Free Template to measure Burnout

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OfficeClip has created a free template to measure Employee burnout. If you feel that your employee is stressed out or unable to complete the tasks, then use this template and try to measure the burnout outcomes so that you can take timely action.

How to use this template:

  • Download the burnout template.
  • Select the appropriate options.
  • Check the score interpretation for results.
  • These templates are printable and can be customized and downloaded.

Check the score interpretation results. If the results show signs of burnout, you promptly need to take steps to resolve the issue.

Did you know employee burnout is becoming a major concern for companies? If not handled efficiently, it will only lead to decreased productivity and loss of revenue.

burnout statistics

How burnout has affected remote working employees?

remote work data

So, companies must keep a tab on their employees working from the office and those working from home. There should be an open communication and a flexible approach to handle such situations.

Adopting efficient Time management techniques to elevate burnout

To avoid burnout in the workplace and for remote workers, it is better to adopt some time management techniques. Employees always prefer giving their best while maintaining their mental and physical health

Techniques that will help to find a work-life balance:

  • Fix your work hours:

    Designate a fixed time for your work hours. During this time, avoid social media distractions, mobile notifications, or phone calls. Instead, focus entirely on your work.
  • Take Regular breaks:

    Take a break at regular intervals. Working continuously may increase fatigue and affect work quality, reducing your productivity.
  • Organize your tasks:

    Organizing and managing your daily tasks will help you achieve more. For example, you can follow the 80-20 rule, the Pareto principle. The principle states that 20 percent of your activities account for 80 percent of the results. So before starting to work, identify the tasks that are most valuable and hardest to do. So, focus on putting your efforts into those 20% tasks at the start of the day. These 20% tasks will make a real difference and provide great results rather than doing tasks that will help accomplish and provide fewer returns.
  • Delegate Tasks:

    If you find yourselves involved in many aspects of the project, look for some task delegation with your team members. Delegating tasks to your coworkers is essential to reduce your burden and complete work within the stipulated deadline.
  • Use a Time tracking tool:

    Using a time-tracking tool like OfficeClip will help you prioritize your tasks. It will also track the time you take to complete a given task and provide an overview of your work efficiency from the limited work hours allotted to you. With the overview, you can identify problem areas and make improvements accordingly.
  • Work-life balance:

    Try to achieve a work-life balance by fixing your work hours. So that after your work hours, you can dedicate your time to your family and friends. Also, take time offs at regular intervals. According to the research, employees who take time off are happier, more productive, and less likely to quit.

Good time management techniques will help you to be more creative, reduce stress and improve your productivity and team collaboration.

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