Time Off

Time Off application tracks vacations, sick leaves and other leaves for employees. Our software streamlines the time-off management process with easy time off request procedure and time off approvals. Custom accrual policies can be created based on the years of service of the employees.

Time-Off Administration

Time off category and accrualsTime off new accrualsTime off set users for accrual policy

The Administrator needs to add some categories for time off to enable users to request time off as per their requirements :

  1. The Administrator can add different categories for leaves.
  2. The categories can be modified. Availability of time off's for each category has to be set for every user. If the user works overtime, those adjustments can be added for each category. History for each category can be viewed and a category, if not required, can also be deleted.
  3. Accruals are time off which are accrued over a specific period. At the end of the year, this time-off's can be claimed by cash or they can be carried over to next year. If the accrual is enabled for any category, different accrual policy can be added for employees depending upon their years of service in the organization.
  4. For each accrual policy users have to be set depending on the year they have worked in the organization.
  5. The Administrator can view the list of users with different accrual policy, bulk accruals can be set and history for each accrual policy can also be viewed which shows the available hours, used hours and the balance of hours left.

Time Off Request Screen

Creating new time off request
  1. The user has to select the appropriate category for time off.
  2. Add the Start date and End date for time off.
  3. Add the description.
  4. A Request can be for an hourly time off or for full day time off.
  5. If it is an hourly time off the user has to enter the start time and the hours requested for time off.
  6. Finally, when the user clicks on the submit button, the time off will be submitted to the approver. The Administrator needs to set up the approver for time off.

My Time Off's

My Time Off's Screen shows all the details of time off's taken by the user. Team's leave details, number of time off's, approvals can also be easily tracked through time off reports.

My time off's details
  1. The user can see the status of time off's like pending, rejected, approved or canceled.
  2. The user can see the from and to date.
  3. The hours per day shows the time off hours.
  4. Category shows the type of time off and the available and used hours.
  5. The description shows the details of time off's.


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