One advantage to creating online timesheets compared to using paper or excel is that rules can be created to catch mistakes at the front end. Inadvertent or deliberate mistakes can become more costly as these progress through the workflow. For example, suppose in an organization employees are required to work at least 8 hours per day. The timesheet software can catch this error easily before it is submitted for approval.

The OfficeClip Timekeeping program provides rules to check various conditions. This allows an error warning to be shown to the timesheet submitter. If a warning is flagged, the submitter is warned and the timesheet is allowed to submit. The same warning is flagged to the authorized individual who approves the timesheet if the mistake is not corrected. If flagged as an error the timesheet is not allowed to be submitted. Following are some of the edits that can be flagged:

Timesheet software rules

Figure: Edit rules for timesheet

Accrual Administration

Some of the edit rules for timesheet are:

  • Check if the total number of hours for the entire timesheet is less or more than a fixed value
  • Check if the total hours worked in a day is less than or more than a fixed value
  • Verify that all of the fields are filled-in correctly
  • Check if a negative time is entered in the timesheet

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