Time-tracking software allows employees to record time spent on tasks and employers to track time entered in the project accurately. It can be used both for full-time salaried and hourly employees.

By creating a policy for recording time, businesses can, over time, understand the pattern or abuse or inefficiency and take corrective actions towards profitability.

Features of time tracking software:

  • Dashboard: View summary of individual and team activities.
  • Reports: Filter and sort data by Summary, Detailed or Weekly report options.
  • Integrations: Syncs data with leading solutions.
  • Track time spent: Tracking billable/non-billable hours on tasks and projects.
  • Invoicing: Assigning a pay rate to make billing and invoicing easier.
  • Estimation: Improve predicting and estimating projects.

OfficeClip Time Tracking software enables you to track the duration of the user’s activities and records activities performed to complete tasks assigned to your employees.

Track accurate employee work hours
  1. Submission of timesheets - Timesheets can be sent either weekly or monthly for approval as set by the administrator.
  2. Status - Status of timesheet can be seen in the list whether Approved, Rejected or Pending.
  3. Total hours spent - Easy to check the total number of hours spent in a week or month on a project or task given.
  4. Search - Easy to search an Individual timesheet and check their submission status.
  5. Import Track time - Track time from other applications, and import the same to the timesheet which makes invoicing easier.

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