Web-Based Productivity Tools for Accountants

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Keeping track of clients, appointments, old tax returns and receipts is sometimes difficult to manage in a conventional way. Different applications in OfficeClip provide a way for Accountants to be more productive. This avoids having to maintain bunch of spreadsheets and carry out manual merging.

In this article we show some ways how OfficeClip products can be used by Accountants and Financial Professionals to make various tasks more efficient.


Doing a Customer’s Tax Return

  1. Electronic Documents are stored as it is and the paper documents are scanned into the Web Document Manager. The Document Manager allows documents to be versioned and accessed anytime.
  2. A To-Do task is created in the Task Manager and assigned to the person doing the task.The preparer completes the Tax Return and saves it back to the Document Manager.
  3. The preparer can now email the Tax Return to the Customer who can download and print it.
  4. The Time Spent on the task is captured and transferred to the Web Timesheet .
  5. Information from the Timesheet can be exported to your Accounting Program for Customer Invoicing.

Working with a new Lead

  1. Lead’s information (Lead Details, Addresses, Document sent, Meeting Notes etc.) are entered in the Contact Manager.
  2. Follow up To-do’s for the Lead are stored in the Task Manager.
  3. Periodic Newsletters are designed and sent using the Campaign Manager.
  4. Finally, when the Lead becomes a customer, all information can be transferred to Account Manager.

Creating a Help Desk

  1. When Customers can send issues via email, the issues gets imported in the Web Issue Tracker.
  2. A Customer may also report issues using the web form as the issue gets imported in Web Issue Tracker.
  3. If the Customer calls and reports an issue, it gets entered manually in the Web Issue Tracker.
  4. Once entered the Issues can be Managed, Tracked and Assigned within the Issue Tracker.
  5. When the issue gets resolved, an email is sent to the Customer from within the Issue Tracker.

Accountants can take advantage of the FREE edition of OfficeClip Products.