Time-tracking software allows employees to record time spent on tasks and employers to track time entered in the project accurately. It can be used both for full-time salaried and hourly employees.

OfficeClip time tracking software will provide you with all the data that you need to evaluate the performance of your team and will help to take corrective actions towards profitability.

Employee timesheets

Tracking Time with OfficeClip

Project Allocation

Allocating project to user

Add projects and clients in your system with estimated costs, hours, etc. Allocate these projects to the users and assign them the tasks related to projects so that they can record their time.

Log in with Check-in Check-out system

in-out time

After the allocation of projects, users can manually enter the time or use the check-in check-out system. The users can record time for all the projects and tasks he is working on with details.

Check Labor Utilization

Employee utilization by project

Check whether the ongoing projects are in budget and whether the time is utilized correctly. If the work hours are exceeding on a particular task, make decisions on increasing the labor force or delegating work to some other users.

Approvals from Management

View timesheet status

The management sets approver for every user who decides that the timesheet is validated and approved by an authorized manager or supervisor.

View attendance record

View timesheet details

The authorized personnel validates the work done on projects. They can approve or reject the timesheets if the required criteria are not met. Rejected timesheets are routed back to the user.

View Reports

View timesheet reports

The management can also view different kinds of reports like the project budgets and actual, employee utilization by tasks, user timesheet details, summary, employee profitability by project, DCAA audits, etc.


Create invoices

Invoices can be created by directly importing items from Timesheet or Expenses. Integrated invoices ensure accurate and time-bound payments.

Mobile Time Tracking

Employee mobile timesheets

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OfficeClip Mobile app allows users to create and submit their timesheets even if they have no access to their desktops. The user can also view the status of their timesheets through the inbox.

A Simplified and easy to use Time Tracking Software


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