How will a Time-tracking software increase productivity?

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Growth is an essential part of businesses. Employee productivity and business growth go hand in hand and play a vital role. 

Productivity is crucial to get most things done by employees and completing the assigned tasks and projects. Therefore, employee efficiency and productivity make a big difference. 

Boost productivity with time tracking

One of the ways to increase productivity is by implementing time-tracking software.  

Time tracking software is a great tool to measure the project status, evaluate task completion time, employee performance and finally get an overview of all allocated resources.  

Why should you use time-tracking software? 

Time tracking software allows businesses to track how much time the employees work and also allows employees to track their own time to get an overview of their work.  

purpose of Timesheet

With Time tracking also comes: 


With time-tracking software, you will be less inclined to waste your time, allowing you to focus more on your projects and tasks. Once the employee knows their time is monitored, they will work harder to complete given tasks and will increase their productive mindset. In addition, it will enable them to take ownership of the assigned tasks and complete them before the deadline. 

Awareness to complete given tasks:

Employees know they must meet deadlines once tasks are assigned. Once you start tracking the time for a given task, the manager also will get a clear picture of the work status. 

Provides transparency in the work process:

When time is tracked for each task for multiple projects, the billing process becomes much more manageable. A time tracker gives a clear view of all the tasks and time spent on them, the reports of which can be shared with clients for billing purposes. So, there are no chances of getting overpaid or underpaid. 

Manage projects better:

A time-tracking solution will provide analytics on each project’s estimated time and spent time and help you plan for future projects efficiently. In addition, it helps to manage multiple projects together and will help to optimize your work schedule to manage multiple tasks at a time.  

Time utilization:

With time tracking, you can plan how to utilize time efficiently. When employees start tracking the time for each task, the manager gets an overview of which tasks are on the verge of completion and which one is getting stuck.   

This software helps to locate problem areas quickly, and managers can take some action instantaneously. In addition, employees will work more efficiently, which helps to boost productivity and increase moral support for employees. 

Analyze performance and productivity:

As a manager, you can easily measure employee performance and productivity with a time-tracking solution. With these insights, you can identify underutilized areas and provide guidance or training to employees in areas they lack. 

How will the OfficeClip Time tracking solution help your business in increasing productivity? 


OfficeClip Time-tracking software has helped many companies stay organized with accurate records.


However, a few things which help in increasing productivity are: 

Project management:

With OfficeClip, you can create multiple projects with a due date. The manager can create tasks and sub-tasks for each project and assign them to the team members. OfficeClip enables the proper creation of projects and task distribution.  

Accurate time tracking:

OfficeClip time tracking software will ensure proper time recording. Employees can enter time manually with projects and tasks they are working on or use the check-in check-out method. Tracking time is also easy and does not require much training. 

Data insights:

Collecting data through reports will help to make accurate analysis and lead to smart decisions regarding resource allocation and project prioritization. It is also an excellent tool for understanding project status, tasks summary, work details, and employee performance and productivity. 

Individual statistics:

The OfficeClip time tracking also highlights the time taken to complete a task for each individual. So, the employee can get an overview of which task takes more time and which can be completed quickly. Accordingly, they can prioritize tasks and work on them. If required, they can also request the allocation of resources to complete a given task. 

Creates a proper workflow:

OfficeClip timesheet software will help to create an appropriate workflow for every task assigned to team members. This workflow will help to increase team collaboration and coordination. Working with a team always helps to increase motivation and increase productivity. 

Plan efficiently:

Once you start working on your projects and tasks and see them completed as planned, it will provide an extra boost to work more efficiently. Daily experience with tasks each day can help you efficiently schedule and allocate time for each task and complete those. This planning and scheduling will also help in future project planning and estimation. 


The OfficeClip check-in check-out system tracks the time and offers flexibility to add the break hours. Employees can take breaks as required and add the break hours while checking out. 

Apart from time tracking, what can a business do to increase productivity? 

  1. Be clear on your project plans. For that, create Project, create tasks for each project, allocate tasks to the designated team, and ensure tracking of time regularly for these tasks. 
  2. Review the project status and employee performance daily. Recognize the shortcomings and take corrective actions for those. 
  3. Provide the right tools for the employees at the office and those working remotely
  4. Avoid multitasking as it affects productivity by 40%. Ensure assigning of tasks to the team members as per their ability, as overload and juggling between tasks will reduce productivity and increase stress. 
  5. As per the survey, 15% of the time organizations spend on meetings, 71% of those meetings are considered unproductive. So always plan discussions with a focused agenda.  
  6. Try to automate manual and recurring tasks, as it will save a lot of time and effort. Today, marketing automation software helps streamline the workflow and reduces employee workload. 
  7. Try to recognize burnout symptoms, if any. Managers regularly need to keep an eye on their team members. Burnout not only reduces productivity but also decreases employee morale, which creates a negative impact in the long run.  
  8. Have open communication with teams. Different ideas will help to get quick solutions to stuck issues and accelerate the work process. 


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