software is beneficial for budgeting. You can see the budgeted cost of the project and the actual cost. This comparison will help you to analyze and take the necessary steps if the actual exceeds the planned budget. This budgeting also proves helpful for future projects.

How OfficeClip Project management will help your business?

officeclip projects
  • A Free version is available where you can create multiple projects and tasks.
  • It has a simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Set up the start and due date.
  • Allocate and notify the members about the projects.
  • Get an overview of the planned and actual budget through reports.
  • Track time for each project.
  • Search the latest projects using filters.
  • Attach required files and documents to projects.
  • Create tasks and events for each project.

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