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Web-Based Productivity Tools for Accountants

by vasantha 4. December 2009 07:44

Keeping track of clients, appointments, old tax returns and receipts is sometimes difficult to manage in a conventional way. Different applications in OfficeClip provide a way for Accountants to be more productive. This avoids having to maintain bunch of spreadsheets and carry out manual merging.

In this article we show some ways how OfficeClip products can be used by Accountants and Financial Professionals to make various tasks more efficient.



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New Connectors for OfficeClip and third-party software

by Admin 23. September 2008 18:09

These connectors will enable OfficeClip Timesheet users to easily and efficiently connect with third-party accounting software such as Quickbooks, Peachtree and MS Accounting. The add-ins will eliminate the need for any double entries, as all accounting data, like payroll entries, etc., can be directly moved back and forth between the accounting software you are using and OfficeClip's Web Timesheet and Expense. Each of these connectors can also work with our Offline Timesheet, so if you don't have an internet connection, you can still access the two-way data transfer.

In addition to the connectors for the various accounting software, OfficeClip also has MS Word and MS Outlook add-ins. The MS Word add-in will allow you to create mail-merge documents (letters, fliers, campaigns, etc.) directly from MS Word using the OfficeClip Contact Manager application. Our MS Outlook add-in enables you to quickly and easily synchronize your Contacts, Events, Tasks and Notes straight from MS Outlook to OfficeClip and vice versa. This is an extremely useful feature since we are all busy and need the ability to have flexible access to our information.

If you think having an OfficeClip Connector will make your work easier and more streamlined (which we are sure it will!) then visit the OfficeClip website to learn more and download a connector.

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